PFT on NBCSN looks at when Manziel will take over this year, if ever


We now know that Brian Hoyer will start Week One for the Browns.  We don’t know how long beyond Week One he’ll keep the job.

The hot spot seems to be Week Five, after Cleveland opens against Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Baltimore — and then has a Week Four bye.  After the Sunday off, owner Jimmy Haslam takes his football team back to his home state of Tennessee.

Which could coincide with Haslam bringing his new car out of the garage and showing it off.

Provide your own answer below, and join Kevin Gilbride, Ross Tucker, and yours truly at 6:00 p.m. ET to see what everyone thinks.

We’ll also address five questions regarding offensive line play, and we’ll play the “Analyze This” game with recent comments from J.J. Watt and Tony Gonzalez.

16 responses to “PFT on NBCSN looks at when Manziel will take over this year, if ever

  1. The Browns have a horribly difficult schedule to start the season; they could easily be 0-3 and clamoring for Manziel to start even if Hoyer plays pretty well. That’s probably his best shot until the Browns get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs early.

  2. Top 5 greatest Browns QBs:

    1. Otto Graham
    2. Brian Sipe
    3. Vinny Testeverde
    4. Trent Dilfer (Ravens)
    5. Bernie Kosar

  3. We Browns fans have always loved our backup QBs. The fans will clamor for Johnny, who’ll start Week 5. By Week 10, they’ll be hollering for Grossman.

  4. week 3 at home vs. Ravens. Browns win 14-13, Manzielmania begins.

    and this is coming from a Ravens fan

  5. Shaw becomes the starter Week 6 after Johnny Boy fails miserably in his first start in Week 5.

  6. Manziel’s new nickname, which I have just trade marked: Wait for it …

    Johnny BENCH!!!

    OK I stole it, but I’m applying for the trade mark

  7. It all depends on the Brown’s record as the season progresses.

    If Hoyer is at the helm while the team stays above .500, I think that it’s still his job. If the record tanks, then it opens the door for Manziel whether he is ready or not.

    Honestly, the Browns look good on D, but I think the offense is going to struggle pretty bad all year long, no matter who is QB.

  8. “Which could coincide with Haslam bringing his new car out of the garage and showing it off.”

    Since when do owners like showing off Toyota Camry’s?

  9. As a Steelers fan…I want to invite the homeless guy that talked Haslam into drafting Johnny Jackwagon to my tailgate so we can properly thank him for the entertainment he has provided, and will continue to provide us. All you can eat food, plenty of beer, and a free Terrible Towel! Thanks again!

  10. Out of this article the most jarring thing was that the Browns have a week 4 bye. Since when did they start giving these out so early?!

  11. the scenarios being described and debated in the media regarding Manziel taking over the reins in Cleveland seem to dismiss one glaring fact ….

    the Browns offensive line is truly that,

    and Hoyer might not physically make it to half time of the Steelers game …

    the Browns would be wise to keep all three QBs … they may need them sooner rather than later ….

  12. JF’s time is coming…he will start soon and then the haters will see what he’s capable of.


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