DeAngelo Hall on penalty emphasis: Seahawks got their ring, now we have to deal with consequences


The amount of flags for defensive holding and illegal contact have been a major talking point throughout the preseason and one player affected by them thinks he knows why the league moved to emphasize those calls this season.

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said there are “no ifs, ands or buts” about the league’s reaction coming as a result of the Seahawks’ victory over the Broncos in the Super Bowl. The Seahawks secondary was one of the most, if not the most, physical defenses in the league and Hall thinks they used that to their advantage and that the rest of the league’s defensive backs are paying the price.

“Seahawks got their ring, they did it their way … now we have to pay the consequences,” Hall said, via Dianna Marie Russini of NBC Washington.

This year’s shift hasn’t really hurt the Seahawks, who have been called for a relatively low three illegal contact penalties, although it’s not the first time that anyone has drawn a line between the Seahawks’ style of play and the league’s decision to crack down on those types of infractions. It is hardly the first time that the league has moved to make life more difficult on pass defenders in recent years, though. Defensive backs have been paying the consequences of the league’s moves to create more passing offense for a while now and this year’s emphasis on holding and illegal contact falls right in the same line.

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  1. Well, it’s not like you’ll be sniffing a Super Bowl Deangelo, regardless of the change in rules or increase in flags being thrown.

  2. People need to quit with the whole “Peyton Manning did this” crap, the whole league complained about DB’s pulling and holding onto jerseys and not getting called for it (especially Seattle).

  3. A couple of things i am not looking forward to this season yellow flags on end, picking up yellow flags (sorry there is no foul on the play) and said yellow flags altering the outcome of the game. The NFL is gradually blowing balls as the years go by.

  4. Being a defensive back, especially a corner is one of the toughest positions in the NFL now more than ever.

    The game is shifting towards a primarily offensive mindset. Not only does a corner have to worry about the blazing speed, or crisp routes from his opponent, but now the rules are more strict and preventing these players from playing the way they were brought up in.

    Imagine having to cover Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant and not being able to shove or use your hands much. They deserve the big money!

  5. If you don’t like it, Tweet or email the commissioner and the media. The only way this changes is if the media makes enough of a stink about it.

  6. Correction….

    Seahawks beat up Manning receivers and much like the Patriots found out years back, the league will pay the price for it.

  7. Hall will swallow his words once he gets a pick 6 nullified because of a phantom illegal contact.

    But if he is fine with 30 flags per game, who I am to judge…

  8. Cheatin Pete will make sure they get the Adderall prescriptions filled, DHall. They on something if they think they will repeat. Buster Douglas was world champion at one time.

  9. Be another 40 years before that CFL team from the Pacific Northwest sniffs another super bowl. Maybe switch conferences again since they can’t cut the mustard in the NFC…..

  10. I don’t think this has anything to do with last year’s SB or the Seahawks.

    I think it has everything to do with running up the number for the fantasy football players. Just follow the money.

    Where is the league getting the most money these days ? Television contracts.

    What is the one thing that might draw people to watch lousy games on TV that they normally would not bother with ? The fact that they have 1 or more players on their fantasy teams playing in the crap game on TV.

    Drive up TV numbers and drive up what those contracts bring in next time around. And that sucks because they are ruining the game to cater to the fantasy geeks that watch very single game they can on TV.

  11. Deion Sanders, Keyshawn Johnson, and Cris Carter all said during the playoffs last year that the Seahawks were mugging WRs. They all had the same thought about the situation. “They won’t call it every time, so keep doing it until they do. “

  12. Wow. Want some cheese with that whine? And the NFL had no problem with Seattle until they destroyed the Golden Boy. Watch the game again…dominated from start to finish and as clean as can be.

  13. Go ahead and throw the flag, if there is contact – fine by me.

    But WHY OH WHY is it an automatic first down?!!

    Maybe Goodell should remember some people actually enjoy defense.

    When I was a kid the best positions were RB and LB. You were involved with almost every play.

    If I were a kid now, I doubt I would want to play any position other than QB.

  14. He’s absolutely right, not the Seahawks fault the Broncos got there heads handed to them but you people are missing the point.
    This rule is just another stupid rule to take the game out of the defense’s hands and make it more offense oriented.
    You Seahawks fans talking smack should be the most pissed off of them all.
    The league is trying to screw with YOU!

  15. It’s been illegal for a long time to impede the progress of a receiver after 5 yards. About time they start being consistent and call it!

  16. Folks gotta get over hating on the Hawks. Seriously. The defense does nothing the rest of the teams defenses don’t do. They just happen to do it better. Saying the NFL is changing, enforcing (to a fault) rules solely on the way Seahawks play? Wow, that’s power! Who knew!? Seahawks=The power to change the entire game of football. Yeah! Love it. Go ahead, keep giving the Hawks that power! The team and their fans thrive on it. #POWER TO THE HAWKS.

  17. The rules often change based on trends in the league. If he is pointing out a fact, great…if he is making excuses, he needs to shut it and play.

  18. Refs and Seahawks were on on it together. Simply didn’t play by the rules and the refs the knew it.
    Don’t deny it Seahawk fans; nutlike players and coaches have spoke-out about it. Everyone on t.v sees it. I’m just letting you all know that the power of denial is devastating Washington.
    Even Jon gruden or some commentator in the championship game was even calling out the Seahawks.
    Thanks Seattle, for making everyone waste a whole season of football to watch an unworthy team win it all.thanks! We all know the 49ers were the legit team. No sportsmanship it’s disgusting that the NFL even had their backs!!!!

  19. I not a Hall fan, but he’s right on this one. The NFL and King Roger are all about high offensive output. Good defenses bother them, so when one does well, they change the rules to help out the offense. Case in point, Seattle jams the Donkey WR’s at the line in the SB, and poor old Peyton cant just throw his short timing passes and looks like a fool. Whats the best thing to do??? Change the rules so Manning, Brady, insert QB of choice here, can do well.

    Kinda funny too, becasue isnt it more likley WR’s will take a hard hit over the middle if they arent held up at the line??? Seems to me if King Roger is all about the safety of his offensive players. he would want rules that would help protect them, but instead, we must have offense at all costs.

    Here’s a Goodell like suggestion. How about we do away with defensive pass rushers all together so the QBs can stay clean and look pretty all game? Nobody really cares about defense anyway right???? Or how about we make the pass rushers count to 5 Mississippi before they rush the QB like we did in grade school.

    PLEASE!!! Get rid of Roger Goodell!!!! He makes Bud Selig look like a freakin genius!!!

  20. No league already handed them a trophy now they’re screwing them. Who cares? Their fans are happy for their first trophy and are in denial on how they earned it. It’s fine. Everyone acknowledged Seattle for who they were right when Carroll to the job

  21. The referees were the “12 man” last year. How bout that fumble Navarrow bowman recovered and the call was botched horribly. The hawks got breaks left and right last year. Made me sick to my stomach. As far as all these flags the automatic first down is rediculous, we will have receivers running suicide routes try to draw flags for contact.

  22. Are you kidding me? Everyone is acting like it was the superbowl that caused this change. It was the entire season! Someone go back and watch any of their games. Especially the Saints division playoff game! Seahawks even said themselves “we will make contact until the refs call it” oh luckily the refs rarely called especially on post season!!lol how ironic?!

  23. I said this even before this preseason started, the teams with talented or well coached secondaries would be hurt the least. If NFL sticks to this we will have 60 and 70 point games with absolutely no defense.

  24. I’d have to hear how he said it, but it doesn’t sound like whining. It almost sounds like a compliment to the Seahawks.

  25. Seahawks are fun to watch. Bullies in an era of rules that enable scoring. It’s hilarious when defensive players whine about it. Shows who the tough guys are, and in Hall’s case, aren’t.

  26. Ha ha ! Keep trying Deangelo! What have the Redskins ever done anyway?! Gibbs couldn’t hold Carroll’s clipboard! Hawks have the best defense in NFL history and all hall wants to do is make excuses! Seahawks own this league. Deal with it!


  27. Instead of adding MORE judgement calls that can and WILL change the game outcome…. why not just let them play? Call the flagrant intentional crap and the game will be much more enjoyable. No more gimme 1st downs and fewer 40+yd pass interference penalties at the end of the game. Sorry, pass interference should not be a spot foul. Season is going to be FULL of illegal contact penalties.

  28. The league thinks easy and rapid scoring is what fans want to see. Well I recall that the most exciting team to watch in the past 30 years was the 85 Bears and that “46 defense” that absolutely destroyed everything in their path. Defense can be, and once was, a thing of beauty to be admired. Now Roger Goodell wants a video game every Sunday.
    It’s a shame what they are doing to our NFL.

  29. Anyone who wants to make the case Hall is making should at least point out one play in the Super Bowl that should have been called against the Seahawks secondary.

  30. It will be interesting to see which defenses adapt…and which ones wont….L.O.B will be ready…bet on it! And…people are acting like it is a bad thing to play right up to the threshold of the rules…My question is, why would you not? Not everybody gets a ribbon, sorry!

  31. hawks won fair and square. ME angelo is a quitter and malcontent. Just ask any Raider fan.

  32. It may have more to do with how everyone is talking about the Seahawkd outright admitting and being smug about holding on every play since refs won’t call them all. This is circumvention and makes the league look bad, needed to be corrected. You seahawk fans can thank your strategy for the change, as deangelo just did.

  33. Many pathetic idiots blame this on Manning too, but in reality, he never said anything about refs or suggested rule changes. What people blaming him should realize is that the competition committee has a member, who is a head coach in the Seahawks’ division and NO member is part of the Broncos or Colts organizations.

  34. What have the Redskins ever done anyway?!

    If you said “done lately”, I’d be forced to let it go, but ever? EVER?

    How about 5 Superbowl appearances and 3 wins. Not the most, but certainly more than 1. They also won 2 championships before the Superbowl began.

  35. So he’s saying that he also liked to do those kinds of pulling and holding onto jerseys and getting in faces but now he will get flagged for it and he’s blaming the seahawks? maybe you should step up your game…

  36. He’s telling the truth . Not hating . The NFL is cracking down on it because of their style of play which is tough and physical . ( Personally I like it ) . Jerry Jones feels the same. He is in an article by Fox Southwest stating the same thing.

  37. I find it interesting that the Seahawks are the ones blamed for this emphasis on the rule, yet the league did not include one play from the Seahawks to demonstrate illegal contact in their training video they circulated…

  38. For all the talk of this, I have yet to see anyone make any kind of video illustrating the numerous examples of Seattle getting away with this.

    The closest I saw was a collection of clips from the Saints playoff game, which revealed that Jimmy Graham was running pick plays just as often as Seattle was engaging in questionable downfield contact.

    In fact, if you watch the Super Bowl, the biggest blown call in the secondary is an offensive PI that should have been called on Demaryius Thomas as he was being covered by Richard Sherman.

  39. The league may be paying for it but watch Seattle will paybthe most. The Legion of Bookbags wont exist anymore. They got away with it last year but looks like it wont happen again. And for you Hawks fans out there its sad that you are so blind to the fact that your secondary held, pushed etc all season but the tefs were to scared to call it because for some reason they were the chosen much like the Patriots of previous seasons.

  40. This is about money. It’s about making the game more “exciting” in the eyes of NFL execs, which to them means high scoring games. Use the Seahawks as a scapegoat all you want, but they have little to do with this as this has been the direction of the NFL for a long time.

  41. Best defense in football. The best defensive backfield in the history of football according to Neon.

    Hall is already starting to fluff his excuse bed.

    What will next year’s excuse be?

  42. So he’s mad that he can’t hold as much now.? The rest of the league should have nothing to worry about since their dbs are so clean.
    Or are they mad the seahawks were just much better at it and got away with it?

  43. I’m a Hawks fan and it’s true the emphasis is a result of their play last couple of seasons…

    …but that doesn’t excuse players/teams from fast-following. The LOB was as physical as the refs permitted ALL teams to be. This preseason, only ONE starting hawks DB has been flagged for illegal contact. Can’t blame your shoddy play on the Hawks now because of the past seasons. Learn to play the game as it changes or rack up the penalties.

  44. For the one’s giving Deangelo Hall the business for his comments. DID YOU READ IT ?! Sounds more like props than being pissy about it . He stated they did it their way and now the league is making DB ‘S pay the price for physical play . Didn’t say he disagreed with there play .

  45. So lemme get this straight…First it’s PEDs. Then crowd noise. Now holding/mugging/interfering on every single play. What’s next…”oh waaah, the neon green accents on the Seahawks jerseys reflect direct sunlight into the faces of opposing teams”. “The smell of the stadium’s garlic fries are just too irresistibly appealing that they’ve become a distraction to the players”. Your attempts at coming up with excuses why the Hawks are better than your team are comical.

  46. One great thing about the NFL is there is virtually no diving and acting. Unfortunately, this progressively worse style of officiating is going to start morphing football into soccer with receivers diving on every play!

  47. I take his comments as a compliment and sign of respect to my Seahawks’ defensive dominance!..and he is correct! The highest scoring offense in the history of the league was absolutely dominated by Seattle on the biggest stage in sports, and the powers that be are trying to ensure it never happens again. The focus on these penalties thus season won’t slow the Hawks down one bit.

  48. Hall is still in the league? Hahaha this guy is a clown and just trying to stay relevant since he play doesn’t make him relevant in the least bit. Also the Seahawks PED jokes are weak. Yes there were some issues and most of the players who were caught weren’t contributors to the Super a owl team. The Giants and Broncos have more PED suspensions since 2010 when Carroll took over. The PED’s sure haven’t helped the Giants and the Broncos made the Super Bowl too, maybe in retrospect they wish they didn’t.

  49. Its a catch 22. This has definitely been a problem in the league by certain teams. In 2010 you could watch a players jersey double in size when playing the jets, and that was Revis and Cromartie. I get cracking down on holds but this has been over the top.

  50. Remember the old adage, “Be careful what you ask for, You may just get it” Or what goes around comes around. Eventually everybody gets thier come up ins. Getting beat at your own game happens to EVERYONE!!! Injoy it while it lasts Seahawks!! Staying on top is harder then getting to the top!!

  51. An bears fans are intelligent? Really? Give thems a brat n a beer n tell root for anyone!no really im shocked you even know who the hawks are sweatervest!! Creeper!

  52. I think this emphasis has more to do w/ Seahawks players publicly saying that they were gonna hold on every play cuz the refs wouldn’t call them all. It wasn’t exactly a secret that was the plan. Frankly, that attitude sucks & ruins the game. It’s actually a pretty crappy attitude towards the game. It doesn’t take a ton of skill or technique to grab, hold, & mug a reciever. It wasn’t heavily enforced until they started running thier mouths about it.

  53. It’s really getting unbearable watching the league scramble to give the QB every advantage. Every time Peyton gets humiliated in a big spot, the league changes the rules. Happened back in 2003 when he and Marvin Harrison whined the league into instituting the illegal contact penalty after Ty Law and Co. beat his receivers down, and now this after Seattle beat them down. It was even pathetic as a Patriots fan to see how quickly the league overreacted with Pollard’s hit on Brady. Yeah it sucked, but what did you want Pollard to do? Stay on the ground and get benched?

    There’s absolutely no reason to handicap defenses so much. They’re as big a part of the game as the offense and they should be allowed to play without fear of so many fines and limitations

  54. Let me see if I got this straight. Hawks DBs hold and pull jerseys all year long but rarely get called for it while the rest of the league’s DBs play by the rules and also don’t get called for it. Okay, who are the smarter players, then? And now in the preseason, the leagues says they’re going to throw flags on every illegal play. The hawk DBs have been called for 3 while the rest of the league’s DBs have been called for a gazillion. Okay, who are the dumb players, now?

  55. Come on, let’s all be honest here. He just said what we were all thinking. The NFL doesn’t want anymore Super Bowl blowouts with the supposed number 1 offense ever.

  56. Hawks is right…Seattle has had very few calls on their DB’s this preseason…and the league officials were asked if Seattle film was used to formulate the rule change…they stated they hadn’t looked at film on Seattle…but a number of other teams..perhaps some of the same ones who are getting all the calls this preseason…Jerry Jones (who son is one the owners rules committee) blames Seattle too if that’s any consolation DeAngelo….sound like another case of Cowboys and Indians

  57. Zero defensive penalties committed by the Seahawks starting DBs. Two long touchdown drives by the starting offense aided by multiple illegal contact/pass interference/defensive holding calls. This rule emphasis will help the Seahawks way more than hurt them.

  58. Let’s re-examine Super Bowl XLVIII, shall we? The very first play from scrimmage the 12s are creating so much noise that Peyton and his line cannot communicate, the center misses the audible and hikes the ball over Peyton’s shoulder into the endzone resulting in a safety. Two plays into the following drive Percy Harvin breaks off a 31 – yard gain on an end around hand off, eventually leading to a Hauschka field goal.

    Now comes the pivotal point of the game. On the next Broncos possession Kam Chancellor lights up Demaryius Thomas (legally) and it is disputed whether or not he separated his shoulder on that play. But one thing was clear, no receiver wanted to go over the middle against that secondary.

    Another Seattle field goal after a Denver 3 and out is then followed up by an interception for Kam. That pick led to an indisputable PI call against Denver in the end zone that resulted in a TD for the Hawks. This is followed by Manning throwing another pick, this time to Malcolm Smith who returned it 69 yards for the TD. Half ends, 22-0 Hawks.

    Now, I’m not sure where in that half of football the Hawks did anything out of line, or that would lead to people thinking that the SB was the reason for this rule change. Yes, the Hawks play physical, yes, they get into receiver’s kitchens and make the game uncomfortable for them. A corner can be physical as they like within the first five yards, which is still legal. Against a timing offense like the Broncos, we saw what happens when a defense plays them tough early. They FOLD.

    Second half begins, Percy returns the opening kick back for a TD. This is a rout. A few series later Peyton completes a pass to Demaryius who is stripped by Maxwell and the fumble is recovered by Malcolm Smith. The ensuing drive Jermaine Kearse makes one of the plays of the game and shows what heart is as he spins out of two tackles and breaks another on the way to another Seahawks TD, and the straw that broke the Broncos back.

    The Broncos finally get on the board at the end of the 3rd quarter and it feels like a consolation score. The Hawks scored another TD in the 4th, Peyton is sacked and loses a fumble, pretty much the clock ticks down and the party is on in Seattle. Game clock hits 0:00 and the final score is 43-8.

    To complain about this game is absurd. There was no intrigue or drama or even bad calls. This was a blowout pure and simple, and to some (and to some’s belief of Goodell’s opinions) it was done by the wrong team. The best offense in history was not coronated, rather dismantled by a team predicated on defense, take-aways and running the football.

    DeAngelo is playing the game, hoping to be looked at by refs in a more favorable light. Don’t punish me for their actions. Let’s be clear, all defensive backs do whatever they can, just like their offensive counter-parts, to gain an advantage. I challenge any person who played sports to tell me they or their teams ever did otherwise. It is competition, and we as humans do whatever we can within or at the bounds of the rules of a game to accomplish success.

  59. aceakking says: Aug 20, 2014 3:14 PM

    The refs are wrongfully throwing flags like Bill Leavy did against the Seahawks in SB40. It’s disgusting.
    And yet you Seahawk fans tell us Packer fans to get over it every time we mention the Fail Mary.

  60. Peyton set a record for most pass completions in the Super Bowl. Demaryius set a record for most receptions in the Super Bowl. I don’t know what the problem is.

  61. Watching the preseason, the Hawks aren’t drawing all that many flags even with the emphasis. The first game, against the Broncos, both teams were getting flagged too much. Against SD there were a couple of contact penalties, one the league admitted was a bad call against … wait for it … Seattle.

    @usdcoyotesfan…. I won’t tell you to get over the Fail Mary. It was a LONG time ago, and if you want to cling to an ancient loss, you have the burden to bear because most Seahawk fans have all but forgotten about it.

  62. The game has been sissified enough……the fact that the Seahawks are champs because of their toughness and physicality should be celebrated.

    Oh, man those 85′ Bears were too physical??
    Steel Curtain……too physical??
    Purple People Eaters???

    A few guys that played the same style of football in the defensive backfield as the Seahawks.

    Herb Adderley (CB) 1961-1972
    Lem Barney (CB) 1967-1977
    Mel Blount (CB) 1970-1983
    Willie Brown (CB) 1963-1978
    Jack Butler (CB) 1951-59
    Jack Christiansen (S) 1951-1958
    Darrell Green (CB) 1983-2002
    Mike Haynes (CB) 1976-1989
    Ken Houston (S) 1967-1980
    Jimmy Johnson (CB) 1961-1976
    Paul Krause (S) 1964-1979
    Dick (Night Train) Lane (CB) 1952-1965
    Yale Lary (S) 1952-1953, 1956-1964
    Dick LeBeau (CB) 1959-1972
    Ronnie Lott (CB-S) 1981-1994
    Mel Renfro (S-CB) 1964-1977
    Emmitt Thomas (CB) 1966-1978
    Emlen Tunnell (S) 1948-1961
    Roger Wehrli 1969-1982
    Aeneas Williams (CB/S) 1991-2004
    Larry Wilson (S) 1960-1972
    Willie Wood (S) 1960-1971
    Rod Woodson 1987-2003

  63. People can say what they want. This new rule is a result of the Super Bowl. The NFL thought they were gonna get what the fans wanted to see. Manning and his high powered Denver offense vs Seattle and LOB defense, instead we saw a blow out and Manning choke like usual. So the league made some changes. Like it or not. But it’s the truth!

  64. Here are the penalties from Super Bowl XLVIII:

    Against Seattle:

    False Start
    False Start
    Unnecessary Roughness – special teams
    Holding – offensive
    Offsides/Neutral Zone infraction
    Holding – offensive
    Def PI – Maxwell
    Holding – offensive
    Def PI – Thurmond
    Holding – offensive

    Against Denver:

    Illegal Motion – Declined
    Def. PI in end zone
    False Start
    Unnecessary Roughness

    There were no illegal contact beyond five yards, or defensive holding, or even hands to the face called against either team!

    Again, this game was so far out of hand that it became fairly vanilla down the stretch. Both of Seattle’s pass interference penalties came against Maxwell and Thurmond, one of which is no longer with the team. On that point, one of the biggest contributors to Seattle’s defensive penalties last year was Brandon Browner who now plays for the New England Patriots.

    Richard Sherman, thrown at the least in the nfl, had the most interceptions. Kam Chancellor, get out the way or end up like Vernon Davis or Demaryius Thomas, and Earl Thomas just might be the greatest defensive mind in the game today.

    Give respect where respect is due. Hawks had a game plan and they executed better than any other team last year, including the record setting offense of the Denver Broncos. That does not mean that the rule changes are out and out created because one team won one Super Bowl. For that, all the detractors give the Hawks too much credit.

  65. Looks like 90% of the posters missed this line:
    “This year’s shift hasn’t really hurt the Seahawks, who have been called for a relatively low three illegal contact penalties”.

    Understand what he’s saying? Get it?

  66. Results of new rules so far:

    Position/Snaps taken/penalties/yds
    FS Earl Thomas 86 0/0
    CB Byron Maxwell 86 0/0
    CB Richard Sherman 83 0/0
    SS Kam Chancellor 30 0/0


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