Mike Wallace: Dolphins receivers don’t get same calls as other teams


One of the biggest topics of conversation during the preseason has been the frequent flags thrown for defensive holding and illegal contact following the league’s decision to put a higher emphasis on those calls this season.

Many people have complained about the increase with reasons varying from making it harder to defend the pass to the stultifying pace that games take when flags fly on nearly every play, but at least one player feels that there haven’t been enough flags. Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace said that he and his teammates don’t see the same kind of treatment from the officials as the rest of the league.

“Not on our team. We don’t get those calls,” Wallace said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I don’t know why. That’s not our job to play for calls. We play to play football and make plays. The call, that’s extra.”

Wallace was answering a question about flags because he said he felt he was held while trying to catch a deep pass from Ryan Tannehill against the Buccaneers last week. The response about the hold came to the latest question about when Wallace and Tannehill might find the chemistry that’s eluded them since Wallace signed with the team last season.

Officials may have missed a call last week, but there’s not likely to be much sympathy for further comments about a lack of calls if those two don’t find a way to click in their second year together.

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  1. I know for a fact that officials huddle together in an underground lair prior to every season, and ask the age-old question:

    “How can we stick it to Miami Dolphin receivers?”

  2. I know for a fact that officials huddle together in an underground lair prior to every season, and ask the age-old question:

    “How can we stick it to Miami Dolphin receivers?”

  3. It’s a renewed emphasis on the rules, so last year doesn’t count in determining if they “get those calls”, and there hasn’t been enough of a sample during this preseason to say whether the Dolphins aren’t getting the calls or if they were just randomly unlucky to not happen to get the calls yet. All he is doing is complaining absent a basis for complaint. He should retract his statement and replace it with something productive and useful.

  4. I watched that game and he was definitely held. I don’t like these “don’t touch the receiver” rules but if they’re gonna call them, call them on both teams.

  5. Maybe the refs don’t pay as much attention to him because he doesn’t make a lot of big plays. Or a lot of catches. Maybe, just maybe, if he caught a lot of TDs he’d get more attention from the DBs. And refs. And if the refs pay more attention to him when he’s playing, Come on Mike you can guess the rest !

  6. Cry me a river…..

    On any given Sunday, depending on which way the wind is blowing will depend on who the officials will favor over another. Always has been, always will be – deal with it.

  7. Try playing for the Raiders … You can get your helmet knocked off with a helmet to helmet hit and the refs won’t call it.
    Wallace is right … The refs will decide a lot of games this year.

  8. EXACTLY why Antonio Brown is a pro bowler. You are not.

    EXACTLY why the Steelers let you walk, and they re-signed AB to a huge long term deal.


  9. If you didn’t watch that game, you have no basis for comment.

    The flags were flying everywhere in other games. In that game – not so much.

  10. He may be crying a little bit here …….. but opposing defenses will be crying a lot more once Wallace / Tannehill start burning them deep this season where DBs have to grab and hold in order stop the big TD plays………….

  11. Im a Fins fan and I’m so tired of this guy whining for calls after barely trying to actually catch the ball. He never goes up and gets it, always catches with his body. Was at the fins/bucs preseason game and dude dropped a bubble screen that 75% of the fans in the stadium would catch…it was embarrassing.

  12. Wallace is a fast guy that often runs by the defender so yes he gets held a lot. The play in question during the TB game he was obviously held on slow motion replay but it was coyly done and the ref back there would have had a tough time seeing it. The bottom line is with the new emphasis on the rule and Wallace’s speed he will start getting more calls. That being said he still needs to zip it and play the game, better then throwing your hands up in the air every time you don’t make a catch like the NE receivers!

  13. It’s not that they don’t get the calls. It’s that he’s used to playing with the steelers that get all the calls.

  14. . . . Wallace blaming anything and everything for the fact that he just can’t catch.

  15. Maybe there is a ref or two like Mike Carey who has decided that the name ‘Dolphins’ is offensive and who has let his personal beliefs enter into his game decisions.

  16. This year in preseason, the referees are throwing lots of flags. However, as others pointed out, the Wallace missed penalty was obvious.
    I doubt that there is any conspiracy and this was only a preseason game, but Dolphin fans are conditioned to this. Certain teams just seem to get a great string of lucky breaks and others miss out.

  17. Dolphins’ defense complained to the Palm Beach Post in 2012 about how “It was disrespectful to us [for the Patriots] to run the same play over and over and be successful.”

    Bunch of whiners. Refs are going to miss calls, but they’re going to miss them all over the place – not just against one team. Don’t know how reassuring that is, but it’s reality in the NFL.

  18. Statistically, he’s correct. The Dolphins actually threw more than New England (% of plays) last year, yet had fewer PI calls in their favor. Yes, it was last year, but still a fact. On the play he was referring to the DB even pulled a towel from Wallace’s waist.

  19. Somehow this will boil down to being either BB fault or the Patriots fault or Krafts fault… Pretty much anyone’s fault but their own….

  20. Dolphins’ receivers don’t get the same throws as other teams’ receivers either.

    Maybe that’s where you need to look.

  21. Bring on the Dolphins and Wallace Haters, but the facts are he had a respectable season with over 73 receptions (more than ANY year with the Steelers) and nearly 1000yds. Granted, he is not playing equal to his Contract but most teams would love to have that. The bottom line is Tannehill rarely had the time to throw long. This new offense will feature Wallace lining up everywhere and more intermediate throws.

    If you watched the game and read his FULL Interview, he WAS HELD and the Dolphins/Bucs game had a very disproportional amount of Flags compared to other games last weekend.

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