PFT on NBCSN expands roster, adds co-host

With the new season starting, an enhanced in lineup is coming to NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

But you’ll still be stuck with me.  (Sorry.)

On Tuesday, NBC Sports Group announced that Paul Burmeister arrives as the new co-host of the program on Tuesday, September 2.  Burmeister, who played quarterback, served as a captain, and won the team MVP award at Iowa in 1993, became one of the original hires at NFL Network in 2003.  During his time with NFLN, Burmeister hosted a variety of shows there, including Total Access and Path to the Draft.

Joining the lineup of analysts will be former NFL defensive end and Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor, former NFL head coach and long-time assistant coach Kevin Gilbride, former NFL running back Brian Westbrook, and former NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes.  They’ll be part of a rotation that includes former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker and former NFL fullback Jon Ritchie.

“I certainly feel I can give a valid critique of what took place in a game, explain why and what the thinking was with players and coaches, or why that mistake occurred,” Gilbride told Richard Deitsch of “I will have no difficulty in judging whether something was a good or bad decision and maybe even offer some alternatives on other ideas.  People just see the behavior, the action.  But what has always been fascinating to me is what are the causes that led to that behavior.”

This season, PFT on NBCSN also will feature regular contributions from other NBC Sports Group analysts, including Tony Dungy and Hines Ward of Football Night in America, Cris Collinsworth of Sunday Night Football, and Doug Flutie of NBC’s Notre Dame football coverage.

Deepening the roster and breadth of expertise will be Mike Ryan, a 26-year NFL athletic trainer who will help explain injuries, rehab, and related issues.

But you don’t have to wait until September 2 to watch the show.  It’s still on every weekday, through and beyond September.

And hopefully you’ll continue to be stuck with me.

10 responses to “PFT on NBCSN expands roster, adds co-host

  1. Pretty strong lineup, I think I’m most anxious to see Gilbride back up his talk and bring it with the good stuff! I like what he’s suggesting will be his style, it gets kind of boring when there’s too much reporting of trivial news bits or discussion about not so exciting topics, and the most interesting stuff on the show or any football show for me is the analytical side of things. If I’m not learning something or hearing something fresh and new or if it’s not a passionate discussion then I’m fast-forwarding!

    I just bought a PFT shirt today too (good idea offering Lions-themed colors), so glad to see my money is being put to great use for what I do like and not so great use for what I don’t like! Don’t you feel flattered by that? Well at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing you sold a silver and blue shirt to me which is something the Lions haven’t been able to figure out how to do for many years now!

  2. Congrats…from your humble Wayne’s World beginnings where I am sure you were wearing your drawers w a bad Sears jacket and clip on tie to this…the In-Laws were probably very and rightly concerned early on…dude, in my best Frank Costanza Voice: “you are living the dream Florio, livin’ the dream!”


  3. Will they be allowed to say the team name for “The Washington NFL Team Franchise of the District of Columbia?”

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