Browns say Brian Hoyer will start, Johnny Manziel will sit

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Brian Hoyer is the Browns’ starting quarterback.

Browns coach Mike Pettine announced this morning that Hoyer will start the Week One game against the Steelers, and Johnny Manziel will be the backup.

“He was the clear leader from the beginning,” Pettine said of Hoyer. “We’ve maintained all along that if it was close, I would prefer to go with the more experienced player. Brian has done a great job in the meeting rooms and with his teammates on the practice field and in the locker room.”

Neither Hoyer nor Manziel has played particularly well in the preseason, but Pettine suggested that Hoyer is the safer, more stable pick.

“I think Brian’s been very poised,” Pettine said. “I think he’s handled the situation well. He’s had a lot of things going on.”

Manziel may be the Browns’ quarterback of the future, but he hasn’t done enough to prove he deserves to be the quarterback of the present. For right now, Hoyer is the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

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  1. “I think Brian’s been very poised,” Pettine said. “I think he’s handled the situation well.”

    I think that comment shows that the fat lady sung when Manziel decided to fly the bird. Whether they both stunk or not, Pettine knows Hoyer can go out there and stink and not melt down. Manziel can’t.

  2. Sad to say, but Hoyer may as well go out week 1 wearing a Weeden jersey. The same fan base that cried when he went down, will rip him for his 1st INT and cry for Johnny.

    The question becomes, who do they cry for after Johnny?

  3. Good. Brian won the job but just coming to work and doing what he was supposed to do. Had Johnny started, it would have just sped up the whole Bust thing.

  4. As it should be. Now how about getting the WRs to hold onto the ball? And maybe wake Mitchell Schwartz and let him know preseason has started.

  5. After all of that hype, the brownies get a 5’9″ guy with a clipboard in one hand and a middle finger in the other. All of those fans that spent $$$ on his jersey for opening day got to feel like, well… like.. Cleveland Fans.

  6. This should’ve been the plan from the start.

    The Browns are going to suck regardless who is at QB. That offensive line has been a turnstile in the preseason and their only good WR is suspended.

    Let Hoyer get the snot beat out of him, his job is to be the sacrificial lamb and then bring in Manziel after the bye.

  7. Well, no one earned it. I blame Monday’s fiasco 75% on the split rep and no one being ready and 25% on the QB’s. But maybe now with the QB competition over our offense can finally gel together. Good luck Hoyer, it looks like you have a 3 game audition coming up before the bye week.

  8. This is exactly what should have happened from day one. Brian Hoyer should have been named starter while leaving the door open for Johnny Manziel to supplant him.

    Instead, the quarterbacks were sharing first string duties which didn’t allow for either player to get momentum.

    Hoyer is not a top-tier QB but he has experience in the league and Manziel will benefit from learning and holding the clipboard.

  9. No Justin Bieber quote with his perspective?!?!

    Browns are a total disaster of an organization. And I’m a Cowboys fan who recognizes the futility of out own owner/ GM.

  10. Manziel just doesn’t seem like he gets it. I don’t see him doing much in the end. He will start at some point and fail , then just become another guy that washed out of the NFL like Vince Young, Tim Tebow, Matt Linert, and Jamarcus Russell (to name just a few).

  11. That’s ridiculous. When the veteran has not shown to be the clear cut choice over the rookie, that’s when you choose the rookie. Pettine will be lucky to make it through the season if he keeps up these poor decisions. If this was going to be his choice, should have made it 2 weeks ago. The Browns offense is in shambles and 2 weeks behind every other team in the NFL.

    Not saying Manziel is ready to be a starter, the gesture gave the job to Hoyer. But really, how is Hoyer better when you can’t point at which QB performed better.

  12. I wonder if Hoyer is putting up the $$ sign?…..probably not. I wouldn’t start J.M at all this year. Kid needs to grow up mentally and meanwhile he can learn the offense inside and out. By the time he knows it maybe he will be a little more mature and be able to carry himself like a leader instead of reacting to other players smack talk and yelling fans.

  13. Cleveland’s best moves over the past year…..

    5) Trading Trent Richardson
    4)Drafting Manziel
    3)Drafting Gilbert
    2)Getting Buffalo’s 1st round pick in 2015
    1)Dumping Dumbturdi and Joe Bummer

  14. It would be unprecedented if Manziel’s talent could over come his lack of a pro attitude between his ears. I just don’t believe his approach will ever get the job done, and the Browns will have swung and missed one more time on a QB. I lived in Ohio for 3 years, and love the Browns fans, so I naturally feel really bad for them…again. Plus, how sweet do you think a defensive player would feel it is to really nail johnny boy. It will happen, and I don’t think he is a Johnny Unitas or Otto Graham and will keep getting up.

  15. This is the best thing Cleveland can do. You can’t start Manziel week 1 and end up benching him after the bye week for Hoyer if Manziel is supposed to be the future of the team. If Hoyer is playing terrible, replace him with Manziel mid season and ride it out so he can learn.

  16. Good move for the Browns..Johnny Football isn’t ready yet. Hoyer will have 4 or 5 games to hold it down tho, then the fans will start screaming for Johnny. Week 2 against my Saints will be a good one! Look forward to it and good luck to the Browns.

  17. IF Johnny is honest with himself, he needs to really think about this.

    No, it wasn’t going to be “easy” for him to win the starting job, but he should have.

    I favor Hoyer myself but that isn’t my point.

    Johnny came to a situation on a bad team with an uninspiring backup QB as the man he had to beat out.

    That he couldn’t beat out Hoyer speaks more to Johnny than it does Hoyer or the team.

    Maybe Johnny really thinks he did all he could to earn the starting job…

    But, years from now when he thinks back to this time, he’ll see he blew it.

    NOT a good start to your pro career Johnny.

  18. This in a nutshell is why the Browns should have never drafted Johnny. When you have two mediocre QB’s going for the starting job it’s always going to be this contentious situation for either one when they do start. Just look at the Jets with Tebow and Sanchez a couple years back.

  19. This was obviously the right move. The problem with the NFL is that the media and ownership groups run the hype machine on players who aren’t ready.

    Manziel looked overwhelmed in the last preseason game, and frankly hasn’t looked very good all preseason. Not that Hoyer has looked much better, but certainly appears to be more poised and polished at this point.

  20. As much as he wouldn’t have deserved being made the starter, putting Manziel on the bench might be the worst thing you could do. He doesn’t strike me as having the ability to silently hold a clip board and be the good soldier while waiting his turn. His personality and desire to be in the spotlight, coupled with boredom, could lead to even more off the field incidents.

  21. If Shaw had got the amount of snaps Johnny Manziel did I’d bet he would be much further along then ol Johnny Football. Smarter, better leader, better competitor.

  22. Safe play. The first three games are Steelers, Saints, and Ravens. Three teams that will most likely beat the Browns anyway.

    I predict Johnny Football will get his start Week 4 against the Titans.

  23. In the end, this will matter as much as the Derek Anderson vs. Brady Quinn debate. With the Browns, the answer is always “e. none of the above.”
    btw, anyone see Haslem on Monday nights game? His face looked like someone had a bad brat at the tailgate party and took a dump in the owners box.

  24. Cleveland is gonna find a way to screw this up by cutting Connor Shaw. Guaranteed, Shaw will be a starter in this league! I live in SC and have followed him since we recruited him in high school…high character kid (polar opposite of Manziel) who just truly loves the game, and strives to be a role model!

    And before you say something about how Shaw was playing against a 3rd string defense, Shaw was also on the field with ten 3rd string teammates!

  25. After Monday night, Football Boy has a long way to go. First, he must address his obvious character flaws. You don’t flip the bird when on national TV, with kids watching. A very immature act, for sure.

    He is tiny and looks slowplaying against men, something he has never done. When all is said and done, he will join Tebow in the analyst booth, most likely sooner than later. Too tiny for real QB, too immature for role model, too many character flaws to be a man.

  26. I feel sorry for Pettine. His first year as a head coach and he has to deal with Johnny Cancer. It would different if the kid had any real talent but alas……

  27. It is the only move the Browns could make that made sense. Johnny Wonder is not even close to being ready to play in the NFL and a team as ferocious as the Steelers would have chewed him up and spit him out. Hoyer becomes the sacrificial lamb until Manziel is ready. The problem is I don’t think Maziel will ever be ready.

  28. Nice to see all of the reasonable posters are out this morning.

    It becomes clearer by the day how much of a media-hype creation Manziel is.

    The smart money that pays attention to local reports and camp observations knows that not only is JF immature and unprepared, his teammates (and every other NFL player, frankly) resent his unearned fame. His camp output has been wildly inconsistent, and his 11-on-11’s are marred with mental errors and turnovers. Heck, he’s a rookie.

    Until JF gets more mental reps and comfort in the Shanny system, it’s best Hoyer starts.

  29. Big mistake looking at it from a neautral viewpoint.The FANS want Manziel.Good luck selling out with Hoyer as the starter.They not gonna win regardless-but at least Johnny would have sold tickets and brought excitement to the most boring team in the NFL

  30. expect the media to bash Pettine all day for making the RIGHT decision. Now Kyle can work with the rest of the offense that needs it badly. The QB competition wasn’t helping.

    Kyle Shanahan you’re on the clock.

  31. I think most people saw this coming. Like a lot of the previous comments, I agree is should have been like this from day one. Johnny has talent, but he’s definitely not ready to be an NFL starter. If you look at his face while he gave Washington half a peace sign it looks like he was trying not to cry. The kid (and he’s definitely a kid) needs a year or two on the bench, and some time in the weight room…

  32. Good call by the head coach. It’s now all up to Hoyer how long he remains as the starting QB. No matter who the QB is, however, the Browns front office’s inability to give them decent wide receivers may haunt them throughout the season.

  33. After 0-3 you will see Manziel. It won’t take long for this incompetent coaching staff to realize he is their only chance for job security. Goodbye “Daddy’s Boy” Shanahan, who never met a franchise he couldn’t stall.

  34. As a football player, Manziel looks overwhelmed.

    As a phyiscal person, he looks like child running around.

    Mentally, he seems 100 miles away from football.

    It’s tough for me to believe that this coaching staff believes in Manziel at all. I’m not sure what they would point to as an example of why they’re excited? Anything?

  35. Let him sit and learn… Hoyer may not be the best QB but he knows how to be a pro. Someone as talented as Manziel should watch and learn. It could only be good for him

  36. The Browns are in trouble this year. For, look at how much blood we sweat and how much sweat we bleed. Gentlemen, we are the Steelers. We are the apex of sports. Follow our lead and we will bring you to a wonderful place full of trophy cases and engraved gold.

  37. It’s about time someone came to their senses in Cleveland! Hoyer once given the starting job will be a good reliable starter unless injured. Manziel breathing down his neck for the starting job was in his head, and that’s why he wasn’t playing well thus far… Also giving Manziel the starting job after not playing particularly well and adding in his affinity for flipping birds, rolling up dollar bills, partying in Vegas, etc, would have been enough for his already big head (ego) to pop! Right now Manziel is a train wreck waiting to happen. He has to be humbled before he can really learn how to be a starting QB in the NFL… This is all a game and an ego trip for him so far. Despite what Manziel says, you can see, and his actions say that he thinks he is more like an Andrew Luck who played on Day 1 than say an Aaron Rogers who sat behind Favre for 3 yrs before playing, and if he is ever as good as either of them I will be shocked!

  38. When informed, Manziel again performed his famous “#1 Salute” to the coaching staff to show his support for their decision.

  39. Cleveland has a team? Starter there would be horrific if you have seen that line block and those receivers dropping balls with no separation….

  40. I like how people on here assume they know what Manziel is thinking all the time. Laughable. If it was anyone else the Browns drafted (Bortles, Bridgewater) this would be a non-story. But the media beast must eat, so keep the stories coming.

  41. All the “one finger salute” chatter is funny.

    Look, he missed a pass, the Redtails bench started heckling him(which they should) and Johnny reacted (which I have no problem with).

    The bigger issue for the Browns will be whether Johnny is mature enough to put in the work to be good. He’s never had to in the past.

  42. For months the Browns fans have been hailing Hoyer as their new franchise QB who was going to come in and lead the team to victory again – now they’re screaming to dump him and go with Johnny Football. And there hasn’t been ONE real game in between. Wow.

  43. This QB “controversy” is a complete fabrication by the media. Anyone with half a brain know that Hoyer, based on his performance before his injury’ would be the odds on choice to return as the starter. Manziel has done enough to make the Browns skittish. Has hasn’t done enough, yet, to take the starting job away from Hoyer.

    Nice try, media but no cigar. IF and when he outperforms Hoyer, he’ll be the starter!

  44. I’m pleased with Pettine’s decision but yeah, it was the only sensible and logical choice.

    Two things I’d like comment on…
    1) Preseason…it’s preseason not the playoffs. After you watch a few preseasons it should be clear to any intelligent viewer that the teams are getting a game style look at the players. It’s nothing more than a casting call really.
    2) This follows my first comment because it’s been totally obvious when you listen to Browns player interviews that what’s being run in preseason games so far is NOT what they’re going to be running in season. I’ve heard numerous comments from the players that the closed practices have plays which will not be shown in preseason, particularly defensively and I’m betting on offense as well. It’s been consistent. I can’t remember comments in the number for any team ever.

    Fingers are crossed…believe they have some surprises up their collective slleves.

  45. I love all the arm chair coaches basing this on watching one preseason game. You all realize that they practice and evaluate them everyday, right? There’s more to picking a quarterback beyond watching one practice game on TV.

  46. At least we can be done with the pantomime of Manziel for a week, thank god. He’s a pain in the ass with his behavior. Maybe start by “growing up” it’s the NFL now not college.

  47. Not to pump up the Jags, God knows we have sucked the past few years, but the model for doing this is what they are doing with Bortles. They announced to the world that he wouldn’t even play this year. So whatever he does, it looks like success.
    The Browns, on the other hand, pushed Manziel into a battle for the starting job, when he doesn’t even know the playbook yet. So whatever he does, it looks like failure.

  48. it’s the cleveland browns. no move they make matters because they always finish in the bottom of the AFC North. Hoyer and Manziel both will suck by the time Pettine is fired in 2015.

  49. you have two guys who have been mediocre in the preseason, and you go with the one who has had boat loads of time in the system, as opposed to the new kid who is just getting his feet wet and is preforming just as well as the vet? This baffles me

  50. “Pettine is SPINELESS.”

    By far the easiest move Pettine could have made was start Manziel. It’s what the media wanted, probably even what his owner wanted. Instead, he’s going with the unheralded guy who looked better everyday in practice. And if Hoyer doesn’t light the world on fire (which is pretty likely, given he’s not all that great) he’s going to get blamed for not picking Johnny. He’s shown plenty of spine with this decision.

  51. i feel like this is a repeat of the brady quinn derek anderson debacle.

    At the time, DA was coming off a pro-bowl season and people were clammoring for Noodle Arm

    This time around, we have a nobody that people are clammoring for, with a proven winner riding pine

    I am not saying manziel will light the league on fire, but he sure as hell has a better change than hoyer does

  52. Oh no. Owner will fire him after season. He wants Manziel to start whether he sucks or not. Start coach searching. I thonk clv will have top 3 pick in next draft. Which QB will they draft?

  53. Really no choice at all. Manziel’s a joke. He’s small, his speed has been negated by the step up to the NFL, he’s never had a particularly impressive arm, and he has the mentality of a coddled fourth grader. At the same time, Hoyer’s barely a backup on any team with a true signal caller under center.

    Surprise, surprise… the Browns are a dumpster fire. While this may be a bit more entertaining than recent iterations of the Cleveland club, this is nothing new.

  54. I’m disappointed in the decision. While it’s likely the best decision for the Browns in order to compete, it’s taking away from what would have been a really entertaining show.

  55. Lol ok. The Browns are the typical unsuccessful corporation that wants a bunch of yes men and great representatives of the company.

    Enjoy the bed you made morons. Your nice guy and poised QB will lose 14 games. We will see how poised he is when the Steelers are chasing him all over the field. Enjoy your nice little gentleman QB Pettine and Haslam. You deserve to have a QB that completes 40% of his passes and that wins a starting QB job. Only the Browns would move up to take Manziel, then berate him, then tell him to act like a backup, then tell him that he is substantially behind Hoyer, then start a QB that your first round QB that you took totally outplay the guy u named starter.

    makes sense to me.

  56. The plan is to sit Manziel for 3 years while he develops tics and meth mouth, and then trade him to the Cowboys for $120 million and 3 consecutive first round picks.

  57. Pettine had his mind up from Day 1 that Hoyer would be the starter.

    He didn’t like the fact that wild child Manziel was totally out playing Hoyer. That’s why he was pissed. If you want choir boys they better be able to play. And Hoyer hasn’t been an undrafted career backup because he can play. He sucks. He showed he can’t handle the pressure of a QB competition rigged in his favor lol.

    Good call Browns and Pettine. Enjoy a 2-14 season and 10 plus losses in what will soon be 11 of the last 12 seasons. Not that Johnny had performed great, but for a fact he is totally out playing Hoyer.

  58. It’s not about who’s better right now. That’s Hoyer, hands down. It’s about which is better for a down franchise: Giving yoursef the best chance to win(Hoyer), or generating the most interest and selling the most advertising(Manziell). Don’t know if Manziell will ever be a starting caliber NFL QB, but he certainly isn’t now.

  59. Not that I’m anti-Hoyer. I think he is better than Manziel. The way Swartz, the Highest paid Center in the NFL and one of the top LT in the NFL have played. Might, as well put the quickest release.

    Also, is Cleveland on the clock for Marcu Mariota?

  60. The Browns have a very good Defense but both QB’s suck & their WR’s are a bunch of backups &/or has beens. Gordon is probably not going to see the field this season so who is Hoyer going to throw the ball to?

  61. I was surprised to see how unhinged Johnny Pigskin was during his last outing. It clearly showed his manskin is not thick enough yet to be the leader of the team. He looked flustered, frustrated and overwhelmed.

    Not to make this comparison (but I’m going to do it anyway) Bridgewater came out threw two td passes -to win the game – and was stone cold emotionless like a veteran. Never cracked a smile or a frown. Even called audibles at the line!

  62. Assuming Hoyer is the starter the whole season:

    Steelers 30 Browns 3
    Saints 31 Browns 9
    Ravens 27 Browns 13
    Titans 20 Browns 10
    Steelers 34 Browns 13
    Jaguars 24 Browns 10
    Browns 13 Raiders 10
    Bucs 17 Browns 9
    Bengals 34 Browns 10
    Browns 17 Texans 13
    Falcons 31 Browns 10
    Bills 24 Browns 13
    Colts 37 Browns 14
    Bengals 27 Browns 13
    Panthers 20 Browns 3
    Ravens 27 Browns 3

    Great season again and great decision Pettine you putz.

  63. JM was the statistical winner? He played longer, made most of his plays against defensive subs, and still couldn’t WIN the job! Maybe if he chooses to act like the adult his age says he is, he will move up. But that’s a BIG IF!

  64. Let’s remember: Kyle Shanahan is the OC. Which should be a cause of worry even before you get to talking about the QB based on his track record with a certain team in the DC metro area whose nickname is PC-poison these days. I would not be surprised if Manziel winds up playing during the season because of that…

    On the other hand, I wonder is Dallas would be interested in a trade? Maybe get some extra help for the Browns and export an obvious problem…

  65. Johnny is a busy ask justin Beiber they alike hahahahahahhgaghahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

  66. Cleveland paid 100.00 to ask the computer who was the best QB in the draft.

    The computer chose Teddy Bridgewater and Cleveland chose JF.

    Well, it is Cleveland we’re talking about.

  67. What a dysfunctional bunch the Browns are! Ha Ha! Draft a popular QB in the 1st round and relegate him to the second string behind a guy named Hoyer. Too funny! The Browns have NEVER been to a Super Bowl and they never will. Geaux Saints!

  68. Trading Johnny to the Cowboys would be a win win win. Jerry Jones gets the QB he wanted badly to take, Johnny gets to escape the trainwreck that is the Cleveland Browns, and The Browns don’t have to worry about not being able to handle Johnny and they get a draft pick in return, which they will screw up anyway.

    And Pettine gets his gentlemanly, poised QB that sucks but damn he is poised and professional.

    Since when in the NFL poise and demeanor chose. Over talent lol. Only the Browns could manage to do that.

  69. Maybe the Browns have been playing us and really pretending to possibly start JF to sell a lot more tickets- and I’m sure they have sold more. This way they can start Hoyer (which they should without any question) and see how he does for the first three games. If he stinks then you can start JF.

  70. Good. Does that mean with any luck the media will start finding someone with actual meaning to write about now? This guy was a huge mistake. Anyone with avg football sense knows this was a wasted draft pic.

  71. Cleveland had NOTHING to lose starting Shaw this week. When given the shot he is the only QB to step up and exceed expectations. Poor Browns fans. Looking at the 1st, 2nd, or third draft pick next year.

  72. “He was the clear leader from the beginning,” Pettine said of Hoyer. “We’ve maintained all along that if it was close, I would prefer to go with the more experienced player. Brian has done a great job in the meeting rooms and with his teammates on the practice field and in the locker room.”

    Neither Hoyer nor Manziel has played particularly well in the preseason, but Pettine suggested that Hoyer is the safer, more stable pick.

    “I think Brian’s been very poised,” Pettine said. “I think he’s handled the situation well. He’s had a lot of things going on.”

    “Leader…experienced…great job with teammates…more stable…poised” That pretty much says it all! If I was making the choice I’d pick Hoyer and commit to him for the season. Manziel is a man-child not ready for the pros. I wouldn’t be surprised if he flames out.

  73. Good move by the Browns, Johnny is still a child and isn’t even potty trained. Maybe if they put him in time-out, give him a curfew, and he slows down a bit, we can upgrade him from his sippy-cup and he can be the starting QB

  74. Hey, Guys!!….I played really well on Monday and Coach named me starter today too. Plus I was drafted BEFORE Manziel

    signed Browns rookie corner Justin Gilbert

  75. why did they let this drag on? you ended up screwing hoyer out of reps with the 1’s, when we all knew the best move was obvious. you start Hoyer, who likely is unable to live up to expectations and then is replaced with Manziel. you don’t start the mentally unprepared rookie before the mediocre journeyman.

    this will all play out the way it always does. its the same as cassel in minn. if he doesn’t play like tom brady, he will be replaced. unless the browns and the Vikings are winning teams this year, expect to see rookie qb’s in both places. jags join that list.

  76. I bet Johnnys ego just got crushed. Big Time!

    I think its crazy that a guy like Bortles who hasn’t been dominating headlines will likely start and a Big like Menziel will be a backup.
    Ok, how did Menziel become so popular??

    This is just like another Tebowmania circus.
    What a waste for a 21st pick BUT oh well, its Cleveland.

  77. Excellent decision!!!! The choice is 100% correct!
    Brian Hoyer is the right choice for now. Manziel is in the NFL now, among many other talented stars, as he is quickly finding out. Actually he is no more talented than Michael Vick when he entered the league. Vick had the same skills, if not better. Also there is another rookie QB on the
    Browns roster who is a hard worker and is super talented, Conner Shaw. Better keep an eye on him!

  78. And He’ll go 0-3 against the Steelers, Saints and Ravens and be benched at their very early bye…

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