Manziel’s gesture doesn’t “sit well” with Mike Pettine


Count Browns head coach Mike Pettine as less than thrilled about Johnny Manziel’s middle finger flash during Monday’s exhibition loss at Washington.

“It does not sit well.  . . . It’s disappointing, because what we talk about is being poised and being focused,” Pettine said in his postgame press conference. “You have to be able to maintain your poise. That’s a big part of all football players, especially the quarterback, that we have to keep our composure, so that’s something that we’ll obviously address with him.”

Manziel made the gesture toward the Washington bench late in the third quarter as he ran toward the Cleveland huddle. It came as he played with Cleveland’s reserves after two series with the starters in the first half.

Overall, Manziel completed 7-of-16 passes for 65 yards and a touchdown in Cleveland’s 24-23 loss at Washington, with the scoring play coming after the rookie quarterback’s gesture.

So back to the bird. Manziel indicated it was a byproduct of the on-field trash talking that can occur in a football game.

“I get words exchanged with me throughout the entirety of the game every game, week after week, and should have been smarter,” Manziel said. “It was [a] Monday Night Football game, and the cameras were probably solidly on me, so I just need to be, need to be smarter about that.”

Manziel also noted he “felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up.”

When asked why the incident was “a negative,” Manziel joked: “I mean, I don’t think it’s a positive,” as reporters laughed and the quarterback smiled.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner was then asked if he believed the incident would distract him.

“No, no, no distraction, no distraction at all,” Manziel said.

“I mean, it’s not a big deal to me,” said the Browns’ first-round quarterback, shrugging and smiling. “I think I need to, like I said, hold my composure better, but it’s a gesture.”

Whether the NFL agrees is another story. And then there’s the matter of whether Manziel’s next on-field work will be as the starter or as Brian Hoyer’s backup — or whether Cleveland’s quarterback competition will continue to grind on, with neither Hoyer nor Manziel playing especially well on Monday night.

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  1. He is classless, what were people really expecting? Its sad it ended up being Cleveland but they knew what they were getting into when he fell and fell and fell to #22 and finally Cleveland took him.

    I truly feel bad for Cleveland fans as they deserve better than this. It’s been far too long and they are deserving of much much more than this clown has given them thus far. I hope he turns around for you Cleveland, I really do, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon unless he get’s his butt handed to him multiple times by opposing 1st string defenses before he gets it through his thick skull that as much as this is a game, it isn’t.

  2. We do our due diligence when drafting players. We removed Manziel from our board from the start. We will not have our QB or any other player giving the one finger salute. Totally unacceptable.

    Bud Adams

  3. Pettine your teams performance doesnt sit well with me either. Your inept offense comes out and looks totally unprepared. You have 2 horrible QBs, when imtold you morons to take Mettenberger, Murray or McCarron, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Hill, and you took the 3 scrubs you took.

    Talk about not sitting well. Your team is a joke. So much for your boxing gloves trock Pettine, your DBs had at leadt 5 defensive holding penalties. Your coaching doesnt sit well with me either.

  4. Johnny Manziel was 2 of 7 for a 28% completion rate, and just 44% overall. It was his first chance to show himself as a competitor with a lot of promise and dispel any negative perceptions about his personality. Instead, by his public gesture he showed himself as a chump, a loser, a guy with no self-control when it’s needed most. This isn’t just being a rookie. It’s being a jerk. So far, he’s not shown to be a QB I’d want on my team. He’s not a guy I’d like to know at work or have a beer with. He’s not even someone I’d want to be around on the subway train.

    Johnny Manziel probably doesn’t deserve the opportunities he’s gotten thus far from his head coach. In fact, he’s been defiant in a few ways. Brian Hoyer is the starter. Time for Manziel to grow up.

  5. One has to show he’s a professional before deserving a chance to have an short, unprofessional lapse of judgment.

    Johnny has yet to demonstrate he’s a professional, and that he can even be one.

  6. Terell Suggs claims Brady talks tons of smack to other teams. Jets players say the same. Yet Brady’s never caught on film, nor dumb enough to flip a bird or act in a way which for the most part would be negatively reproduced by the media. Take notes Son. Cant stand this kid. Such a clown! henceforth known as Johnny prune face. ( l)ick Tracey..)

    Sports media has to change their tactics, move away from TMZ, back to X’s and O’s. Because these days its more about the former, and a lot less about the latter .

  7. THIS JERK IS A BORN FREAKIN LOSER!!! He is so immature, that he needs a collar and leash. This bozo should be holding a clipboard until he learns manners and how to act in public, right now all he is worth is a rolled up 20 in the john at a vegas casino..

  8. I think I need to, like I said, hold my composure better, but it’s a gesture.
    That quote pretty much sums it up. Johnny’s living in his own world at the moment.

  9. I’m trying to give Johnny a fair chance on the field rather than judge him with all the extra stuff off the field.

    This was on the field and something as small as giving the finger to the opposition as an NFL QB, just doesn’t seem like it translates into something that would be on a resume of a great, long lasting career.

    Well we will see, but…

  10. At this rate, the word “Manziel” will be an adjective by season’s end: “He’s so Manziel, he makes Kaepernick look classy.”

  11. It was a Monday Night Football game, and the cameras were probably solidly on me, so I just need to be, need to be smarter about that.

    Translation: I gotta figure out a better way to flip off the opponent without getting caught.

  12. Like we’ve never seen a middle finger before…Outside of Jerry Garcia, everybody has a middle finger.

  13. An entire off season of the media talking about the Browns who will once again be irrelevant by mid season. I like their defense but they don’t have a QB and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that Manzeil is a small guy with bad fundamentals who isn’t close to be an NFL QB.

  14. I just can’t figure out why that brainchild GM thought that Johnny was a good fit for the Browns. That’s who should be held accountable. Johnny is still a kid lets not forget and the Browns are in for another LOSER season. Yippee!

  15. Man so many haters on PFT. How about we give the kid more than 2 preseason games. IMO having kyle shanahan as your oc probably doesn’t help much either.

  16. It’s too bad that “Johnny Football” wasn’t drafted by the Cowboys. It would have been great fun to see this moron melt-down as part of Jerry’s travelling circus.

    As it happens, I feel nothing but compassion for Browns fans for having their team waste a 1st round pick on this loser.

  17. I think the coach should be more worried by Manziel couldn’t call a complete play in that video with Chucky.

  18. He was simply expressing to the Redskins his opinion regarding their refusal to change their team name…surprised that angle wasn’t worked into this story.

  19. C’mon, how old is Johnny Football, 5 years old perhaps? Because this is the move of a 5-year old throwing a temper tantrum. If he can’t take some mild ribbing in preseason, how can he be expected to handle the real competition week 1 against the Steelers?

    He can’t. He clearly isn’t emotionally or mentally ready to play NFL football and may never be. He has a lot of growing up to do and a dysfunctional team like the Browns is perhaps the worst place for him to be and prosper. Johnny Football really needs a drill sargeant or a psychiatrist at this point, because he clearly can’t take being taunted and is psychologically very fragile at this point.

  20. The kid does not give a damn. The game last night and during the 1st two weeks has been unwatchable. Usually preseason is, but the officials are out of line. If they continue to call games like this in the regular season, it is going to make football, in general, unwatchable. It is tough enough to stop offenses in the NFL, now the DB’s cannot even tough the WR’s and TE’s. If the officials continue like this, it will ruin the NFL.

  21. What a sad piece of humanity this kid has become! His behavior might be overlooked if he had established himself as a true starting NFL quarterback. He hasn’t come close to that.. He deserves becoming a second Ryan Leaf!

  22. lol did he just say “every game week after week”?! you have played in the equivalent of one high school game! what a little pansy! i cant wait to watch him get blown up week after week and watch him throw his little temer tantrums!!!

  23. Johnny needs to come to grips with two things.
    1. He is the BACKUP quarterback
    2. He is the backup quarterback for the CLEVELAND BROWNS!

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