NFL wants Super Bowl halftime performers to pay for the privilege

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As it has grown and grown and grown some more, the NFL has continued to find more and more and more revenue streams.

The latest could be the Super Bowl halftime show.  Currently a gig the performer plays for free in order to turn a gigantic international platform into the high profile and profits that go with it, the league now wants a cut.

According to the Wall Street Journal (via SportsBusiness Daily), the NFL has asked the three artists under consideration for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show to “contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income” to the NFL, or to “make some other type of financial contribution.”  Per the report, the idea received a “chilly reception” from the representatives of Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay.

Regardless, it only takes one performer to bite the hook in order for the NFL to parlay the halftime show into even more of a moneymaker.  And it’s entirely possible that the league leaked the development in order to pressure one of the three to blink, given that plenty of other performers who would gladly give up a piece of a pie they otherwise don’t have will now be calling the league to offer  whatever the league wants for the privilege of playing to one of the biggest audiences in TV history.

237 responses to “NFL wants Super Bowl halftime performers to pay for the privilege

  1. businesses have been doing this to bands since the beginning of time. Nevermind the time, money, and effort involved in writing songs/ purchasing equipment, you GET to play for exposure while providing free entertainment to the business while they make money off of it. Playing for exposure is as lame as it gets unless you are in high school. I want to ask a restaraunt or bar to cater my party for free because it would be great exposure for them and see how they like that

  2. Mark Cuban is laughing somewhere…

    For now, we won’t have to watch the ad’s super imposed on the field during regular season games…

    Give them time…

    Cuban has his faults… but he nailed with the NFL and their money grab…

  3. ……..Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay.

    Can’t we just go back to high school bands and a dude with a jet pack? Probably more entertaining.

  4. You can go far in business if you do not have shame. There’s not much shame at NFL HQ these days.

  5. We need to start a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get the Butthole Surfers as the halftime show. Just so we get to watch Joe Buck and Troy Aikman discuss the Butthole Surfers.

  6. The money the NFL makes from the Super Bowl probably exceeds the GDP of many other smaller countries.

    THIS is where Manziel’s middle finger seems appropriate.

  7. For real? How much could they possible charge for this? There are some rich artists but they can’t afford to pay anything that would be above pocket change for the NFL. I don’t really care because I don’t watch the halftime show, this just seems odd.

  8. Well that eliminates KISS…..these halftime shows suck…..hey Rog….maybe the hack that wins the Voice or American Idol sings.

  9. Seems fair. I certainly have been introduced or re-introduced to performers via the halftime show. It’s a 45 minute Super Bowl commercial for the performer, they should pay.

  10. Coldplay?????I pray for a bad guac “moment” in someones bathroom during halftime…..that reminds me…..sorry Marie….it was Bruno Mars

  11. Beware the Tax man cometh. They are not a Not for Profit Corporation and their tax exempt status as well as their “monopoly” will eventually be challenged by members of congress and referred for Antitrust Violations.

    Been discussed for years but Goodell may have pushed just a little too far with this and other recent actions. And his 47 million dollar compensation package is a real motivator for many to go against him and his compadres.

    He is already destroying the Game with the way they change or enforce rules. Many people whose teams are penalized by the NFL favoritism will push for those penalties as well.

    Think I will look for good old fashioned pitchers duel baseball game now….

  12. Just like the clubs on the Sunset Strip.

    In all seriousness I vote for Weird Al Yankovic. He does a GREAT live show, he has a ton of hits and he is super family friendly. He is the perfect choice.

  13. Maybe this would mean no more lame halftime shows. Now, if we can do something about the ludicrous commercials we can concentrate on getting back to what the SB is all about: FOOTBALL.

  14. Sure. Give the NFL 10% of the next touring profit…as long as the NFL is willing to give up 2% of the profit from the superbowl week. If not, tell the league to kick rocks

  15. The worst part of the SB is the half time mess. Play ball!

    And too all the Nancy ‘ s who posted above me, my wife has offered to paint your toe nails during half time if you get bored.

    It’s not a party, it is a football game.

  16. Too..late…they already are…tell the NFL its a gig like any other you get paid to perform, don’t pay to perform…….

  17. Ok. How about a class action lawsuit against the NFL for charging the same ticket prices for exhibition games as regular season games. We are receiving an inferior product and therefore shouldn’t have to pay as much. Any lawyers out there who think we have a legitimate case and want to represent us, please let us know.

  18. It seems greedy.. But it will work. Publicists and agents will be stepping over each other to get exposure for their client. In the end the whole Super Bowl is a big commercial so whats the difference.

  19. Anybody else getting fed up with the greed?? Between the owners and the players enough us enough…I had 6 seats down to 4 down to 2 and next year 0…. You’ve lost me NFL…I’ll just sit a home watching on my 70″ HDTV and at the end of the year I still have the tv rather than visa statements

  20. Not going to comment on Ditka absolutely going off on the absurdity of the PCFT campaign to get the redskins to change their name? Guess it’s only news when someone agrees with the agenda you are trying to push…

  21. The NFL needs the big name performers more then they need the NFL. The half time show doesn’t make stars… Just ask MIA (who?). The only people willing to agree to something like that are B-list artists and if B-list is the image the NFL wants to go for at their biggest event of the year then so be it.

  22. jjrs89 says: Aug 19, 2014 8:31 PM

    businesses have been doing this to bands since the beginning of time. Nevermind the time, money, and effort involved in writing songs/ purchasing equipment, you GET to play for exposure while providing free entertainment to the business while they make money off of it. Playing for exposure is as lame as it gets unless you are in high school. I want to ask a restaraunt or bar to cater my party for free because it would be great exposure for them and see how they like that

    great post!!

  23. They still have halftime shows at the SuperBowl? I haven’t seen one since “Up With People” performed in 1976 for America’s Bicentennial.

  24. So weird how, every year, they seem to go out of their way to get musical acts that are the polar opposite of what you’d think most football fans would want.

    -Are they on the crappy dance/pop charts? Check.

    – Do they play a form of sequenced, boring, formulaic top 40 drivel? Check.

    -Is their primary fanbase 14 year old girls? Check.

    Congrats, you’re playing the SB halftime show!

  25. You want a first rate act to play for free? Provide a first rate venue and treat them with respect. Asking them to pay for the privilege is disgusting. This will get backlash pretty much across the board from the music industry.

    The NFL is really pushing it.

  26. Haha, Goodell never ceases to amaze us.

    By the way, I’m a Weird Al supporter, family friendly, the most relevant artist in comedy music, has offered fun for us for more than 35 years. Won’t be irrelevant in five years like some of the later performers.

  27. I still would love to see the NFL get creative and offer some kind of unique and original form of entertainment instead of a standard music concert. I’m sure they are happy with the run of the mill stuff that works, but it sure is extremely boring to me and so frustrating that they can’t come up with some kind of a grand and inspiring idea.

  28. The nfl is greedy don’t get me wrong, but these billionaires squeezing these hack millionaires to peddle this trash they pass off as music is fine by me

  29. Someone needs to check the Super Bowl Planning Committee Members for brain trauma because they are clearly out of their ever-loving minds.

  30. I have no issue with the NFL asking them to pay up…That’s the best free advertising you can get by getting a chance to perform at the super bowl half time….Matter fact, I’ve always thought the label of the particular artist who were performing paid for the spot.

  31. All the top designers give their products to the movie stars for free … why … cheap but great advertising.
    American Idol has no problem getting performers for the show … why … because their songs get a spike in sales after their performance.
    That’s why the NFL owners love Roger and pay him the big bucks … he’s a money machine for the owners.

  32. Somebody should tell NFL honchos that they are falling out of favor with the public every day, little by little—– a death of 1000 cuts!

  33. Why don’t you ask your players, coaches, and refs to work for free? That would boost profits immensely. Why should musicians take it on the chin? The NFL continues to depress me with its lack of respect for anything but its pocketbook.

  34. My grandfather once told me to never give back money. Never take a pay cut. Never give a portion of what you earn to someone else. Once you do, they will ask for more. A portion of post Super Bowl income today will turn into a lot more including personal conduct policies and the like. Give an inch and they will take a mile.

  35. Seriously though, how many bands could afford this? What a stupid idea, any band or talent that can afford such a thing probably does not need to pay for the exposure anyway.

  36. For those that don’t know, this is what is known as megalomania. On steroids, yet. Why would an already established artist need to pay the NFL for
    “exposure”. Perhaps they think Katy Perry and Rihanna are unknown newcomers. I don’t think they’d try that with Paul McCartney or Sting.

  37. We, the Steelers, support the immediate relocation of the Bills, Raiders, Vikings, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Rams, Ravens, Chargers, Colts, and Cardinals. Their current cities are an embarrassment to the NFL and the game Pittsburgh invented. #6 says:
    Aug 19, 2014 8:38 PM

    Steelers don’t watch halftime shows; we’re in the locker room

    When you say we does that imply you hand out towels when the players are exiting the shower? As far as the Steelers themselves they haven’t seen a locker room during a Super Bowl since 2010 and they must have been getting chewed out with the losing to the Pack.

  38. Three sucky performers. Thanks, but no thanks. Only worth watching if there’s another nipple-gate, or if we get a country diva such as Miranda Lambert.

    If the Ravens repeat this season, I’ll do what I did at halftime last year in the Superdome: go to the restroom, buy a $10 beer, shoot the breeze with opposing fans, then get back to my seat just before Jacoby Jones’ spectacular KO return.

    If they don’t, I’ll turn off the TV at halftime.

  39. I can only hope and pray that the NFL will be left with a local high school band who will demand a payment from the NFL. #rogergoodell has to go

  40. Omg I’ve heard it all now. Are you serious Goodell and the NFL?

    Talk about tarnishing the shield. Keep Goodell as Commish and watch the values of your franchise drop like a rock.

    The pre-season is unwatchable. About 2-3 games a week are watchable. If the NFL owners were smart they would oust Goodell and whatever moron came up with this idea.

  41. NFL and Goodell have just jumped the shark tank!

    Nero is fiddling while Rome is set ablaze!

  42. I left a message with the FCC today to call me so I can explain to them how the NFL blacks out games they charge you for anyway. Can’t wait until they call me back so I can explain the NFL’s shady business practices and how the black out rule has been extended and misappropriated for the NFL’s gain. Contact Ajit Pai at the FCC and share your feelings too if you feel the NFL is out of control with no one to put the breaks on their greed grabs.

  43. This just blows me away ! The level of greed and arrogance is so unbelievable. This will translate to lousy Halftime shows Dump God-dell

  44. What a shame the NFL only let the Red Hot Chili Peppers play one song last February.

  45. I can’t believe they even thought this was a good idea. They may be as dumb as Congress. If I were a performer I’d tell them to take a flying leap (edited so I don’t get deleted). It’s not like any of those three need the Super Bowl halftime show to further their career.

    I’d tell them, sure as long as you give me 10% of the Super Bowl revenue.

  46. Then it’s settled. We start a Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost for Weird Al to do the show.

  47. By the way, I think Weird Al will be relevant for as long as he wants to make music. I watched his Biography on Biography channel (obviously) and he mentioned that people have been telling him he’ll be irrelevant in a few years. He’s still kicking Goodell while all those people who said that are in senior citizen rehab. As long as there is pop culture he will be there to make fun of said pop culture.

  48. Ok, two can play this game. We’re starting a fund for GWAR to play a SB half-time show. Let’s just see where this train wrecks, Ginger.

  49. The Enormous set of stones on the Commish and the other guys in the World’s Most Exclusive Rich Guys Club. I imagine this idea was floated over the phone, email ? How do you sit face to face with someone and propose this idea and not start to laugh as the words come out of your mouth ? Yowza.

  50. Well, aren’t they two mutually benefitting entities. One benefits from exposure and the other, the talent provided. Are artists using the NFL half time show to promote their service while getting paid for it too. The NFL gets it’s money from fans and businesses, so it goes to reason that they should pay the artist some kind of fee. Personally, I could care less for the bloated show which only serves to delay the game.

  51. First the REDSKINS, now this crap, money hungry Goodell, if that’s the case, have the cheerleaders pay too, the privilege of watching a game up close

  52. We need to start a social media movement.

    #DJax2Oakland LOL. Jk.

    Go Raiders!!!

  53. I don’t think I’d want to watch the ‘talent’ that would pay to perform outdoors in northern New Jersey in February

  54. The only artists with the widespread appeal and notoriety to headline the event don’t have any need to work for free…such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Coldplay, etc. Either the NFL needs to start booking rising indie acts for the Super Bowl or pay up.

  55. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a commercial during an NFL game, much less a Super bowl. You’ve gotta be some kinda chump to have someone tell you what you need to buy. I did actually see a preview of the Maserati commercial on the internet, however I am not now, nor will I ever be, an owner of such an unholy display of consumerism and wealth, as opposed to good sense.

  56. Yea, because performers like Bruce Springsteen or The Who really need to pay to get exposure.

    Nobody has ever heard of them…

  57. Now this beats them all…

    Memo to Goodell. If you want a band to play in your town, you have to pay him to come over and not the other way around!

  58. I’m sorry but personally I feel like the NFL is becoming unwatchable, as a Browns fan if the Browns aren’t playing I just can’t bring myself to conjure any interest for the other games, especially when it’s become such a business and guys are playing for paychecks more than playing to win. It’s less about competition and more about money, my money. Who wants to sit through a two minute commercial break every time there’s a stoppage in play? Who wants to yawn thier way through a game where there are nineteen flags thrown I’m the first half… I know they have to cover their a** cause billionaires don’t like getting sued. So yeah, I’m done with it . Go Browns but I have no interest in the rest of the league

  59. Just have every member of whatever act or band buy a PSL. The commissioner himself said its a great investment. Everybody wins, no? lol

  60. This isn’t that uncommon. Pay for play has existed for ever. Today, arenas take 20% off the top from touring acts. Including merch. And they do have to pay rent, fees, staff for the arena. Musicians are always screwed.

  61. Business 101. Balance the value each partner contributes.

    The artist gains substantial financial gains based in the promotion the Super bowl performance provides. It is fair for them to pay for the exposure.

    Just because it is different, unexpected, or new, does not mean it is wrong.

    In other industries, companies pay to get promoted and to be distributed. This is just good business, not greed.

  62. Pretty soon the NFL will charge extra to consume the air in their stadiums. Or require everyone to wear advertisement on their sweatshirts and hats. Good Grief.

  63. Anyone ever hear of a DVR? Enjoy the commercials and the halftime show if you like them. If not DVR it and skip them. It always amazes me how internet loser will complain about anything. Complain about the rules or whatever else bothers you about the game. Those actually effect you. But you can fast forward thru the halftime show and commercials. At least you can on my DVR. Losers

  64. Katy, Rihanna, Coldplay. Those artists are already worth millions and sell out arenas when they tour making a half million to a million a night. What do they need the nfl for let alone pay the nfl to play for a fanbase they already own. Lol. NFL is so arrogant. Look for the middle class artist desperate to climb the ladder to bite on this. And look for the general public to change the channel

  65. The shameless and baldfaced display of greed by the NFL is astonishing. Just amazingly astonishing.

    I hope this backfires and the only act they can find to take the deal is “Up With People” .

    Boundless greed. Shameless boundless greed.

  66. The recognized Halftime performers should counter by asking for 10% of the ad revenue generated by THEIR performance.

    Let’s be honest…, the NFL is relying on big name talents to entertain the vast Television Audience to add value to the 30-freakin’ minutes they put in-between the first & second half. Put a lame act in there and people won’t think twice to turn it off for any of the counter-programming efforts that are timed to match the ‘Big Game’s halftime ‘extravaganza’.

    This is bad business by the NFL. Bad business….,

  67. Coldplay???

    Will a framed Asia poster and a spinach dip in a loaf of sourdough bread be distributed as well?

  68. In a short lame version. They’re asking ESTABLISHED artists to PAY FOR THE EXPOSURE!

    …Are they serious? Are they really serious?! Coldplay paying for the exposure? I guess Mark Cuban is rich for a reason.

  69. So thats why ZZ Top doesnt play for them any more.
    The last Half time I watched was The Stones and when I saw a 60 year old Jagger skipping I wanted to puke. Well I did watch Prince or what ever he was at the time get poured on with rain,that was funny, He didnt quit . No rain outs in football. Just lighting delays

  70. Right, because these bands and artists – like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Michael Jackson, U2, et al – really needed the Super Bowl to build their brand.

    It’s not like we have all been sitting at home all these years saying “Hey, that act at half time. Those guys were really, really good. I wonder if they will be touring soon. What was the name of that band again so that I can go out and get some tickets?”

  71. Seeing as how these talent are performing on an NFL program, shouldn’t the NFL pay the talent for their services to entertain the fans?

  72. Just disgusting. And not even a bidding war, they want residuals from post-superbowl tours? Revolting. Shame on anyone who agrees to those kind of terms.

    What else would I expect from the Narcissistic Financial Leeches?

  73. I don’t know what’s more offensive: That the NFL wants the halftime act to pay them for the privilege to play, or that the NFL is ignoring the petition to have Weird Al Yankovic as the halftime act.

  74. Not to mention the acts are equally pathetic. The NFL reminds me of MTV in the latter days of when they still occasionally played music now. A once-cool entity that took selling out to a whole new level and you could tell how they had no idea how much they had alienated their fans and no understanding that, yes, this would one day catch up with you and the hollow shell of what you once were would ultimately crumble.

  75. The only people more hard headed and mercenary than the NFL owners are musical performers.

    Rots a ruck, NFL, with that one.

  76. So, you’re telling me that Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, The Who, Tom Petty, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc… You’re telling me that those guys “need” the NFL to sell tour tickets and should give the league a cut.

    FYI, none of those people need the NFL.

    Rather, the NFL needs them in order to keep the SuperBowl the premier sports and entertainment event of the year.

  77. And in the latest NFL rule change headlines, the league says teams will experiment with using a new type of ball in the 2015 season, ones the size of church bells.

  78. Years ago a restaurant in Detroit used to charge their waiters to work there. Wonder if that place is still in business? I think not.

  79. I’m thinking it’s the perfect opportunity for Milli Vanilli to launch a comeback tour.

    10% of nothing Roger – How’s that work for ya?

  80. I am amazed that people are this upset about something that’s basically a 45-minute bathroom break. Why does anyone care about the halftime show, again?

  81. Hey, I was in a garage band in high school 10 years ago. We will be glad to play in the half time show!

    Hey guys! We’re getting the band back together!

  82. Foo Fighters need to play the half time show. How about they charge a percentage and that will go to some yearly charity. Advertise that charity around Super Bowl time that would make good PR for the nfl. But then again that’s a pipe dream when talking about the gooddell and the greedy owners.

  83. I haven’t watched one since Tom Petty. If Rihanna is there will we have to watch her do the hands up, don’t shoot like the Redskins players?

  84. Ohhhh, when the NFL does it, it’s called “improved revenue streams.” BUT when the MOB does it, it’s called a “shake down.”

  85. The NFL already ‘sells’ the halftime show to sponsors. The entertainment keeps people watching those insanely valuable ads, instead of changing the channel for 20 minutes or just tuning out to party.

  86. This is just a bad plan, plain and simple.

    The major flaw is that they have no leverage with top tier talent who has no need to pay for the exposure. Sure they can find wannabes and has-beens that will bite but the revenue stream from them will not be nearly what an A list act could generate. Without A list talent, they’re putting a potentially inferior product on one of the biggest stages on the planet. I’m just not seeing this turn out well for the NFL.

  87. Riiight…

    Performers should pay the NFL for the privilege to perform.

    Cheerleaders should pay the NFL for the privilege to cheer.

    Players should pay the NFL for the privilege to play.

    Goodell is God and all must bow down to the one they serve.

    The NFL has a head like a hole. NIN for the halftime show. Pay them to perform and stop being stupid!

  88. Mayor Carmine De Pasto: If you want this year’s homecoming parade in my town, you have to pay for it.

    Dean Vernon Wormer: Carmine, I don’t think it’s right that you should extort money from the college.

    Mayor Carmine De Pasto: Look, these parades you throw are very expensive. You using my police, my sanitation people, and my Oldsmobiles free of charge. So, if you mention extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken.

  89. I would like for the NFL to pay for my tickets in a suite with 25 of my friends to see if we like them.

  90. I always miss the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

    I haven’t watched a halftime show since the 80’s even when my team has been there multiple times.

    Frankly, I like the frisbee dogs, jet pack guys, punt pass and kick kids, marching bands, fireworks, and other fun stuff rather than weirdo crotch gropers with tattoos and earrings, screaming into a microphone about obscene perversions.

    No stage should ever be on the field.

  91. Does the NFL have a clue who Rihanna is? They think Janet Jackson was provocative, wait until they realize Rihanna wears clothes about twice a week.

  92. Hopefully they implement this with the result being that there is no longer a half time show. I suppose I could go for some Louis C.K. making fun of the NFL.

  93. Oh, and how could I forget:

    “If there ain’t no dough then there ain’t no show
    So take your roly poly fat promoter (a**)
    To the Chemical Bank, and get my cash”

    — Q-Tip, Tribe Called Quest, “Rap Promoter”

  94. I believe The Patriots should have to pay The Raiders for any money they won in from all Superbowls they have won since after all if The NFL and Kraft did not have some sort of plan to screw Al Davis Raiders would of went on to win multiple championships…The Tuck Rule never happens: Gruden never leaves, The Raiders win that Superbowl against The Rams, Momentum builds with an already strong team , Raiders go on to win the The superbowl for atleast the next 3 or 4 years without a doubt

  95. Pretty arrogant move for a sports league that generated $9 billion in revenue last year.

    This is just more evidence that Roger Goodell is hopelessly out of touch with the typical NFL football fan.

    Look, I love NFL football, but I do not worship it. It is not the center of my life, and I don’t really give a rip about the Super Bowl halftime show. But asking artists to pay to perform? That’s like my employer asking me to pay for the “privilege” of working for them. Goodell really needs to lose his God-complex.

  96. Who cares? The artists approached can decline the NFL’s offer. When the NFL gets a messed up half-time show by a not for ready prime time performer, it’ll rethink its position.

  97. Considering how boring many of these Super Bowl games really are (re: 48), the NFL should be paying not only the halftime performers, but the broadcasters for the companies with the top three ads (which then get refunded). Like most of the country, I tuned out in the 3rd quarter last year, got on the freeway and headed home.

  98. How about this….The performers pay a deposit, a hefty deposit to play, and then if crazy stuff like Janet Jackson’s nipple or anything like that, they don’t get the millions of dollars back. That will keep performers in line.

  99. Sorry, haven’t watched a SB halftime in years. I watch the football component of the evening, but during halftime go play fetch with the cat.

    Goodell’s actions are just begging for the courts to remove the NFL from the non-profit column. That it hasn’t happened already boggles this mind that has been following the NFL since Roman Gabriel was throwing touchdowns in Los Angeles.

  100. Word has it that Donnie and Marie Osmand have offered to give all the profits from their upcoming tour to the NFL for the chance to perform at halftime in the Super Bowl their accountant estimates at least a $247 windfall for the NFL. Of course the NFL is weighing a counter offer from Clay Akien’s agent …… the NFL commish has some tough decisions to make but that’s why he makes the big money.

  101. Does the NFL ask players to give them a cut of all endorsement income?

    This is ridiculous. Goodell and the morons running that league are insane.

  102. I hope every major performer out there refuses this. NFL seeming to get to big for it’s britches.

  103. It doesn’t matter either way to us. We watch the Puppy Bowl and the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet anyways. Way more entertaining without wardrobe malfunctions.

  104. Wow, the greed. NFL stands for No Family League, very few everyday joe’s can even go to the superbowl because of the expense. Then to have the nerve to want the artist to pay to play. The GREED – GREED – GREED

  105. So much for getting a good Half Time show.. No one watches the half time show anyway.. Thats when you get up from your spot on the couch to get food and refill your cooler.

    On a side note this will be the first year I do not give any money to the NFL. I am done buying Jerseys, Hats, tickets and more. I will continue to watch and play fantasy football but Im sick and tired of the NFL bleeding everyones pockets dry. So now my money will be going towards the Dallas Stars and more Hockey stuff. Its still about the sport there.

  106. So…what you’re saying is that with sufficient financial backing I could perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? I sense a lot of yo-yos and ventriloquist dummies in your future.

  107. Ridiculous. The artists being considered are all A-list performers and would not benefit much by playing at the SB. All three bands sell out their concerts months in advance and would not generate much more revenue then they would generate by not performing at the SB. The NFL will not get any A-list performers if they have to pay. Bruno Mars and other artists that are/were not yet superstars, would benefit by this, and it would actually be an advantageous move by them. The NFL will have to settle for B and C-list performers that need the exposure. Does anyone think U2, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince, The Boss, Madonna or Beyonce would pay to perform, I don’t think so either.

  108. Nickel and Dime… those aren’t just defensive packages in the NFL anymore.

    Pretty bold announcement in the middle of fans being forced to pay full price for Preseason Games. I just sold my $200 tickets for $50 because that’s about what they are worth in the Preseason, however the NFL doesn’t seem too eager to ever change that despite the watered down product in August.

    In business, you always run any public decision through the filter of Dollar Benefit vs. “How Bad Does This Look?” And this looks bad, really bad. It’s unnecessary and a sucker punch to the artist.

    I’ve been to 2 Super Bowls and the Halftime Shows live are interesting to see, but it’s a win-win for the NFL and the artist. The NFL gets a big name to entertain/market and draw the “casual non-sports fan in” and the band/artist gets a big stage and exposure. What is the problem with playing at no compensation or fee?

  109. Lolz Rihanna is managed by JayZ these days, among the cheapest management in the music industry. If Goodell thinks they will cough up one dime to play the Super Bowl he’s living in a fantasy land.

  110. These performers dont need the publicity. They are already huge stars and dont need to pay to perform. I bet all three will decline. NFL will wind up with B-listers going this route.

  111. I swear I wish Vince McMahon would restart the XFL. Each year the NFL does something even more greedier or pointless than before. If he were willing to do the league in the NFL offseason and realize its place as a stepping stone to the league I promise it would succeed.

  112. Well, hold on … why does everyone have a problem with this? The SB gets the biggest ratings of the year. The network airing the game sticks would-be advertisers with rates many times higher than normal media buys.

    So for a performer, the SB halftime show is one gigantic ad/promo. This happens to be the only thing Goodell has proposed that even makes sense (and thankfully, it stays away from the game itself).

    Besides … does anyone who reads PFT really give two craps about the damn halftime show? Who here even watches it?

  113. I don’t understand why everyone hates this so much. This is economics 101 here.

    The NFL has something very valuable that is in a very limited supply – A captured and varied audience of 111 MILLION people.

    If the artist can convert ONE Half of ONE half of ONE half of ONE percent of that artist into someone who buys their $12 album on ITUNES they would make $1.6 Million Dollars.

    Thats worth something.

  114. they realize, of course, that a good many people watch only for the ads… and a good many watch only for the half-time show… and a few actually want to see the game

  115. I have a relative that’s an auctioneer!… Maybe he can pay the NFL to auction off the privilege of playing at it’s Super Bowl halftime??…

    And the bidding starts at $100….. Miley Cyrus is in for $100…$115?…

  116. Let’s hope that NO performer bites the hook – EVER!

    And I really hope they all get PO’d and refuse to perform at super greedy bowls anymore.

  117. Maybe the NFL should give preseason tickets away and then fans can decide if their team is worth paying for regular season games? Imagine all the free exposure! I think Roger is onto something or on something.

  118. “Pay to Play.” Obscene, isn’t it? The NFL is starting to move in some shady directions these days. What with the Ray Rice situation and now this Super Bowl entertainment thing, the NFL’s image is taking a PR beating. They really need to step back and look at the bigger picture instead of short-term gains. Quarterly profits are nice, but long-term stability is much more important. If the NFL isn’t careful it’s going to alienate a significant portion of its fan base with these shortsighted antics. Then we’ll see just how this “revenue stream” thing plays out. Don’t get too greedy, NFL–you’re gonna lose mainstream America if you keep pushing too hard and undermining your image.

  119. Because the owners pay the artists for the right to play their music on gameday.

    Seems like all this kind of stuff started when Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys.

  120. *sarcasm warning*

    The NFL is missing out on a bigger fish here. They should create a contest show like American Idol and run it on the NFL channel during the offseason to see who gets to play the SB halftime show. Popular players and coaches get to be judges. Final decision by arm-wrestling is allowed.

    Then, on another show, established artists should have to go through a crushing Ninja-Warrior style competition all while singing. Winner gets to sing the National anthem.

    Cmon, my greed heroes at the NFL, get with the program. Think of the weekly ratings/ad sales revenue stream, instead of a one-time money grab.

    I crack myself up.

  121. Wait till GODdell moves the Superbowl out of the country. It’s closer than you think folks! If Aliens offer a higher payoff, he’ll move it to another planet. NFL does not care about it’s American fans because they already have them in their back pocket.

  122. I wouldnt pay the NFL 1 red cent to play ….Heck, maybe they should bring back a video from Disneyland like the did a few years back. I almost had to heave on the TV set.

  123. Nfl greed and oversaturation. changing the rules every year. watered down product. sketchy outcomes in big games (the big game).

    nfl becoming more and more like the nba under stern mixed with wwe. think i’ll be tabling my “favorite sport” a bit and watching more baseball these days.

  124. Man…talk about a lameness layer cake:

    Coldplay is utterly and completely the worst possible option for a football halftime show.

    The halftime show is a bloated, Disney-fied piece of crap.

    The owners are 32 of the greediest people on the planet.

    I love the game of football, but the NFL’s cultural imperialism embarrasses me.

  125. Soon the whole Super Bowl will be pay-per view at $299 for the broadcast of the game only, but pay $399 and get nfl network all day long!
    and as we all know the super bowl needs 12 straight live hours on pre-game coverage, 11 straight live hours of pre-game coverage is just not enough.

  126. None of these bands need exposure. They are all well known, I cant believe NFL is going this low. Really starting to hate the NFL now

  127. Roger Goodell at his finest. The NFL should be paying for the performers. Afterall they are the ones making the money already.

    If I were the artists I would protest the Superbowl until Goodell gets off his high horse.

  128. jeffbye says: Aug 19, 2014 8:58 PM

    You want a first rate act to play for free? Provide a first rate venue and treat them with respect. Asking them to pay for the privilege is disgusting. This will get backlash pretty much across the board from the music industry.

    The NFL is really pushing it.

    Agreed except no one actually “plays” at the SB halftime show…it’s all prerecorded with lip syncing.

  129. I’d rather see Dave Matthews Band; however, Katy Perry, Coldplay shouldn’t EVER pay the NFL anything! I can’t believe they have the nerve to suggest such a thing! Most of the artists tour etc all the time and don’t pay for entertaining. The NFL is clueless. I hope everyone turns them down for this supposed opportunity.

    NFL: Think Again!
    Any self respecting artist or band.

  130. Super Bowl halftime shows are like free commercials for performing artists. When the SB makes multi-millions per 30 second commercial, it’s no wonder why the NFL wants a cut of that 15 minute commercial artists get during halftime.

  131. Perfect opportunity for Chris Brown and Rihanna to appear on stage together singing duets.

  132. I’m glad Adele told Roger and the NFL to go kick rocks. She’s right . . . the SB is not about music. An appearance there would actually tarnish her reputation. She’s too classy to be associated with Coldplay, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Bruno Mars anyway. As much as I like pro football, this Commissioner is turning me sour on the league. Now, he won’t let the Cowboys wear the decal on their helmets honoring the Dallas Police. I wish good ol’ Pete Rozelle was still in charge.

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