Odell Beckham says no setback with hamstring, but he won’t play this week


Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham missed practice on Tuesday, keeping his string of not completing a full training camp practice alive.

After the session, Beckham and the Giants said that the wide receivers injured hamstring was sore but they insisted that he didn’t suffer a setback in his recovery from the initial injury. He has, however, been ruled out

“We have progressively built up my workload. I was sore this morning, and I didn’t work today because we didn’t want a setback, and I don’t consider this a setback. I see it as another step in getting back to full strength,” Beckham said, via the team’s website.

Coach Tom Coughlin said something similar regarding it not being a setback, although Beckham was making progress toward his preseason debut after returning to practice in a limited fashion last week so it seems like a setback to have that taken off the table. Semantic quibbles aside, Beckham’s extended absence seems certain to have a negative impact on what he’s able to do during his rookie season even if he’s healed up in time to join the team for the start of the regular season. For a team with a scuffling offense, that’s not good news however you choose to frame it.

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  1. PuP or temporary IR.

    Start Corey Washington & Randle on the outside, and slide Cruz into the slot. The #4 needs to be Harris. Parker can be the #5. Goodbye Jernigan.

  2. I’m a season ticket holder of the Giants for 12 years running now. I care about my team as much as anyone – but this dude is pissing me off.

    We chose you over a perennial OLine staple, and you have yet to do anything for my team. Put your damn head down, stop speaking unless spoken to, and get to work today.

  3. Since the NJ giants are running the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid Era OBSOLETE west coast offense, it does not matter if beck”weak hammy”ham is going to play because they are running a OBSOLETE offense in 2014. LOL this is going to be a fail of epic proportions.

  4. Washinton is that guy who can make the big play down the side.Randle and washington out side cruz in slot and beckam inside.4 reciever sets will drive teams crazy.Beckham cant play jerrnigans next man up.only reciever to catch anything in preseason with first team.If you saw jerrnigan play in the washington game last year you would known that this kid could be a stud and we needed a big outside wide out which should have been benjiman from carolina in the draft.

  5. It don’t matter. He’s icing on the cake. We have an embarrassment of riches at WR. You know you’re stacked when a Super Bowl hero (manningham) is about to be cut. Cruz, randle, Jernigan (who’s never been a preseason player but showed last year he’s got the goods) and now Washington who’s caught a td in every practice and preseason game are just a few. No worries here. It’s the OL that’s a bit concerning. There’s teams in our own division, mostly the one that wears that puke shade of hangover green, that is dying for us to cut one. They love our WR scraps (Steve smith ring a bell?)

  6. N this guy talkin bout a andy reid O.. get off the nuts bro. U prolly think andy reids a bum aint? The only person in ur organization thats ever brought u remotely close to success n u fans think hes garbage lol.. shows ur colors , bum fans

  7. Super Bowl MVP ? Same one niners had no use for? Same guy who supposedly can’t make cuts anymore? Elway was an mvp, perhaps they should look to bring him nj as well.

    Let’s face it, eli has one completion on last two games. Your oline is trash and one of the saviors have been demoted to work with second string. Still no tight end, and your receivers are the same as last year. Cruz had one big year, what two years ago, but has been shut down since. Boykin beautifully stole the ball right out of Cruz’s hands last year.

    I love how the giants brought in a new coordinator , keeping eli and tom, thus enabling the rebuild to hold off at least one more year.

    Giants are same team as they were last year, and somehow giants fans find reason to believe they will make the playoffs this year.

  8. Yea, Manningham. Guy played in super bowl, made a heluva catch in THE SUPER BOWL. Boykins bra? Boykins? Thats who ur bringing into this convo?? My god u eagles fans r hilariuos. We have expectations on winning the division cause its filled with bums. U guys hate on dallas but atleast theyve seen paydirt b4.. ur qb threw up on the turf lmao we lead the league for division wit most super bowls n u guys did nothing to help, thanks alot eagle fans lmao

  9. I swear, the average Giants fan on here has never seen a day in High School, or above. And stop already with the abbreviations (that’s making words shorter, BTW). Are you really too tired to type ‘u’ instead of ‘you’? You’re saving two whole key strokes, SMH.

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