Mike Ditka wants anti-Redskins liberals to get off his lawn

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Mike Ditka is the crusty old coot of the football world, the grandpa you love even as he says things that make you cringe. So now that Ditka has waded into the controversy over the Washington NFL team’s name, it’s tempting to ignore him, just as you try to ignore the old neighbor who talks your ear off about how everything was better back in his day, when men were men and Herbert Hoover was president.

Still, the 74-year-old Ditka’s recent comments about the Redskins name have received enough attention that they probably merit a response. Ditka talked to a totally unbiased website called RedskinsHistorian.com, and he made it clear that he’s angry about this newfangled effort to change the name of the team in Washington.

“What’s all the stink over the Redskin name?” Ditka said. “It’s so much horse s–t it’s incredible. We’re going to let the liberals of the world run this world.”

Ditka has never made any secret of his dislike of liberals. Ditka briefly considered running against Barack Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois, and he has said declining to do that is his greatest regret in life, because he believes he could have prevented Obama from becoming president. But if Ditka thinks only liberals oppose the use of a racial slur as the name of an NFL team, he’s sorely mistaken. John McCain, who unlike Ditka really did run against Obama, has said the Redskins should probably change their name. Charles Krauthammer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post who is among the most conservative voices in the American media, has written that the team should change its name. Tom Cole, a Republican who is one of only two Native Americans in Congress, wrote to Commissioner Roger Goodell that, “The NFL can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur.”

Whether opponents of the team name are liberal or conservative, Ditka believes they’re wrong. Just as Daniel Snyder has, Ditka insists that the team’s name is meant as a sign of respect.

“It was said out of reverence, out of pride to the American Indian,” Ditka said.

Ditka appeals to tradition in support of his beliefs.

“It’s been the name of the team since the beginning of football. It has nothing to do with something that happened lately, or something that somebody dreamed up. This was the name, period. I mean, leave it alone,” Ditka said.

Ditka is wrong that “Redskins” has been the team’s name since the beginning of football. It’s actually been the team name only since 1933. It’s also true that the owner who gave them the Redskins name, George Preston Marshall, was a vicious racist who refused to sign black players until 1962, when the federal government told him his team wouldn’t be permitted to play in Washington, D.C., anymore if he didn’t agree to integrate. Times change.

Snyder won’t change, however, and Ditka believes that Snyder deserves respect for his stubborn stance against changing his team’s name.

“I admire him for it,” Ditka said. “Really, I think it’s tradition, it’s history, it’s part of the National Football League. It was about Sammy Baugh and all the guys who were Redskins way back then. I didn’t think that Lombardi and Halas never had a problem with it, why would all these other idiots have a problem with the name? I’m sorry. I’m not very tolerant when it comes to the liberals who complain about everything.”

It may be true that Vince Lombardi and George Halas had no problem with the name “Redskins” when they were involved in the NFL, many decades ago. It is also utterly irrelevant to the question of whether “Redskins” is an appropriate name for a team in 2014.

There’s a lot to respect about Ditka, a Hall of Fame tight end turned Super Bowl-winning coach who has been a great ambassador for the game of football. But Ditka also talks a lot about that which he knows nothing. This is one of those times.

200 responses to “Mike Ditka wants anti-Redskins liberals to get off his lawn

  1. I don’t get all this Obama stuff. How is life any different from when Bush was President? These people are crazy.

  2. Patriots? to me and many others this seems to be disparaging to non-tea party members. As a liberal progressive I find this offense.


  3. Ditka is a caricature. As the article points out, this issue isn’t divided strictly on liberal-conservative lines. The bottom line is that the name is an offensive racial slur, and no matter why it has not been changed before now, it cannot be permitted to continue to exist if the NFL wants to retain credibility among thinking people.

  4. DITKA IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do find it interesting when Whoopi Goldberg makes a comment about changing the name there was no debating, or questioning. And if I remember correctly there was a string of “famous” people that said the name needed changing and that was a strong standing point for those who oppose the name.

    Its interesting that now when a very very famous sports figure stands in favor of the name his opinion is swept aside as ” he knows nothing about”

    Stand Strong Snyder!!! Never Change!!!

  5. Floratiotime life has changed greatly in the past 6 years. I can present a list of things that would fill up this whole page but being this is a sports site and not a political site its best to not even say anything at all.

  6. I agree with him.

    Real fans get it. The term is being used, and has always been used, to describe a football team. Only those that oppose the name equate it with the derogatory usage of the term, which has been outdated for a long time.

    NFL and politicians alike have other bigger things to worry about. This is not one of them.

  7. The name will change when Snyder suffers in the pocketbook. Money always talks. Until then he’ll never change it, but the second it starts costing him money they’ll be the Washington Something Else’s quickly.

  8. Maybe Ditka should be mindful of how history will see him. Was he on the right side, or the wrong side? If he is on the wrong side, and I think we all know how this is going to end, this arguably controversial guy will be more easily vilified. So far, he receives grudging respect with a dash of humor thrown in for some of the more outlandish things he does and says. History may not give him a pass so easily. But I’m a Packer fan, which actually means I may give him more respect than some.

  9. Much respect to Ditka for not falling into the PC, walk on eggshells world where everyone’s feelings are so easily hurt. Oh, but wait, you hurt my feelings! Amereica is turning into a country full of hyper-sensitive wimps.

  10. So because Ditka is 74 we can discount everything he says? Typical liberal attitude, thinking you know better than those old people. Old people know MORE than young people, not less. I am 32, not that it matters.

  11. Dikta is like an older relative. One who you dislike, dread having to see, never want to hear from, hasn’t been relevant in a decade, can’t make a coherent point, brings nothing to the table, won’t go away, annoys you, makes you change the channel, sort of gives you the creeps, and lives permanently in the past. You know, one of those.

  12. Not to mention, it’s not just your political background. The fact the word used to be not racist, but no some have decided it is, is a “liberal” idea. Not all democrats want the name changed. In fact, most don’t. Unless 83% of America is Republican

  13. What about the Native Americans that like the name? There NA schools out there that use the same name. They must truly hate themselves if they use a racist word for their team name.

    This is more about people knowing that they can whine and complain and get there way in todays world than it is a name.

    As they talked about on Mike and Mike. Where do you draw the line? They forced the change of the Fightning Sioux in North Dakota. What’s next an annoyed Irishman not liking Fighting Irish?

    What about the lady from Arizona or New Mexico (can’t remember which) that plans to protest the Chiefs when they come to Arizona?

    The Chiefs name actually has a direct link back to the Mayor of KC who was nicknamed The Chief. The adoption of the stadium name came after.

    This whole world believes everything is their soapbox and they think everybody should want to hear their thoughts.

    It’s getting to a point where it’s becoming unbearable.

  14. All the Native American team names throughout sports in America were created to honor and show respect for people that were here before us. None were created as a joke or in disrespect and that is a clear fact. People have nothing better to do with their lives and take advantage in an ever declining American society.

    I grew up involved in Indian Guides (Similar to Boy Scouts) I learned about Native American culture and adopted a Native American name and participated in many events concerning their culture. There is no way anyone could look me in the eye and tell me that they’re truly offended by such a petty thing such as a name of a sports team that’s intention was to honor that culture. Ditka is 100% right this is so absurd, people need to get bent…

  15. Agree, with him on sticking with the name, but as with many short-sighted arguments in my Dave Chapelle voice “dont let the liberal media tell you … lol, I guess blame it on the liberals anytime you get.

  16. With all the problems this country has this can’t possibly be all our congressman have to do. Tired of hearing about this and Johnny Football.

  17. Because of the über sensitivity of the US other teams that need to change their names due to that fact someone may be offended: Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings, Saints, Buccaneers, and 49ers.

  18. Ditka shares the same view that is held by a majority of people, including Native Americans. There was a guest on Colin Cowherd or Mike and Mike that traveled throughout the country including different reservations and asked those different reservations what they thought about the name. The majority of the response was that it didn’t bother them. They were more worried about more pressing issues such as health care, poverty, education, etc.

    If you look at most of the people complaining, they, for the most part, fit into the white liberal demographic. If Native Americans don’t really care, why should anyone else? Plus when is the last time anyone has heard a Native American called a Redskin in a derogatory manner?

  19. Stick to your guns Mr. Snyder.
    Being a Dolphins fan i assume one day the whiners and the complainers will want to change “The Dolphins” to the “Mammals of the Sea” because someone doesn’t think the Dolphins like to be called Dolphins.

  20. Add in the fact that if I’m an athiest can I complain about the Saints name and their religious overtones? Sounds like a stretch but they would have a legitimate gripe if Washington is forced to change the name.

  21. I just find it amusing that guys like Ditka and Snyder fight so hard against this to fight for “tradition” and sticking it to the other side instead of simply changing the name which is such a simple thing and reap the benefits of the millions and millions in revenues from people buying new merchandise

  22. Lombardi would probably want the name changed, or atleast see the logic for having the name changed, beings that he was discriminated against as a youth for being italian.

  23. Good for him, the liberal agenda is controlling America and he better not feel the need to apologize for his words.

  24. And BTW….That would have been epic for Ditka to run for any major political office. This brief interview with a friendly outlet alone shows the comic gold that would have been mined if he was in a serious political race…Daily Show and Colbert Report would be stocked for weeks, months, years!

  25. When I was young and falling in love with the nfl I can vividly remember getting Hutch uniforms every Christmas from Santa. By 9 or 10 yrs old, I collected 20 some odd uniforms. I remember admiring the colors and logos of each uniform and helmet.

    My admiration turned into curiosity and I would read about the uniforms history and ask my dad a lot about each uniform.

    A lot of my early knowledge about native Americans came from those conversations with dad and the other reading I did. As my knowledge of the history of the uniforms grew, so did my admiration and respect for them. I learned about the Vikings of Norway / the native Americans / Paul brown / the patriots etc

    I am sorry for the kids who won’t have that same opportunity because a small group of people claim to be offended by otherwise innocuous words.

  26. my ancestors all came to america after the indians got put on reservations, so I’m all for it!

    im also not offended so therefore I am entitled to believe that others should also not be offended

    finally, im complaining about conservatives complaining about liberals complaining

  27. A Nationally Associated team has a racial slur against their own country’s Natives and it is totally unacceptable. IDK why it’s so hard for people to understand or see that. Nothing else needs to be discussed.

  28. My grandfather was a Redskins fan. The Redskins are one of the few things my father and I have in common. The Redskins are the only subject we can discuss with some levity in the middle of his current fight with cancer. The Redskins are incredibly important, as crazy as it may sound, to the fabric of my family — my seven uncles, my cousins, and all our families all bleed Burgandy and Gold.

    Losing the Redskins to an entirely fictional narrative that ignores history and injects racism into a term that was never racist is going to hurt. Like it or not, there is an entire nation of fans that have a great deal of emotional connection to the team name, logo, and proud history.

    And yeah, it seems a little irrational that a football team should mean so much to a bunch of people. But when have humans ever been accused of being rational in our passions?

  29. I’m looking forward to the next “controversy” the media can gin up. What name will be the next to be changed? Chiefs, Vikings (marauding warriors who raped and pillaged), Raiders, Buccaneers, Saints, Titans (offensive to small people). Oh, the possibilities are endless.

    But my bet on the next target is in baseball. First the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, then the Atlanta Braves.

  30. I really wish people would act with a bit more intelligence and quit trying to make this a Liberals v Conservatives issue. It’s not. It only devalues your point. Why is it we need defined sides for this to be a debate?


    A person you’d define as “Liberal” that is vehemently against changing the name

  31. This article is very politicized in any event, and it’s really not even appropriate to publish if comments are rejected just because the author doesn’t approve of other peoples’ politics.

    Stick to the football topics and stay away from political debates if you don’t want to participate in them.

  32. Conservatives and liberals do NOT agree on this. How many Republicans signed off on Dingy Harry Reid’s fatuous statement condemning the Redskins?

    Political correctness comes from the Stalinist left. Own it.

  33. I don’t care if they change their name or not, but obviously it really matters to some people that they do change it. Why would anyone stand in their way?

  34. I love Ditka and what he means to the city of Chicago, but he’s from another generation and I would say he’s a bit out of touch if he’s going blame this entirely on liberals and even Obama.

  35. That’s right Ditka, you tell em! It’s a shame that people start tuning you out and not respecting your decision making when you give up a whole draft class for one player.


  36. Help me out here, Washington Wizards used to be know as the Bullets, does any one remember why they changed their name?

    I do believe that the name Redskins is extremely offensive even if at one time it was considered acceptable by society. Get with the times.

  37. The original owner (George Preston Marshall) was a bona-fide racist, and that is the vein in which he named the team. Ditka knows not whereof he speaks.

  38. The same people offended by the Redskins are the same people that would freak out over Johnny Football’s middle finger not being blurred out on TV.

  39. A slightly different take:
    I thought maybe the name might be tied to Jim Thorpe in some way.
    Famous Native American who played pro ball.
    The name is tied to the ballpark they played in (in Boston).
    Originally they were called the Braves and switched names when they switched parks (to the Redsox park – Redskins).

    So there’s that.

  40. “It was said out of reverence, out of pride to the American Indian. Even though it was called a Redskin”

    I believe they are right. My popwarner team was called the Redskins…Its in reference to the Native American warrior tradition, their tan skin augmented by their Red War paint and fierce fighting style.

    what sports team would name themselves in reference to a racist derogatory term? use your heads people…

  41. Keep the name and stand your ground, just like the Native Americans did throughout the white man’s settlement of the West and I’ll be a fan of The Washington Redskins FOREVER!

  42. Does it have the be the original owner, or can we condemn the Clippers as a forever racist organization too?

  43. I have 50% Cherokee and 50% Sioux Indian blood. I’m not offended by the name Redskins. Matter of fact, I hope the Washington Redskins name is never changed!

  44. Anyone who has actually been to a game at FedEx knows that the majority of Redskins fans are minorities. If you want to tell them they’re all racist, go right ahead.

  45. We just need the regular season! The polls all show that the people offended by this is greatly surpassed by those who are not. I get the Indian’s mascot being it was a cartoon that can be interpreted poorly or so but the Redskins mascot looks depicts it as a strong leader…. I am sick of hearing about this becoming such a huge issue compared to many other things that carry much more weight (concussions and fill in the blank).

  46. I’ve said it before on other issues and I’m going to say it again: It’s a complicated issue with a complex history behind it and you can’t make a simple one-line judgement on it either way.

  47. Not that Snyder is going to change the name but if he were too, do you think if the majority of Redskins fan’s saying they wont show up anymore affect the decision? Hit them in the wallet and they will go back on that stance but good for Snyder for not changing the name of the team.

  48. Ditka has spent years proving publicly that he took too many head shots in his playing days–opinionated about everything, usually wrong, and in love with the sound of his own voice.

  49. As soon as they start losing sponsorship and advertising dollars they will change the name; Snyder understands money.

  50. Just like everyone else, Mike Ditka is giving his opinion on this topic. Just because the author does not agree with Ditka’s opinion is no reason to infer (as he does in the last two sentences) that Ditka has no knowledge on this issue. Seems a bit intolerant, doesn’t it?

  51. This whole argument is funny to me. If we have learned anything about today’s society, only one thing matters here…outrage enough to cause sponsors to leave. Once that happens, the name will change in 5 mins.

  52. Once Snyder sees how much money is involved in changing the teams name… new promotional material, new sells of jerseys and other collectables…. he will be looking to change the name every other year… soon the giants will be the newyorkers and the 49ers will be the 50ers and so on…..

    as long as its for the good of the game err the owners pocketbook… aint that the same thing???

  53. “Times change.” That says it all.

    Things that were acceptable 10, 20, 30 or 80 years ago when the team was named are not today. Likewise things that were not acceptable in the past are now accepted in society. Just need to recognize it is part of change, enjoy the things that are now acceptable, and move on.

  54. I can’t believe the time people have available to concern themselves with this name thing.
    Most of whom don’t have a dog in the fight.
    Get over yourselves….
    “But I’m concerned about social issues…. and drive a hybrid…”
    Please. Go away…

  55. leave us and our name alone we is just simple fans and wanna be left alone in our world we dont care if we offend anybody

  56. People’s heads are being chopped off around the world, but the some folks are more concerned about the name of a mascot…what ever happened to “sticks and stones”. People need to toughen up and realize what’s really important.

  57. Basically zero Conservatives and only a small subset of Liberals are pushing for Washington to change their name.

    There are plenty of intelligent, moderate Liberals out there that unfortunately get painted with one big broad brush in the exact same way intelligent, moderate Conservatives get painted when Fox News says something stupid.

    Ditka is officially 100% old/charming/curmudgeonly now. He went all Gran Torino and stuff. I think what he’s saying is funny.

  58. I think Dan Snyder should lay out in the sun for a day, get a real nice sunburn, take a picture of his profile and put it on the helmut that way no one could complain about the name ‘Redskins’

  59. Agree with him or don’t agree with him but if you think this is the last your going to hear about this your all sadly mistaken. Now I don’t know if Mike cares cause I’m sure he’s got enough money to not have to work anymore but he works for ESPN, which of course is owned by Disney a very family oriented company that recently suspended Dan Lebatard for putting a billboard in Cleveland for saying thank you to Lebron. He’s going to be suspended and again I’m not sure he gives a rip. We’ll see soon enough.

  60. I really wish people would act with a bit more intelligence and quit trying to make this a Liberals v Conservatives issue. It’s not. It only devalues your point. Why is it we need defined sides for this to be a debate?


    A person you’d define as “Liberal” that is vehemently against changing the name
    People do confuse with Liberalism and Progressivism. This is more progressive than liberal, as historically, Liberals were about freedom of speech and press (while those modern incantations are questionable) and progressives are about a narrative and use the press to suppress other points of view. Progressivism has always been about changing people to fit their world view, suppressing free expression and are the ones to shout down dissenters.
    Redskins forever, but I want them to lose most games, besides the ones where Phi and NYG have better records.

  61. Damn liberals, they sure have screwed up this country, haven’t they? Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison… all those liberals that ruined this country.

  62. Ultimately, ‘political correctness’ is about empathy and courtesy (unfortunately two attributes that don’t usually come to mind when one thinks of Mike Ditka).

    The point is not whether Ditka believes the name came “out of reverance” to American Indians or not. The point is whether he has the ability to understand that it may be deeply offensive to other people.

  63. Love it!! It was turned into Lib v. Conservative argument because guess who are the most “offended”???

  64. we skins fans are oldschool and like things the way they was back in the ol days

  65. i don’t get how not being a racist, and having empathy for people has anything to do with a goofy political party.

  66. I agree with Coach Ditka. If all it takes is someone to say that they are offended by your name so you are forced to change it where do you stop. Should Dick VanDyke change his name, what about Peter Lawford………Its rediculous.

    Anyway, I have a solution. Washington only needs to go back to their original name, the “Braves” and they won’t have to change anything else. Keep same logo, colors and everything that goes with it.

  67. Every time a senile, old, white man stands-up for the Redskins name, it strengthens the opposition’s case.

    Your side has no diversity. You are the majority class trying to impose your bigoted beliefs on the rest of the world.

    As a YOUNG, white male myself (with Cherokee blood mixed in), allow me to inform Mike Ditka that in a few years, when he dies of senility and old age, he can rest in peace, knowing that the Redskins name WILL be changed.

  68. Daniel Snyder – Mike Ditka could make a great team together. Maybe at 74, Mike is too old to be Coach, but he could be Dan’s consigliere, especially on embracing the Redskins proud native American culture. Hail to the Redskins.

  69. Never liked the team, but I am supporting their right to be called REDSKINS.

    The myth the minority in the PC crowd want you all to believe is that MILLIONS of Americans are outraged by the name.

    The truth is only the minority PC crowd is offended. But they want everyone to go along with THEIR intolerant view.

  70. make no mistake… today’s libs are the true enemy of America

    Hail to the Redskins! To hell with the Libs!

    and LOL at the libby thinking Libs are more intelligent… probably not even close… Libs are either overeducated unemployed or undereducated unemployed (and by employed I mean real jobs outside academia and/or the public sector)

  71. The best way to resolve this matter is to donate $10M to a casino for the Native Americans……case closed!

  72. I respect his position in the sense that, for all of its flaws, this is part of his personal tradition. This is part of the fabric of his life, his career, his work. So he really feels that this is something of his own that is being attacked & devalued. I highly doubt that anyone in the Redskins organization ever meant any harm with the name, and indeed took a lot of pride in it.

    At the same time, times change. I think we can acknowledge that this is going to change, it’s just where things are and where they’re going, and we’ll all be better off for it. We should be able to move on without demonizing the past and all the personal pride people have felt for this team. They’re not bad guys. We just have to change for the future.

  73. Sorry MDS, I didn’t mean for my previous message to come across as rude if it did, but when it comes down to politics or larger social issues that are far above and beyond the game of football, I tend to get quite passionate. 🙂

    The people on here can argue with me and laugh at me all they want about football ideas, that’s fine, but once we start talking politics and the President, then there’s too many lives at stake and I’m always going to fight for the people that don’t have the representation that they deserve.

  74. I could be wrong but I doubt Snyder’s pocketbook will suffer. Longtime Redskins fans are used to the name. Only idiots that are bored who probably don’t even buy jerseys are complaining. And if they are fans I would bet it’s still a very small amount.
    If the name does change, you’ll see a bunch of other names demanding to be changed.

  75. Troy Aikman,Mike Ditka and Dan Snyder deserve a round of applause, way to stick up against the Liberals. Hail to the Redskins and Hail to the football fans everywhere for supporting the Redskins.

  76. My grandfather was 100% Cherokee Indian, my Dad, 50% and I’m 25% and we all say the name is fine… And like Mr Ditka, hate what the progressive liberals have done and are doing to our country.

  77. Tell me how The name Washington Redskins is offensive. Write your answer down then read what you write then slap yourself for me.

  78. If the Cherokee, Tuscarora, Creek, Sioux, Apache etc object to the use of the word “redskins” then their feelings on the matter are pertinent. If those same nations (not sure what terminology to use) see no offense in the use of the r-word, then the name should stay the way it is now. I can not name one sports team or any other kind of organization, all NFL teams included, that has ever chosen a mascot or symbol or trademark for their team name that is to ridicule or offend. It’s usually to honor or to represent some admirable quality about your team. Same with washington’s team’s name. P.S. If your name is “washington” your feelings on this matter are pertinent also.

  79. Jerry Smith, tightend, Redskins

    Receptions 421
    Receiving yards 5,496
    Touchdowns 60

    Mike Ditka, tightend, Cowboys, Eagles, Bears
    Receptions 427
    Receiving yards 5,812
    Touchdowns 43

    Why is Ditka in the HOF and Smith isn’t? Smith was gay and Ditka’s a conservative blowhard.

  80. it’s hello, not how you’s redskins. speak American for christ’s sake. liberals are fun to laugh at.

  81. #HTTR #NONAMECHANGE #redskinspride #NativePride #HTTRCherokee This from a part Cherokee man, Dan… don’t cave in to the wackos.

  82. Ditka’s time has passed too. I mute the volume everytime he speaks on ESPN. He slurs his speech, his points are incoherent, and he really gives no cognitive insights from a football perspective. Let’s remember, this is the guy that traded the Saints entire draft to get Ricky Williams. That should have been an indication that he had the early stages of dementia. They should find a nice park bench for this guy, give him a bag of bread crumbs, and leave him there.

  83. What America is turning into is a bunch of morons who can’t see past the nose on their own face. All the tough guy talk about political correctness, isn’t worth the air it took to make such foolish statements. If you haven’t been able to figure it out up until this point, that’s on you. Fact, the term is used to describe a particular race of people. Fact, some of the people that term describes find it offensive, singling them out solely on the basis of race/the color of their skin. Fact, if you take some manner of perverse pleasure in using a term that others find offensive, which describes a majority of people who support the status quo, you have bigger issues on a personal character level than you are willing to admit, not to mention the latent racial discrimination that it demonstrates.

  84. Not sure I share Ditka’s sentiments 100%, but he’s right that progressive liberals seem to be on some sort of rampage. After having watched the nonsensical ramblings of Gov. Jay Nixon, calling for the “vigorous prosecution” of Darren Wilson.

    Huh? is there no longer such a thing as due process? Nixon is an idiot, and is emblematic of what Ditka is referring to in his general remarks about the “cause” of getting rid of the Redskins name. As long as we have people like Nixon in positions of power in this country, we should all fear for the loss of our constitutional rights.

  85. This country has become a society of people who would rather worry about others business, rather than looking at their own issues. Like Ditka or not, he’s a wise old sage who thinks personal responsibility is a big deal. Common sense has been replaced by “political correctness”. Keep shredding the foundation’s of the country, such as the liberals would like, and we’re seeing first hand the fallout as a result.

  86. gofor2with3pinhead
    Fact, a large majority of Native Americans still support the Washington Redskins team and name as does the Red Mesa High School Redskins (over 90% Native American population)

    I prefer to listen to them, rather than force my opinion down their throats. We did that in the past and that didn’t help them at all.

  87. The libs premise that Native Americans have a problem with the name is a lie…. well over 90% of Native Americans have no such problem, and a majority view the name Redskins as positive.

  88. @natelan

    I too am a young white man with cherokee blood in me. I don’t think the name should EVER change. If you think the fight against absurd political correctness will die with Ditka’s generation think again…

  89. The tough guy, Ditka, fumbled 9 times in his career. Jerry Smith, the gay guy, fumbled just 5 times.

  90. As a member of the 12TH MAN…much luv DITKA!!! And to the fans of the WASHINGTON REDSKINS…that’s right REDSKINS, hope you keep your name and you guys have my support!

  91. Shouldn’t we stop calling white people white and black people black if referring to skin color is racist and worse than Hitler? “Whites” is no different from “Whiteskins”. I’m not all outraged like your hero liberal sports writer is about Redskins. If a team wants to go with the name Whiteskins, I won’t be protesting in the street about how it is racist. lol

  92. Old people,

    This is how you liberals view you. Nothing but crusty old coots who need to die already, your opinion means nothing.

  93. John McCain and Krauthammer don’t represent majority opinion on this issue and McCain isn’t a conservative and Krauthammer is former liberal Democrat. Nobody elected either one of them to speak on this issue for all of us.

  94. the 3 name guy is a florio clone.. i.e. a useless hack and utter fool with no redeeming value

    Hail to the Redskins!

    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!

  95. Loved his game back in the day,forgave him somewhat for not giving Walter Peyton the chance to score in the Super Bowl but I have lost all respect for this Palin-supporting dinosaur who probably thinks he can still whip any Indian in the UASSA.

  96. Ditka briefly considered running against Barack Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois, and he has said declining to do that is his greatest regret in life, because he believes he could have prevented Obama from becoming president.
    Could you imagine “Iron Mike” in the Oval Office? He would be the second coming of Harry Truman!

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