Larry Fitzgerald says Cardinals must overcome injury to Darnell Dockett


In the NFL, injuries are an unavoidable occurrence.

No matter how lucky a team gets on the injury front in a given year, they are bound to lose someone to injury at some point during the season.

The Arizona Cardinals lost defensive lineman Darnell Dockett to a torn ACL this week. Dockett has been a stalwart of Arizona’s defense for years and his loss will create a sizable void to be filled this season.

Receiver Larry Fitzgerald said it’s something the Cardinals still must be able to overcome.

“It’s something that happens far too often in our game and teams have to weather it,” Fitzgerald said, via “The Drive” on FOX Sports 910 in Phoenix. “Coach [Bruce] Arians talked about it yesterday in our night meeting that no team has even won a Super Bowl that starts the season with the same 11 or 22 guys that finish the season when they win the Super Bowl. Even when we made our Super Bowl run, there are guys that went down, there was guys that stepped up to the plate and we’re going to need guys to come in and perform and fill those big shoes that he’s leaving.”

The Cardinals defense was among the league’s best last season. Arizona ranked 6th in total defense and kept the Cardinals in every game they played over the final three months of the season.

If it was just the loss of Dockett, the Cardinals may have very well been able to overcome his injury. However, Arizona has also lost linebackers Karlos Dansby to the Cleveland Browns and Daryl Washington to suspension. Replacing that many pieces may be too much for the Cardinals to overcome.

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  1. They Cards are looking 5-11 right down the barrell. Zona was an 8-8 team with him, and now he’s gone. Their three best defensive players from a year ago are gone. Even with them in, Kaep has destroyed the Cards three times in a row looking unstoppable each time. Now they won’t be able to stop Gore, Hyde, and Crabtree is healthy so he’ll go right back to humiliating Pat Peterson like he always does. The Niners have the most dynamic offense in the league.


  2. “injuries are an unavoidable occurrence”?
    Of course they’re NOT. I’m fed up with the injuries. And media coverage is both enabler (of the fakes) and cover-up for this: No one associated with the NFL wants to put the players back into pads, that’s all.
    It’s ridiculous how the quarterback’s shoulder pads are now the biggest ones on the field, and how players actually play with totally exposed knees.
    “Oh, and injuries are so unavoidable!!”

  3. Interesting to see so many give up on Cardinals because of the Dockett injury. BA will have the next man up ready – and the offense should be able to move the ball right out of the gate to start this season (unlike last year when they started off slowly on offense).

    While getting to the playoffs was always going to be difficult in the NFC West, it’s still a possibility for Arizona. I think they could go 10-6. Depending on how the Seahawks and 49ers fare will determine again the Cards’ playoff chances.

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