Andre Johnson doesn’t like the increase in penalties


The renewed emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding penalties benefits NFL offenses.  That doesn’t mean all NFL offensive players appreciate the move.

Specifically, Texans receiver Andre Johnson doesn’t like the increased throwing of flags in the 2014 preseason.

“Watching the game last week against Atlanta, it kind of makes the game longer.” Johnson said Wednesday, via 610 Sports Radio in Houston.  “It actually makes you hate it a little bit because every time you look around there’s a flag on the ground.”

Johnson believes that the officials won’t call illegal contact and defensive holding as tightly once the regular season begins.  The NFL has said that the emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding will continue.  We’ll begin to find out whether the NFL means what it says when the Packers travel to Seattle to start the 2014 regular season in only 15 days.

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  1. Hopefully it wont be as bad during the regular season, when we aren’t watching 2nd and 3rd stringers play sloppy. I totally agree though that it gets really annoying to see a flag every other play. Unless the player is getting absolutely manhandled I don’t see the need for excessive calls.

  2. You know it’s a little ridiculous when even a WR is admitting that it’s over the top.

  3. The refs are not gonna care if the players complain. Just look at Bill Leavy. Nothing stopped him from throwing bogus flags after bogus flags in SB40.

  4. I don’t either. But I also don’t like defenders or receivers being allowed to get away with cheap contact. It’s not a perfect system yet, and maybe perfect is impossible, but they should be able to find a way to get closer at least! Although I estimate the odds of difficulty to accomplish that as more severe than far more simpler problems that still seem to confound the people that run the NFL.

    The best solution for the players is to not gripe about it, and appreciate that at least they get paid big mo’ne while the fans are shelling it out, so let them or somebody else do the complaining.

  5. We’re with you, Andre. The league has dramatically changed the game over the last decade. No longer will we stand by and watch the game we invented be destroyed. After winning the Lombardi Noll Trophy (#7), we are leaving this league and starting a league based on the principles we envisioned. SFL 2015: restoring the game we built.

  6. step by step, the NFL is ruining the game I have loved for 40 years. Please NFL, can we just go for 1 season without trying to make changes.

  7. I agree…it’s a ridiculous and pathetic display of Rodger Goodell’s poor judgement on what’s best for the NFL. Fire Rodger Goodell now before this goon completely ruins our most beloved sport.

  8. Am I the only one who waits to celebrate until after I triple check to make sure they didn’t throw a flag.

    Above all other things, they’ve ruined celebrating football. Because it’s all too common whatever good play one team made has a chance to be completely overturned whether it really needs to or not.

    If I see more games like the Chargers vs Seahawks in the first quarter I could see this make me stop enjoying and even wanting to watch football anymore.

    Soccer is growing every day here in the USA. All the NFL needs to do is kick it’s own self in the balls which is exactly what Roger Goodell has been doing since he stepped in.

  9. The “Richard Sherman” action was brought about to stop the travesty that the Seahawks secondary was able to sustain last season because of constantly clutching, grabbing and doing anything to throw receivers off their routes. It will be very interesting to see how refs call the Seahawks games, that is for sure.

  10. Well Andre if you could convince the other 31 teams to just give the Vince Lombardi trophy to Denver so that Blockhead could go out a winner then maybe the league could leave the rules as they were.

  11. Will the Seahawk haters please shut up…if we didn’t win the Super Bowl we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The 40whiners play the same style of defense we do, where’s your complaint/hate towards them. Yea, I hate da 9ers, but respect da way they play the game on defense. That’s the way it should be. Not this patty cake BS the sport is turning into!

  12. The NFL has made the 7 officials part of the offensive package on every down. It is now awfully unbalanced. With 11 against 18 on every play. If I was a coach. I would never run the Football anymore. I would train all receivers and backs on how to draw flags to move the ball down the field. If they call games this way. Every QB and receiver from this era need an asterick by his name before entering the HOF.

  13. I’m telling you, the only thing they acknowledge is money. If we spend ours on college football instead (which is becoming a better game) they MIGHT come back to earth with this ridiculous changing of the game we all love.

    It’ll hurt in the short term, but there’s a ton of it throughout the week, and saturdays. We’ll just have to find something else to do on sundays until they start playing college games then too.

    High school ball is underrated too.

    Goodell is a tyrant that MUST be stopped!

  14. What else is there to say but the truth. Goodell n company r ruining the greatest game in the world. Truth is now they call a flag even on a clean hit if it’s to hard. Disgusting. Defensive players r handcuffed to the point where they have to let the receiver catch the ball before they can hit him. And who says the fans wanna c 55-45 scores where players run up n down the field with no one stopping. In changing the game as they have n if they continue to do so, it will at some point become flag football. Just a shame what their doing.

  15. The games are almost unwatchable…..when the emphasis turns to when the next flag will drop then you have a huge problem NFL……

    If this continues into the regular season I will simply do something else with my time.

  16. Well, I seriously enjoyed watching the World Cup this past summer, and hated watching this preseason.

    Been a loyal NFL fan for 30 years but I am losing interest due to so many game stoppages. Ridiculous.

  17. Johnson should tell his team-mates to stop getting penalties then. It’s amazing how many don’t want to deal with the problem – they just continue to make excuses and hope the refs will ease off. Want less flags? Stop breaking the rules.

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