Joe Flacco on Johnny Manziel: I think we’ve all seen the middle finger before


Titans safety Bernard Pollard’s sensibilities were offended by Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel unleashing his middle finger at the Redskins bench during Monday night’s game, but one of Pollard’s former teammates with the Ravens thinks Pollard and other critics of Manziel’s gesture are making much ado about nothing.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said he has flashed the offending digit over the course of his career, including at Terrell Suggs during a recent practice, because people react emotionally when they’re hearing trash talk on the field. While Flacco says “you want to limit to the point where no one else sees it,” he also thinks that those expressing outrage about Manziel’s gesture should take a deep breath.

“I think we’ve all seen the middle finger before,” Flacco said, via “We should get over it.”

Manziel’s use of the finger would have been a story regardless of how he played against Washington and there’s no doubt that a quarterback has to keep his composure under fire, but the reaction would have been a lot less intense if Manziel had played well during the game. Then the majority of the discussion would have been on giving Manziel the starting job, which suggests that Manziel’s immediate focus should be on performing better rather than questions of on-field decorum.

45 responses to “Joe Flacco on Johnny Manziel: I think we’ve all seen the middle finger before

  1. And little Steven will bill giving it to you all season when you’re throwing all those punts over his head!

    Say it ain’t so, sorry a$$ overrated and way way over paid JUMP BALL JOE!

    32nd ranked QB in the NFL lay season.


  2. No big deal unless the right person does it. Manziel gets a pass for all the reasons listed the last time he got a pass.

    That middle finger was predictable and fits his character or lack there of. Fine him and move on, but don’t forget, the defiant Manziel told us all, he’s not gonna change.

    What he failed to account for is that NFL defenses won’t either. They will punish him with a little something EXTRA.

  3. Johnny Manziel’s latest foul-up is just part of the general meltdown soon to come.

    He is beginning to realize his game will not translate well to the NFL and he is destined to be a career back-up at best and Ryan Leaf II at worst.

    Cleveland’s fans deserve better.

  4. I kind of agree with him. I understand that parents should be able to watch the game with their kids and not have to worry about their wee ones imitating idiocy, but I think “Don’t Do What Johnny Manziel Does” should be the credo of every responsible parent in the country.

  5. Wise Words J-Flacc. But you flash middle fingers and win record numbers of playoff games and a SB. Manziel flips the bird while getting owned by that ghoul Jim Haslett and looks like he is too small to play qb in the nfl. So with Flacco its cool, with Manziel its funny.

  6. Thank you, Joe Flacco for being the voice of reason. Look at it this way, a finger is just a finger. That is not whats offensive….it’s what it stands for, what it means.

    Experiment: Have a football player say that whenever he taps his helmet twice it means the exact same thing as giving the middle finger. Does anyone actually think that there would be one lick of outrage if that player did the double helmet tap during the next weeks game? No. Why not? He just told you it meant the same thing as the middle finger.

  7. Jump ball ain’t no Mensa candidate, that we all know, but he has a point.

    But Manziel, with his outlaw bada$$ behavior hasn’t earned even a sliver of the benefit of the doubt.

    Crackin during his 2nd PRESEASON game.? Damn!
    Boy better manup cause he these men on ain’t playin.

    He’ll be blown up and DL’edby his 3rd Reg Start, if that even comes

  8. It isn’t the finger that is concerning. The lack of mental toughness that resulted in a one-finger salute is what should frighten Browns fans.

  9. Flacco, if I didn’t watch football with my kids, you can be sure I’d be showing you plenty of salutes. As it is, I’d like to be able to count the NFL as being the G-rated affair it has always been, at least for my 5 year old.

  10. I, for one, am glad Joe Flacco has weighed in on this very important issue. I didn’t know what to think about Johnny before. Thanks Joe!

  11. Yea yea yea keep making excuses for the kid. That’s exactly why he is the way he is. People keep making excuses for him and ultimately he never sees anything wrong with his actions.

  12. Thanks for keeping it real Mr. Flacco.

    I see the middle finger every day on my commute to work. No big deal really.

  13. Finally! A grown man in the NFL that isn’t offended by everything. 99% of NFL players or fans have flipped the bird or seen it flipped before. Let’s see if we can move on now

  14. Not about having seen someone given the middle finger before.

    It’s about how the guy couldn’t even get through a meaningless preseason game without living up to people’s expectations of him having the maturity level of a 12 year old, which seem pretty warranted given his behavior since being drafted by the Browns.

  15. Sure we can move on but stop down-playing it like this is something you see on the regular during primetime football games. You’re making excuses like everyone else for this Grown Man.

  16. I don’t care about a middle finger, at least he wasn’t flipping off a fan as we’ve seen with others. I don’t care about him sleeping with Penthouse pets in Vegas during his off time. I would like to do that. His coke snorting is what turned me off.

  17. Yeah u can bash flaccos all day as u like, but d guy as already achieved in d nfl n got his family set for life. Why worry about a man with great success??

  18. I agree with Joe I’m over it…I’m also over spending a crap load of MY money on the NFL….and OUR local goverments should also get over spending OUR local tax dollars supporting the NFL as well…

  19. What kind of bubble do patents keep their kids in these days? A middle finger is basically meaninglessness, and most if you would have missed it completely if it wasn’t replayed over and over again. Would you rather he started head butting and punching people? Quit trying so hard to be offended. It’s no way to live you’re life.

  20. This is not a matter of whether or not anyone has seen the middle finger before. He is a professional (I use the word loosely of course) and should be expected to act professional on the field. Acting like a child and flipping off the other side line is no where near professional and he should be punished for it and shown he cannot get away with whatever he wants just because the media is making a big deal out of him. He will blow it like Tebow.

  21. Pollards hit in the picture explaining his “dirty hits” is a clean hit?! Dude is not a cheap shot artist he literally just hits guys so hard the league hates it.

  22. “I think we’ve all seen the middle finger before,” Flacco said, via “We should get over it.”
    I’m sure you’re an authority on Joe, especailly after fleecing that organization then tanking the season the way you did! Keep up the good work son! Oh yeah, on the eyebrow thing, there really should be two. Get that lined up will ya!

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