Jets rookie was conscious after single-car accident


No light has been shed on what caused Jets rookie wide receiver Jalen Saunders’ car to roll off the road, leading to him being hospitalized, but a few more details are coming to light.

According to Darryl Slater of the Newark Star-Ledger, Saunders was conscious and accepted medical treatment when first responders got to him Friday morning.

What has been described as a “medical event,” led to his being hospitalized for observation. He’s was released from the hospital Sunday, but didn’t practice with the team yesterday. Jets coach Rex Ryan said he won’t play Friday in their third preseason game, but didn’t want to speculate about the regular season opener.

“I think from standing here, it’s easy to say, ‘Ah, I think he’ll play,’” Ryan said. “But we don’t know, really, how he’s going to progress through this exercise and all that. The main thing is, the health of our player, the health of Jalen. I think doing right by him will determine if he’s ready to play or not.

“I think the big thing is, I’m just leaning on the professionals’ advice, on how we’re going to approach it. For us to say ‘oh, yeah, he’s ready to go,’ or whatever, I think it’s a lot smarter to put it in somebody else’s hands that knows a lot more about it.”

According to the police report, Saunders was driving his Toyota Corolla toward the Jets facility at 7:50 a.m. Friday, when he attempted to make a left turn. But because of the “medical event,” he didn’t complete the turn, and rolled at an angle through the intersection and off the road before his car stopped in the tall grass.

The good news is, he’s seemingly well now. He is expected to talk to reporters today or tomorrow.

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  1. Hmm. I would say he fell asleep, but I don’t think they’d hospitalize for that. Was thinking heart issue, but seizure makes sense. Ondrej pavelec, an NHL goalie collapsed on the ice during a game caused by a neurocardiogenic syncope (fainting spell). When he collapsed he suffered a concussion which is caused him to lose consciousness. Whatever it is, the medical event term is peculiar

  2. This is the Jets we are talking about. I hope they ran toxicology tests.

    Can’t wait to see more drama and excuses from the jets organization this season.

    Jimmy garapolo > geno Smith

    Tim tebow > geno Smith

  3. Feeling somewhat unwell due to events the previous evening, Jalen was attempting to avail himself of a relaxant for medicinal purposes only. Some of it spilled from the paper onto the floor….

  4. Either seizure or syncope is my guess.

    This was right before practice, not 2AM on a Saturday night.

  5. Why is the media obsessed with what happened? They keep asking questions at every press conference and will not let it go like the Jets are lying or hiding something, even though Rex said he doesn’t want to get into it but they don’t respect that all. They just want a story and could care less about the kids welfare. It was a medical issue and theres no need for anyone to know what happened just like any other person in this country but cuz he’s in the public eye the media thinks they have the right. If it was something illegal the police would of did something about it so just let it go already NY media.

  6. Gaybrady- You’ll be the one looking for the excuses when the green and white knock out your QB lover. # gronkoutbygame3

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