Mike Pettine says all options still on the table for starting QB job

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The starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns was fully up for grabs for either Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel Monday night against the Washington Redskins.

Instead, both quarterbacks fumbled away a chance to seize the job.

Head coach Mike Pettine had wanted to name a starting quarterback by Tuesday. Now that decision may have to be delayed.

“All the options are still on the table,” Pettine said. “It’s still something we would like to do but we will see.”

Hoyer and Manziel were wholly uninspiring against Washington. Hoyer completed just 2-of-6 passes for 16 yards while Manziel was 7-for-16 for 65 yards and a touchdown with an obscene gesture thrown in as well.

Pettine said it’s possible the team waits through another preseason game before determining who will start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 despite their initial hope to choose early this week. Neither quarterback has produced any truly stellar play to prove they are the best option for the job in the Browns two preseason games. It may take some more time before Pettine will feel comfortable finally making a decision.

22 responses to “Mike Pettine says all options still on the table for starting QB job

  1. They both stink and without Gordon they will go 0-3 against Steelers, Saints and Ravens. It don’t matter.

  2. They will start Hoyer, throw him to the wolves their first few weeks. Put Manzel in after their bye for their “easy” stretch…

  3. All options are open , like grab some receivers and let your QB’s throw on first down ! If you have no passing threat , how you think you are going to run the ball ? If your offense can’t stay on the field , your defense will be worn out , no matter how much of a defensive genius you are !!!

  4. Johnny Manziel completed just 28% of his passes with the first team, and 44% overall. He contributed to a loss. Hoyer didn’t do much better. But Hoyer has always been a professional. Manziel hasn’t even shown thus far he even deserves the chances he has to date. Then, to flip the bird at the opponent who beat him indicates the worst type of non-competitor….a sore loser…a guy who can’t control himself. Show up late one week, flip the bird on the national stage another, all after an offseason of partying and unsavory behavior on You Tube money phone? And Pettine is still acting like Johnny may deserve it? After last night, it’s clear to me Johnny not only doesn’t respect his coach and organization, but he doesn’t respect anything.

  5. Pettine blew it with his alternating series plan. Neither QB could get a rhythm. The garbage play of of the WRs didn’t help either. Gonna be another long season.

  6. It seemed clear that mixing first-team-snaps with different Quarterbacks has the entire offense screwed up and just a little out of sync, it would probably be best to have one of the two designated and then start preparing for the season. This is getting stupid.

    To put things in perspective, a comparison from a game such as last night of two Quarterbacks is sort of pointless: from what I saw Cousins would be the starter in Washington over RG3!!! Other than that I thought the Cleveland defense looked fine and that the ref’s are just a little flag happy.

  7. Perhaps we can turn this into a 1 hour special where we wait anxiously for Pettine to decide who’s going to take their talents to the starting QB position…

  8. Yeah instead of the split rep thing they should have just prepped Hoyer to start against the Lions and then prepped Manziel to start against the Redskins (am I still allowed to type that word?). Both QB’s were throwing balls in the dirt and that’s not a sync problem. We’re now left with two options. Being reallistic here, no matter who starts, we’re looking at 0-3 or 1-2 if one of the 3 teams fall on their face before our bye week. Do you put Manziel in to learn and develop (get killed)? Or do you put Hoyer in while trying to develop Manziel through practice only? Neither option looks good right now.

  9. Time to roll out the Spurrier boys and see what Connor Shaw and Sexy Rexy can do. Can’t be worse than what we saw last night.

  10. Connor Shaw has been a humble winner his whole career. I would at least look at giving him a shot considering the performance of the other two.

    If Shaw starts winning games, the marketing and sales will take care of themselves. You dont need Manziel.

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