One of the NFL’s most-fined players scolds Manziel for finger

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The noted critic of manners and decorum Bernard Pollard has weighed in on the Johnny Manziel finger.

And amazingly, Pollard was the one wagging his finger today.

The Titans safety said Manziel said giving the Half-Bud Adams salute to the Washington sidelines sent a bad message “for a lot of young people.”

“I don’t know what was said, I could really care less. But we as players, we are blessed with this opportunity to play this game. We are on a stage, regardless if you want to say it or not, or believe it or not. We are on a stage,” Pollard said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “He is at a position where he is a quarterback, and every young boy wants to be a quarterback, they want to be a face of a franchise, they want to be that guy. He is in that position.

“Everybody has seen [the gesture], and that set a bad example for a lot of young people.”

That clearly offended the delicate sensibilities of Pollard, who said he wouldn’t hesitate to take a shot at Manziel when they see each other next.

“We just have to play the game. If I get a clean shot at him, I am going to take it.” Pollard said. “This league, the rules are set up to where these quarterbacks are protected. . . . But God has blessed us with this ability, with these talents, so don’t ruin it. The guy is a great player; he was a great college player. I don’t know what to say about him at the league level. I don’t know who he is. He has to prove himself and these little things he continues to get himself, with whatever gestures.

“All we can do is judge him off of game play. And that gesture, that wasn’t good.”

This from Pollard, one of the league’s chronic illegal-hit artists, who threw his former coach under the bus, blaming Hall of Famer Mike Munchak as the reason his own team “sucked butt,” last season.

So clearly, he’s the one to scold Manziel for bad manners.

46 responses to “One of the NFL’s most-fined players scolds Manziel for finger

  1. say what you want about pollard on the field, but off the field he is a model citizen (very nice guy). pollard hasnt done anything like this so i dont see why you title this ““One of the NFL’s most-fined players scolds Manziel for finger”

    just ask the FCC if pollard is right.

  2. I’d rather be fined for blowing guys up than childish things like flipping the bird.

  3. This article acts as if you have any type of past that conflicts with your message….it becomes a joke….what pollard said was entirely correct.

    Who cares who said it….it needed to be said

  4. Hey Bernie, you should NEVER use the words “clean” and “shot” in the same sentence. SMH

  5. You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    Matthew 7:5

  6. It’s funny how you d-bags are acting he was flipping ‘you’ the bird. Get over it, nancy!

  7. Model citizen? He’s known for being undermining in the locker room which is why he moves around so much…..

  8. Model citizen? He’s known for being undermining in the locker room which is why he moves around so much…..

    That makes him a bad person outside of football?

  9. Boy, does this ring hollow….almost makes me want to give Johnny a pass on this now….

    What Pollard means by a clean shot is that he will go to the knees, ostensibly because he might get fined for hitting a player higher up and risking helmet to helmet contact. Guys like Pollard and TJ Ward should be banned from the league.

  10. Manziel’s play was more offensive than his bird flipping.

    And honestly, won’t someone think of the children, and how seeing a middle finger really won’t hurt them.

  11. you should never use bad language where children can see it because they’ve never seen or heard bad language anywhere else before.

  12. Maybe Johnny football was telling the crowd he should be the #1 QB and put up the wrong finger by mistake.. lol

  13. Pollard gets fined for “hitting people too hard” (shouldn’t be fined in the first place), this is football… Manziel is getting fined for being a D bag. I’m with Pollard.

  14. No matter what side you’re on — one thing is irrefutable. That already gargantuan bullseye NFL defenders have figuratively drawn on Johnny Football got even more immense, even more intensified. Red hot just went to white hot.

  15. You guys have pathetic lives!

    The only thing that disappoints me with this issue: Manziel gave the media even more BS to talk about, thus drawing more attention. After the play of Hoyer & himself, the last thing the Browns need is more press.

    Come on Johnny…… Be a touch smarter!

  16. Don’t think I’m concerned with Manziel’s manners. More concerned about his head and his paper thin skin.

    If you can’t take some comments from opposing players in your rookie year, this will be a LOOOOOOOONG year for you. As in “see Ryan Leaf’s rookie year” long.

  17. I love football but if my child’s role model is an NFL player – I have failed as a parent.

    Pollard’s logic is that you embarrased NFL players by making a gesture with your fingers so I will try to take you out physically if we play. – Brilliant.

  18. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seats close to the field, I can’t tell you how many times in one game you’ll hear the f-bomb, and other curses coming from the players and coaches. There are kids that hear that stuff every game.

    How many time have we seen coaches mouthing obscenities when we watch games from home? Obscenities that don’t require a lip reader to interpret either.

    I’m probably not the only one that has seen/heard after a win a guy celebrating with his teammates and yelling an obscenity or two. Yet the cameras/mics will still, at times, follow players after a game despite how “seriously” the NFL cares.

    This is simply hypocrisy.

    The guy wasn’t yelling and didn’t even mouth anything obscene, he was facing a different direction. The cameras noticed the taunting the redskins were doing and then panned to Manziel to get his reaction. They want this type of junk to generate media attention, its pathetic.

  19. Blast Pollard all you want, but he speaks from experience. However, his fines were from on the field play thanks to Goodell’s lawyers who now run the league. Manziel’s action was due to something AFTER the play. Huge difference, guys.

  20. Thanks for making that clarification to these knuckleheads (the same ones who blast the NFL for being too soft). Pollard’s fines resulted from his actions (aggressive hits) DURING plays.


    First of all let’s go back to when people first started saying this about him, the Tom Brady hit. Pollard was on the ground and had a guy pushing him into the ground. He was trying to make a play. NOT DIRTY.

    Steven Ridley. This one looks bad from the sideline shot at full speed, but I challenge you to watch it from the endzone camera (behind Pollard). Google “Stevan Ridley injures head on Bernard Pollard’s hit” and it’s the first result. Watch it at 22 seconds in and you will see Pollard is squaring up with good technique and Ridley ducks his own head into Pollard’s helmet. Is that dirty? No, NOT DIRTY.

    Gronkowski? Again, watch the video. Seriously, Pollard wraps his arms around his waist and is trying to bring him down. Then Rob’s leg/ankle got tangled up. Is wrapping someone up around the midsection and tackling them dirty? No, it is so far from a cheap shot. NOT DIRTY.

    Now for Wes Welker. Pollard really didn’t even touch him. In fact if you watch the play you can plainly see Welker blows out his own knee trying to make the cut before Pollard even gets close to him. NOT DIRTY.

    The Andre Johnson hit was with his shoulder and not his head. Yet he gets fined $42k. You can hear Solomon Wilcotts say he didn’t lead on the hit. NOT DIRTY.

    In summary, Pollard is not a cheap shot artist nor is he a dirty player. He is an old school, hard nosed, hard working guy who is great in the locker room. Setting the tone is very important and we all know that and no one does that better than him. People need to stop hating on Pollard.

  22. On kick-offs, when it’s windy and the ball blows off the tee twice, they let a player put his finger on it to keep it steady. Maybe Johnny Football could be the first-stringer in this position, and put the finger to constructive use.

  23. STOP IT. Pollard isn’t an “illegal hit artist” you crass whiner.

    He hits clean, and it just happens to result in injury often because of dumb luck or the fact that he hits pretty hard from all out effort and strength.

    Clearly showing your favoritism /fanhood of a certain team or player if you think Pollard actually tries to take cheap shots.

    He hits with his shoulder, not his head… Showing kids how it SHOULD be done. Manziel is definitely not showing kids the right example.

  24. If pollard sayn hes gonna crush u doesnt turn a light on nothing will. This guy delivers parkinsons w every hit

    Oh and Tennessee does play cleveland this year!

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