Report: Santonio Holmes gets minimum salary deal from Bears


The Bears’ addition of wideout Santonio Holmes reportedly comes at a relatively low cost for Chicago.

In fact, it may cost the Bears no salary at all.

According to ESPN’s Field Yates, Holmes received a one-year deal for a non-guaranteed salary of $855,000 — the veteran minimum.

If the 30-year-old Holmes doesn’t make the club, the Bears won’t be on the hook for any more compensation. But if he proves a solid third option behind Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, the Bears will have made quite the value signing.

For Holmes, the deal functions as a one-year “prove-it” contract. If healthy and productive with Chicago, Holmes could improve his value entering free agency in 2015. He may still be young enough to garner one more multiyear deal if he has a bounce-back year with the Bears.

29 responses to “Report: Santonio Holmes gets minimum salary deal from Bears

  1. Hopefully he does use this as a prove it contract. We’ve all seen how he plays when he’s getting paid. I’d hate to see his level of commitment at the veterans minimum.

  2. Ah yes, the “prove it” deal. Phil Emery loves those. Major potential reward for almost no risk. If he causes trouble in the lockerroom at all he’s out of there, but if he stays clean and productive, that offense will be real hard to handle.

    I only wish we could find a similar player at LB and maybe a kick returner, too.

  3. I’d have given Randy Moss a shot as it’s obvious they’re going the ‘long shot’ signing…

  4. themarkus42 says:
    Aug 19, 2014 11:43 AM
    Go Bears! Good luck Santonio. Just listen to Brandon. He’s the man on the field and a mentor off of it.


    Wow. Who would have seen that coming? after his days in Miami and Denver.

  5. themarkus42 says:

    “Go Bears! Good luck Santonio. Just listen to Brandon. He’s the man on the field and a mentor off of it.”


    The same Brandon Marshall who was the poster child for domestic violence with the amount of claims and charges made against him over a 2 year period?

  6. Better be careful with the money from what’s almost certainly his last NFL payday. If he’s like the many other players who blew the fortunes they made he might have to live off this for a long time to come.

  7. As long as it makes the team better the overall cost is not an issue. The Bear bean counters have always been good with the numbers. If he does happen to make the team, look for some incentive-laden contract adjustments. Go Bears!

  8. There has been more and more posts about Santonio the past couple days. More and more hate and jealousy and people are even throwing Marshall into the mix because EVERYONE knows that this is win, win for the Bears and they have the best WR core in the NFL and all around best weapons for Jay.

    I love watching the haters stew about and troll in jealousy. Lions are SO screwed and the Bears are coming for the Packers this year.

    I forgot about the pathetic Vikings intentionally, we all know their home is 4th place….

  9. Looks like Santonio will have to behave and prove himself. Emery and Trestman already suspended Bennett for losing his composure, they won’t hesitate to do it to this guy.

    I still stand by original statement the Bears offense looks ridiculous, but if Tucker can’t figure out how to improve that defense or they get plagued with injures again, Bears will give up just as many points as they high powered offense puts up.

  10. Don’t talk bad about Marshall. He’s owned up to his past, owned his mental disorder and become a pillar of the city of Chicago. If anyone can have a positive impact on Holmes it’s Marshall. And having him as the third wide receiver? Any team in the league would take that

  11. Agreed, the Bears are starting to shape up like the Marino-era Dolphins. They can throw the ball all day and night, but can’t run at all and play sub-par D.

  12. Can’t run the ball? Do you even football? Matt forte averaged over 4 ypc, was the #2 rusher in the league and went for damn near 2,000 yards. Please man. Don’t talk about things unless you know at least a little about it

  13. As much as I hate the Bears, this just makes it even better, the Santonio signing and low money. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Because he cries if he dont get the ball. Then will cry if he gets too much yards. This will be fun this Bears. Good luck with that one.

  14. It’s a win win for the Bears, I think. We all know Holmes has shown great flashes over his career but has let his attitude be a problem at times. It’s not really a financial burden for the Bears at all, so If he get out of line you cut him and if he goes out there and gets 600 years this season, it’s a bargain. Win win.

    And to the guy who said the Bears can’t run the ball, please Google Matt Forte or at least know about the team you’re discussing before saying something idiotic. He’s probably a top three all purpose RB in the league.

  15. It is a win-win for the Bears. He might still have some talent and it cost them nothing to cut him loose otherwise. The only issue I have with some of the comments is Brandon Marshall being a Mentor. I had to laugh… he is a selfish criminal. Bottom line is full of talent and so is Jefferys. This is where the theory falls apart. You can’t have 3 Prima Donnas. My guess is Holmes gets injured before the 1st game and get paid “league min” (boy, what I would do for half that working everyday this year). Save yourself the the trouble: The Packers win this Division by a wide margin and the NFC Wildcards goes to the NFCW.

  16. As a Bears fan, I can’t believe Emery signed this clown, he’s going to be an absolute cancer to our locker room. We already have issues with Bennett and Cutler being selfish and Marshall is a ticking time bomb. I hope these 3 don’t ruin Alshon.

    I hated Angleo, but Emery is just awful at building a D. I was hoping for a 9-7 season for the Bears, but realistically I’m seeing 6-10. Defense wins championships, and the Bears have zero D.

  17. Actually the Lions barely beat the Bears.

    1st game only by 1 score : 8 points

    2nd game less than a field goal down to the wire: 2 points

    Lions suck and everyone knows it.

  18. 1st game was a blow out and everyone knows it. The Bears scored a few against backups to make the game look closer than it was. Nice try.

    2nd game was closer, but the Bears still couldn’t beat Detroit.

    The Bears are a dumpster fire waiting to happen. It’s going to be great watching Cutler, Bennett, Holmes, and Marshall all losing it. But that is what happens when you build your team with left over head cases no one wanted.

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