Rex Ryan shrugs off Bengals’ criticism of his late blitzes


Andy Dalton routinely lights up the Jets anyway.

But the next time they see each other, the Bengals have another reason to play their best.

Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander took exception to Rex Ryan’s blitz calls late in Saturday’s game.

Notice he didn’t bring that stuff when our starters were out there,” Alexander said, according to “We’d have scored quicker. If he wants to put his starting defense out there and blitz all that garbage against our third-stringers, if he feels good about it, then all the power to him.”

Ryan wasn’t fazed by the criticism at all.

“I don’t know why they’d be shocked,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t worry about their team.”

The Jets eventually came back to win the game, but not until Andy Dalton strafed them, going 8-of-8 for 144 yards and a touchdown.

Sadly, the two don’t play in the regular season, but it feels like this one has the legs to last until the postseason, or into future seasons.

44 responses to “Rex Ryan shrugs off Bengals’ criticism of his late blitzes

  1. “Andy Dalton routinely lights up the Jets anyway.” So does routinely mean he played one game that counts and played well? If that’s the case then Frank Reich routinely played well against the Houston Oilers. This site loves to troll the Jets.

  2. Wouldn’t the Bengals want their second and third stringers to have protect against the blitz in case they are needed to become first stringers?

    Their third string offense wouldn’t be playing the oppositions third string defense during the regular season.

  3. Pretty sure Ryan has a good idea on the blitzing ability of his starters–its the 2nd and 3rd team players he has blitzing–SO HE CAN SEE IF THEY ARE ANY GOOD OR NOT.

    This is the NFL (or what’s left of it). Alexander should stop whining. There’s no rule out there that says the Bengals couldn’t bring their starters back in.

  4. I seen this a lot in youth football with b games when teams play the best kids against the other teams inexperience players and brag when they win. Its all an ego trip for the coach

  5. The Jets are getting ready for their Superbowl next week against the Giants. This is the big one for them. If they can win then it makes their season.

  6. preseason is such a joke and the quotes from that bengals coach is another example why. as a jets fan, i tuned out of that game when rex had a safety singled up against aj greene on the outside. something like that would never happen in a real game in a million years. just totally experimenting with things for the f of it.

  7. In a related article, Jets DB coach Tim McDonald said he was very upset at the Bengals for attempting to throw passes late in the game–so that’s why the Jets blitzed them.

    “I was so upset that they were throwing the football, I couldn’t think of anything else to do but blitz them. “

  8. As a Bengals fan, I do think Alexander is being whiney. Let them blitz all they want… its good experience for the back ups.

    We beat the Jets 49-9 last year… It was just a nice little reunion to let our 3rd stringers play against their first team again in the 4th quarter again.

  9. Not listening to critics is the only leadership quality that Rex Ryan has. His downfall is humility, however. It’s hard to get through to a guy who already knows everything about everything………. Thank God he’s coaching the Jets and not some team that is relevant.

  10. The reason this is still a story is because the JETS hyped this up as a revenge game and played it like it was their Super Bowl. Then got they tails whipped by the starters and only came back when they were desperate for a win and sent all kinda of exotic blitzes against folks who will be working at best but next week. Comical to anyone who watched that game. Rex and co came across as desperate and unhinged. Undisciplined and desperate for a feel good moment.

  11. If I’m Marvin Lewis I’m pulling Alexander to the side and tell him to shut his trap.

    Assistant coaches have no business talking to media beyond generic comments.

  12. It’s annoying what Rex did but I wouldn’t go whining about it. What the Bengals should have done was put their starting defense back in their to annihilate the other scrubs.

  13. Anyway, preseason games are extended practices. If the Jets want to play their starters for extended time, to try and get some new stuff on film to break down, that’s up to them. They can’t control it if the Bengals take their starters out before they do. What are they supposed to do, not use this invaluable full-pad, full-speed practice time to evaluate not just players but sub-packages (which teams spend much more time in then base defense) because the Bengals don’t want to?

    If you think Rex Ryan was just trying to feel good about himself by beating up on back ups, you don’t understand the real point of pre-season, especially now that padded practices have been scaled back so much by the CBA. Winning is not important – it’s all about getting stuff on film against other teams that you can evaluate.

  14. Lmao like it matters when these two play Cincy lights em up. They blitzed 1 time on the starters as Dalton hit them for 21 yards.

    And it’s not like they have bad blood anyway. Marvin and Rex are close as are the staffs, and they almost practiced for 2 days.

  15. Ryan wants to see guys in his defense. If you want to quit playing, don’t blame him for continuing to take advantage of playing time against an opponent!

  16. I don’t think Alexander had Marvin Lewis’s blessing on those comments. That’s not Marvin’s style.

    And as for the Jets, they know we dominated them when our starters were in.

  17. If Rex knew his starters couldn’t succeed blitzing the Bengals starters and chose to blitz the backups instead, that is his call to make. I’m glad the backups saw the blitz packages.

  18. I also wish Alexander didn’t open his mouth. I wanted to see the Bengals #2 and #3 offensive line go against a solid Jets #1 defensive line.
    Sure, they didn’t do well, but, they got experience against players that will play on Sundays as opposed to a bunch of 3rd-stringers and players who will probably be cut.

  19. The context of what Alexander was saying was the 2nd and especially the 3rd team guys are basically trying out. While it’s good that they get that experience, it’s hard to look good when you’re against a coach playing his first string D throwing everything at you, which would be incredibly stupid (but that’s Rex — he gave his playbook to Belichek’s best friend, what do you expect??).

  20. You Jest fans should be happy! You won your Super Bowl, barely, but won nonetheless! Hellova job ladies! No if you girls can do that against a first squad there really might be two professional football teams in New York! Although i would bet the farm on it. The Bengals may not have won a playoff game since 1990 but at least that’s well after Woodstock! Keep pluggin away ladies! Now lets go have a damn snack!


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