Pete Carroll expresses confidence in Terrelle Pryor’s passing ability


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Terrelle Pryor rushed for 59 yards on three carries – including a 44-yard touchdown run – against the San Diego Chargers on Friday night.

Pryor is a freakish athlete and has shown his ability to run around and past opposing defenders with the football in the past. However, what Pryor hasn’t shown nearly as often is his proficiency to pass the football.

However, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll spoke highly of Pryor’s passing ability following practice on Monday.

“I like the way he throws the ball,” Carroll said. “He’s been great in practice. He hasn’t had as much opportunity yet [in games] as we’d like to see. The games have just gone in a manner that he hasn’t had to [throw the ball]. But he throws the ball really well. He’s a terrific downfield thrower, he’s got a big arm. He’s made a lot of big plays for us against the ones, and done a lot of good stuff so we feel very confident he can throw the whole passing game.”

Pryor is 10-for-20 for 147 yards and one interception in two preseason games for Seattle. Pryor is fighting for a roster spot with the Seahawks. Tarvaris Jackson appears to be the clear backup option to Russell Wilson and was given a guaranteed contract this offseason by Seattle.

Carroll is clearly intrigued by Pryor’s athletic ability and the potential he has to create explosive plays in Seattle’s offense. However, Pryor still has to shown he is competent enough passer to deserve a roster spot. It appears he is doing enough to show Carroll he deserves to stick around.

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  1. You guys can’t keep calling everyone a freakish athlete. He’s not. He’s just a fast runner who sometimes can throw a good pass. Clowney is a freakish athlete.

  2. He has a difficult time passing well consistently, but he is an awesome runner. The problem is– are you going to put packages in specifically for him? Probably not.

  3. Like him or not, the dude played well in the first 4-5 games last year before he got injured. Even played alright in Denver in a night game. Too bad Oakland gave up on him. The great Al Davis had faith in him, and was his last ever draft pick. Much respect for T Pryor

  4. Cc, of course Pete says that, it’s his 3rd string qb that’s about to a. Get cut or b. Take a roster spot from a guy who might actually help them in a game they’re not screwed in (if prior is in hawks screwed) so coach is justifying trading 7th round pick since he’s got 1 pick, 6th round I think that is out of football with heart problem, and 2 more on IR or PUP. Hawks got no production out of 2013 draft except backup TE and unless Richardson or Britt breakout or a couple of the red shirts do, reputation for finding diamonds in the ruff will be for first time in a while questioned. Just saying…GO HAWKS.

  5. I love it when a plan comes together….Hannibal Smith from the A-Team.

    Pryor will accept his 3rd string role with the Hawks and will become more involved in wild cat formation and as a receiver as the season moves along. Culminating in some epic new plays and big time game winning performances when the Seahawks schedule toughens up week 11 thru another Super Bowl Championship.

    Proving once again Pete Carroll is breaking new ground and innovating changes in football nobody had ever thought of. Like 6’3″+ corners, elephant defenders, DJ’s playing music at practice to liven things up, competition Wednesday, Turn Over Thursday, turning defensive lineman into offensive lineman, sending out pamphlets to sports agents showing why undrafted rookies should sign with the Hawks, tackling techniques, etc.

    Face it haters, as much as you can’t stand Pete Carroll and call him stupid names…..You wish he was your coach.

    When Jim Harbaugh says “Who Has it better than us?”

    The answer is Pete Carroll

  6. As a 12 my question is this. Would Terrelle at 25yrs old want to be a long term back up on this team to RW. TJ loves it here and so does the team and the fans plus in the end he is likely to cost less so as much as TP has an upside I just dont see how it makes sense. after we get our key guys signed next year then you give TJ a 2 or 3 year deal. TP i feel would like to start somewhere. To keep 3qbs and loose a roster spot for a player that wont be active makes little sense. That roster spot could be used to carry and extra D lineman or WR which is much more important.

  7. Sounds like a pump-and-dump to me. Which I would be totally okay with at the right price. Don’t really want to see a roster spot burned on a third quarterback.

  8. How else is he supposed to trade this piece of crap? Ponder for Pryor? Throw in Richard Pryor. Literally.

  9. Not going to keep 4; Daniels can be PSed and T-Jack is solidly at the #2 position. I’d like to see them trade him for picks.

  10. For as large and athletic as this guy is, his release is slow and he throws change-ups to receivers.

    I like his upside but if I were to choose to have only 2 QBs on the roster I’d keep Tavaris.

    I watched Pyror pull a popular Seneca Wallace play in the first pre-season game where he rolled toward the sideline and instead of throwing the ball away he trotted out of bounds for a loss. It takes a special breed of stupidity to not realize this basic rule.

    Love my Hawks!, in Pete and John I trust.

    Just my opinion. Take care sports world.

  11. I went to college at Ohio State and have watched Pryor for years. He pushes the ball instead of throwing it. I read a comment that he throws change ups. That’s a very astute analogy. What causes it is his pushing motion. He is a bigger/faster version of Tim Tebow.

  12. The Raiders made a mistake in giving up on Pryor. He is a leader, an athlete, and has shown that he can win games with both his arm and his legs.

    Even in the Denver game where the Raiders restricted him to the pocket, he made plays and was the best player on the field when the Raiders had the ball.

    Seattle would be wise to keep him on their roster and deploy him in key situations.

  13. Pryor has looked pretty good in the preseason. I’ve seen him making good decisions mostly and throwing a lot of darts into receivers’ hands, while being nearly impossible to sack. He’s a really good #3 and better than the #2 on a lot of teams. I’d rather have him as a backup than Blaine Gabbert, Jordan Palmer, Austin Davis, or Luke McCown- believe me, there are a lot of shaky 2nd stringers out there right now. But at this point in time, Tarvaris is better, one of the better backup QBs in the league at that. Pryor would have to be kept at the expense of another position player, though, and therein lies the problem. Pryor cannot be kept on the practice squad after being released due to too much game experience; however, Daniels probably can.

    If the Seahawks release Pryor, though, it would not be surprising to see him get picked up in SF- he’s way better than Blaine Gabbert and Harbaugh would love to needle the Seahawks.

  14. The Raiders are the most forgiving team in pro football when it comes to Quarterbacks,so if the team gave up on TP it indicates that the Raiders did not feel his skills or lack of them, would work in their organization .The Seahawks should make him a backup running back to Lynch. TP is much more suited as a running back and proved that in last few games. Make him offer at running back and if he refuses then cut him.

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