Mike Pettine is not ready to name his starting quarterback

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Browns coach Mike Pettine was hoping to name his starting quarterback for the regular season today.

But after watching Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel take turns playing hot potato with the gig last night, he’s decided to wait.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pettine said “we’re not in a position to make it at this time.”

You think.

Hoyer did next to nothing last night, and Manziel showed plenty of rookie jitters, from missing open receivers to flipping the bird to the Washington sideline (and alerting every opposing defense that his skin could get gotten under).

In fact, there were times last night when the Browns seemed to need a dose of Rex Grossman.

So we’ll continue to watch, and wait, and ponder the significance of every practice rep and digital gesture.

You’ve been warned.

76 responses to “Mike Pettine is not ready to name his starting quarterback

  1. Neither is even close to being ready.

    Manziel needs the job by default. Backups don’t get many practice reps in the regular season. The entire practice is geared towards getting the 1s ready. Not starting him will just further impede his progress.

    Not to mention one QB is an undrafted career backup and the other is a Heisman Trophy winning, first round pick. There’s a reason Hoyer has been in the league for 6 years and couldn’t start anywhere else. Manziel has potential, Hoyer reached his last season.

  2. Dragging this out isn’t helping ANYONE. And what else is he going to learn in two practices this week? Is he going to split reps again on Saturday?

    Just name Hoyer the starter and let Johnny learn some more. If Hoyer tanks, then it becomes Johnny time. This isn’t rocket science.

    Oh… and stop giving Gordon reps with the ones if he’s getting suspended. We have next to nothing behind him at receiver, and the other guys need a chance actually, oh… CATCHING THE BALL.

  3. Top 5 Browns QBs Last 5 years:

    1. Derek Anderson
    2. Brady Quinn
    3. Colt Mccoy
    4. Jake Delhomme
    5. Seneca Wallace

  4. We have no quarterback again this year. Shoutout to all my fellow Browns fans for another upcoming horrible season.

  5. I dont blame him, when none of your options are good, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing and hope the answer becomes more clear… Rex may actually be their best option sadly.

  6. Everyone watched the Seahawks handle a quarterback competition to perfection a couple years ago. It was almost the same situation. A rookie mobile QB vs. a unproven veteran QB. And yet the Browns decided that they will do things different and lo and behold they are totally screwing it up. Why were they going back and forth between QBs in Monday’s game? Why aren’t they giving equal first team reps with the QBs in practice? Why do they have a different offensive scheme for each QB? Why are the Browns so stupid?

  7. Chud’s offensive was night and day better… Norv’s offense could at least score and they didnt even have a running game… this is ridiculous, Shanahan better figure something out

  8. Awwwwhhhhh……

    It makes it that much sweeter that we drafted Future Super Bowl MVP Teddy Bridgewater instead of the colossal bust in Johnny Bustziel.

    The Minnesota Vikings are ten steps ahead of your favorite franchise.

    It feels great to be great…. – Greg Jennings.


  9. This is a no brainer.
    It’s clear the “machines” that are the NFL and the Browns organization want Manziel to start. They’ve all but handed him the started job. One chance after another, and he’s blown all of them. Worse, he put doubt in peoples minds last night with the finger showing as to whether he has any self-control at all. So here is the last shot: Start Manziel for game #3 and tell him this is his team to take out of the tunnel and start the game. Tell him he has the first quarter, completely. Tell him he plays until halftime if he is doing okay. Then name him starter at halftime, and play Hoyer in the third quarter. If Manziel blows the first quarter, put in Hoyer in 2nd and see how he does. Essentially, by halftime, the starter is known.

  10. You drafted Manziel despite your own expensive QB study pointing at Bridgewater — and a free Patriots scouting report that leaked on the internet that dumped on Manziel. That’s like being handed the future sports almanac from Back to the Future II and still finding a way to lose money.

  11. Hope Ben Tate’s legs are ready. I see this team running the ball 95% of the time. How does the saying go, if you’re playing two QB’s you don’t have one. So what do you get when you have zero QB’s? Triple option?

  12. Come on now…

    Where are all the Browns fans who said Hoyer was good, played great last season before getting hurt (he didn’t, just check the stats)?

    They said they were glad he was there and they were looking forward to him running the team.

    Now it’s “he’s not ready”, they don’t have a quarterback etc…

    You’ve turned on your QB BEFORE one second of the regular season has even begun…

    Factory of Sadness… it lives on…

  13. I know this, the Browns, Giants, Redskins, Dallas, Raiders, Bucs, Rams, Texans, Bills, and Titans will be picking top 10 next year. Browns will look for another qb or trade for one during the draft.

  14. scrp2 says:
    Aug 19, 2014 4:46 PM
    Top 5 Browns QBs Last 5 years:

    1. Derek Anderson
    2. Brady Quinn
    3. Colt Mccoy
    4. Jake Delhomme
    5. Seneca Wallace

    9 2
    Report comment


    I can’t tell if you’re trying to be serious or not…

    I mean Derek Anderson at number 1 in the last 5 yrs?

    5 yrs ago, Derek’s QB rating for the Browns, his last season with the team, was 42.1

    5 yrs ago, Derek’s completion % was 44.5%… uh Tim Tebow can do better than that… and he DID…

    5 yrs ago, Derek had 3 TD’s and 10 INT’s.

    And yet folks, some say THIS is the best QB of the Browns in the LAST 5 yrs…


    P.S. Derek’s good season was 7 yrs ago…

    Derek was NOT the best Browns QB within the past 5 seasons…

  15. I love how 1 preseason game for a rookie means the Browns will crap the bed again and be drafting a top5 QB for 2015. People need to let the season play out….. when it ACTUALLY STARTS!!!

  16. .
    Insignificant story about an Insignificant franchise playing in an Insignificant division.

    My version of the “I” formation

  17. Tell me when January comes around if Vikings will be drafting in the top 5-10. Vikings are a play off team this year. It’s the fact whether you like it or not.

  18. I will translate Pettine’s statement:

    “I’m not ready to name the starting QB yet, because the guy I want (Hoyer) absolutely stunk up the joint last night. Heck he missed a wide open WR in the end zone. I cant name Hoyer the starter because then i will look like a moron for naming him the starting QB. Hes been the one i wanted to name starter all along, because Johnny is immature and i dont like rookie QBs”

    How bad is Hoyer that he cant even beat out a rookie that doesnt even know the full playbook yet. This is why he is a career backup. He stinks.

    As bad as Johnny has been, he is totally outplaying Hoyer. Hoyer looks like the rookie. He looks constantly rattled.

  19. So glad the Bucs didn’t draft Johnny Bust. Of course, we have no O-line and no quarterback in Tampa but hey, we got a lot of running backs and wide receivers!

  20. “Hoyer did next to nothing last night”

    Hoyer threw 6 passes and completed 2. Of the 4 he missed, 3 were drops. He could not have done a lot more unless he made the catches and called the plays. Give the guy a break…

  21. Ride Sexy Rexy to the Super Bowwwllll…sing it Cleveland…

    No really I want to see Johnny Football week 1 in Pitt. Hoyer looks gimpy not a glimpse of the guy he was for a short stretch last season.

    Would you take Johhny Football +10.5 at Pitt? Hmmm, without weapons and that awful Shanahan system, maybe not…

  22. Some people chuckle when they hear some of us say Conner Shaw should get a chance. He played in the SEC, and threw 1 pick against about 25 td’s, and he’s mobile, and a leader. Play him!

  23. No one would care what Mike Pettine says if he did not have Johnny F.

    Johnny F has already succeeded in making Cleveland news city, but will he succeed any other way?

    In some ways I feel sorry for him, no coach, no WR, never worked with a playbook before and people expect him to light it up, but then I look at his attitude and I don’t feel sorry for him anymore.

    Johnny F has just made it harder on himself with the finger move in that everyone now knows they can get under his skin real easily.

  24. Alot of knuckleheads, including fellow Viking fans here.

    To Brown fans, don’t freak out. Hoyer should start, JFF should sit imo. Hoyer has the potential to be good, you’ve seen it briefly in Turner’s offense. Mgt. needs to commit and go with Hoyer for now, JFF later if out of contention. The browns have a good defense and run game, it’s not as bad as 1 preseason game dictates. At least win Pittsburg once, that’ll be cool.

  25. Haslam: Reminder to self – never listen to people without an address or voices in my head.

    Somebody tell us how this guy became so rich.

  26. I’m a die hard Vikes fan, but would love to see the Browns take a step forward. However, Johnny Football, who I wanted the Vikes to draft that night, looked terrible, I mean dumpster fire terrible! Teddy Bridgewater looks like the real deal, he eats, sleeps and poops football!! SKOL

  27. The answer is simple. Trade JF to Jerry & the Boys, since he wanted (wants?) him so much for a 1st rounder next year, guaranteed to be a wayyyyyy early pick! Which the Browns then use for the QB of the future.

    Meanwhile welcome to the Hoyer & Rex show, the 2014 edition! How much worse could that be than the Hoyer vs Manziel tug of war, which is sure to last all season.

  28. This QB battle is not helping. Neither is in sync with timing with WRs because of splitting reps. Hoyer has 3 season wins under his belt and one of those being against a darn good Bengals squad. Hoyer isn’t ready but he’s closer to being ready than Manziel. I nominate dawgpoundjedi as the next Browns HC based on his comment.

  29. Everyone but the coaches and the owner know that Manziel was a bad choice. Man up, will you, coaching staff? Browns fans dislike bad character… don’t start the guy. AND name someone so he can start working!

  30. Just to get away from the qb “battle” here…….Pettine has deserved a shot to be a HC in this league, problem being he jumped on it at the wrong time and the wrong franchise……should’ve stayed in Buffalo one more year and shown other franchises how good of a coach he REALLY is outside of the NYC lights and the Ryan scheme

  31. Pettine is a putz. It’s crystal clear that regardless what Johnny does, he wants Hoyer to be the starter. This moron should have said from Day 1 Hoyer is our starter. It’s crystal clear that’s who is going to start.

    I almost fell off my chair when the updated depth chart was released and the statement from someone in the Browns organization, I didn’t catch who, said this is current based on last night’s performance and Hoyer was still listed as the 1. Are you freaking serious? What the heck game did the Browns coaching staff watch. All was ugly on offense, but Johnny was better.

    Maybe Pettine should do his job and make sure the team is ready to play. First play, O LINE was disorganized and Hoyer got drilled.

    Incompetence at its finest. The Browns are the most incompetent franchise in Pro sports.

  32. He has to start Hoyer. Browns first 3 games are @steelers, then saints and ravens, then bye week. After their 0-3 start then it’s time for Johnny fraudboy to lead them to a 2-14 record.

  33. I think the whole “who’s going to be the Browns QB” story is getting way too much attention. The story of last nights game is that the Browns defense was well above average. How many times in your life are you going to see a team stop another teams starters 4 straight times on the 1 centimeter line? Especially one with the amount offensive weapons as the Redskins?

    If last night was a real game the finger would be pointed at Kyle Shanahan because no one on that offense was in sync whatsoever. Pettine needs to just name a guy and give him a full two weeks with the ones. Hoyer and Manziel aren’t making stupid decisions and turning the ball over they both just look rusty which you’re going to get with 1 guy who’s never played in the league meeting starters for the first time and another just coming off sitting on his butt for nearly a year after almost having his leg torn off. That’s not going to go away until they’re getting real reps and not this “Who does it better” competition stuff.

    Remember, if the QB’s are sharing reps there’s no way they’re using even half the playbook right now.

  34. Pettine will look like a big moron if he doesn’t make Connor Shaw the starter. He looked waaaay better than Hoyer and Manziel put together

  35. ok, here’s what i would do if they want to continue this battle. start Manziel for the first half and if he doesnt show improvement then give the job to Hoyer until Manziel is ready….that’s very simple.

  36. Dont worry, the Browns ARE ready to name their new coach next year. “This is the sooong thaaat neeeveeeer eeeeends”

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