RGIII calls out the “doubters”


As Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III prepares for his third NFL season, some think he won’t be the player he was in 2012.  Others think he can’t keep himself healthy, especially after a couple of unnecessarily reckless and risky plays on Monday night against Cleveland.  Some think both.

Griffin has taken to Twitter to call out any and all of the so-called doubters.

“They doubted in High School,” Griffin said.  “They doubted a turnaround at Baylor.  They doubted a Heisman was possible.  Keep doubting.  It’s nothing New.”

Many of the “they” who are doubting Griffin now didn’t know who he was in high school.  Or at Baylor.  Or in the early stages of his chase for a Heisman.  Regardless, it’s fair for “they” to think that Griffin won’t be able to find the right balance between effectiveness and safety, and that if he plays at the highest possible level he won’t be able to keep himself healthy.

While Griffin has proved the doubters wrong before, it doesn’t mean he’ll prove them wrong now.  But if the doubters motivate him to find that delicate balance between playing well and playing safely, then it’s good that he’s concerned about the “they.”

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  1. I undertand, RG3. But you cannot take the types of hits you do and expect to be successful. It’s like expecting to beat the Steelers when Bill Leavy is on their side. It’s just impossible.

  2. I don’t know if Jeff Fisher will do anything with all those players, but hes looking smarter everyday.

  3. He’d probably be better off keeping his mouth shut and proving the doubters wrong with his play on the field. Note I get why people say he acts like a petulant child.

  4. Bob , good luck , i hope you and Johnny have long and successful careers , but you can run but you can’t hide !

  5. RG3 is on track to be RG3 and out… Stop running your yap on social media and focus on learning the offense so you aren’t a continual coach killer.. All the upside in the world but always running his mouth and holding press conferences..smh

  6. What doubters???
    You are not a hall of famer after one good season and anybody with a half a brain can see the hits your body cannot take … it’s only a matter of time before your are injuried … again.
    Seriousy if Manning, Brees or Brady did as much running as RG3 they would have been out of the NFL already.

  7. Been watching Robert since his freshman year at baylor. He’s a quality person who will most likely succeed in the NFL but he sure has been whining a lot this year

  8. It seems unbelievable but it sure looks like he doesn’t know how to slide. He got up limping after one “slide” and the other attempted slide was worse. He is going to be in trouble if he doesn’t, at least, get that figured out!

  9. Did you see that awesome performance in a Pre-season game, against the Browns second-stringers…

    Yeah, look out…

  10. I’m a Redskins fan and those hits he took Monday night were stupid. No reason for him to get hit like that. Slide. Get out of bounds. He is extremely talented but he can’t do anything if he’s injured

  11. I wonder what RGIII thinks if his teams name. I heard that sendentary people everywhere are suing the Oakland Athletics over their name. I also heard that thousands in Los Angeles are fleeing the city who don’t believe in Angels.

  12. Superbowl MVP Joe “Montana” Flacco and myself take time out of our busy day to laugh at Rob Griffin and the entire R-Words franchise. Our southern Maryland neighbors are so jealous of their big brothers to the north. Cheers!


  13. Stay off of twitter and prove them wrong on the field. If he can’t do that, then he can get on twitter and blame whoever he wants

  14. You have to admit this guy has a large amount of haters and gets hated on for little things. He had one of the best rookie seasons I have seen in years yet people still bashed him relentlessly when he went down against Seattle. I can sort of put my finger on it but he shouldn’t be hated on as much as Kaepernick.

  15. I feel for him, he’s a Redskin. That orgs been a mess for 30 years. If a real team drafted him, we might have a different opinion of the kid.

  16. Guilty conscience much? It’s logical for people to doubt when you haven’t proved anything in the NFL. The tweets just reinforce the reason why some folks call you RGME.

  17. Bob is a fraud and has been exposed. He needs to stay off the internet and social media unless he’s googling: how to slide, how to read a defense , how to be a leader and when to shut up.

  18. LOL, what an ego. I’m sure people were doubting him in high school. Jay Gruden will regret tying his first HC job to this thin skinned moron who wants to blame everything on someone else. Prove me wrong RG3. You aint got it in you to have a long NFL career. You will be traded and sitting on someone elses bench in 5 years.

  19. I was a fan, but this guy needs to shut it.

    Another case of becoming a star before accomplishing a damn thing.

  20. I just doubt your ability to make good decisions with the football and play NFL QB. I’m sure you’re a great guy though bro.

  21. RG3, the reason you have doubters is you cant slide and take unnecessary hits. You had a very good rookie year. One year doesnt not make a career. Its a good start but thats all it is.

    You threw a horrible pick. You hurt your knee again. Guess what no running ability, you are a below avg QB.

    You have an over-inflated opinion of yourself, and are blaming everyone but yourself. You have false confidence.

    Im a doubter. Prove me wrong

  22. This isn’t high school. This isn’t Baylor. We doubt his ability to stay healthy in the NFL because he can’t even effectively get out of harm’s way with a proper slide, or find the sideline before taking multiple shots.

    I hope he succeeds (despite the franchise he plays for) and that he can play 16 games. It’s nothing personal… it’s based on watching him play.

  23. I used to like this guy but he makes it harder to cheer for him when he keeps running his mouth. Clue to you RG3 win something like Wilson has and then…. No still keep you mouth shut is called class. Now you are giving your “doubters” fuel for their fire. I hope my Jags pound you into the ground in DC in game 2 and you shut the heck up.

  24. The doubts will remain until he can play like a top 20 QB. That is not a political, racial, or any other kind of statement.

    The doubts will linger over the price paid for a QB that does not lead the team to winning seasons.

    High definition broadcasts show all and doubts are eliminated quickly into sure things. The doubts exist because of his brief time in the NFL and his injury.

    At the end of this season there will be no doubt. Decisions will be made based on his level of play one way or the other.

  25. RGIII will lose the starting job midseason and everyone knows that. Rams won. Change the name and hang the flag upside down. And still it seems we are that clock that keep on ticking, while everyone else is Captain Hook. We churn out Lombardis Nolls like butter. We’re cows. You’re a chicken, for you lay eggs. We build boats on your tears. We build lots of boats. You wouldn’t believe the amount of butter we churn and the number of boats we build. Follow us this season, RGIII, and see what it’s like to live beside piles of trophy cases and engraved gold.

  26. RG3 just block out and do what you have to do to prove everyone wrong and one way to do that is to please learn to slide.

  27. What ever happened to letting your game speak for yourself? With a record of 3-13 and your inability to slide or get out of bounds, the doubt will continue. Shut up and play the game.

  28. If he wants to have a real NFL career, he needs to STAY IN THE POCKET and learn to SLIDE !!
    220lb RG3 vs 300lb+ DT ==Ambulance ride for RG3.

  29. while robert was building a brand, luck foles and wilson kept their heads down and built their games.

    and as for the babble about haters…this doubter never heard of him til the nfl draft. what i’ve seen since has been a lot of self promotion outsized to any on-field success.

    and sadly robert, that’s nothin’ new either.

  30. What happened to all of the idiots claiming he is better than Luck? He’s a poser and an egomaniac with a hyperinflated opinion of himself.

  31. as a REDSKINS fan I doubt him..to much social media to defend himself, when he should be proving it in games..GO GET THE REDSKINS FANS A RING ALREADY..and stop with your brand

  32. failed owner.
    failed front office.
    failed coaching staff.
    diva qb with no humility.
    wr’s who think too much of themselves.

    totally irrelevant franchise.

    “httr” : How The Terrible React

  33. The Redskins better be looking for a franchise QB if they don’t think Kirk Cousins is it.
    Bob (all Drama, all mouth, all the time) Griffin won’t last long in the NFL. He doesn’t have the utility to stay in the pocket and read defenses.
    Bobby, you know what NFL stands for you?
    Not For Long!

  34. The more I get to know RG3, the less I like…

    I hate his attitude and the way he carries himself. I was a big fan of his at one time. Not anymore.

  35. We’ll see what happens now that he doesn’t have the coaches to blame anymore. Don’t that that is going to stop him from blaming others if things start to go south for him this season.

    And I wonder if he includes in those doubters those who argued the Colts should take him over Luck.

  36. Diehard Skins fan here…..and I am so tired of RG3 and his social media crap. Just play the game, be a leader and let your play speak for you. Your head should be in the playbook not on twitter and Instagram. If this kid fails the organization will be set back another 10 years. He has arguably one of the best receiving corps in the game and a top 5 back in Alf. He has no excuses now. It’s time to shut up and play.

  37. I don’t have doubt that BOB could be a superstar if he played the role of his lookalike twin Kel Mitchell in a sequel to the movie Good Burger. We all want to see BOB display his true talent, yelling on camera “Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take yer awwrder!”

  38. Somebody has to put a muzzle on this kid. He is way to early into his career and he hasn’t done anything yet.

  39. I love how you guys can just make up false things about RG3 and it gets crazy up voted because anything negative about RG3 is seen as a plus on here.

  40. He was talking about his grille you idiots. He was calling out those who doubt his world class grille.

  41. Aren’t these type of self-serving comments the reason that RGIII is one of the most unpopular players in the NFL ( according to a recent survey)? Both opposing players and coaches opine that RGIII thinks there IS an ‘I’ in team.

  42. Yes he has doubters, it’s funny how OTHER QB ‘s can throw picks in the preseason but RG3 has to go above and beyond and play perfect in preseason. Maybe he should turn into a good ole boy pocket passer like the other qb’s.

  43. you know, i actually like this by RG3. if the doubters truly DO motivate him, then that will help him improve and maybe even help him learn to protect himself just to PROVE the doubters wrong, so i LOVE this motivation by RG3. it’s the right way to go about it. and PLEASE get off those STUPID RGLeaf comments, they are just that, stupid. RG3 isnt like Leaf at all. if you want to compare him to Vick due to his injuries, that makes sense, but Griffin is not Leaf. he’s not cussing out reporters on live TV and going 1 of 15 in a regular season game. i CAN see why people compare Manziel to Leaf, but even that is too soon as Manziel can mature, but at least that has more merits due to his off the field antics. RG3 though hasnt shown me bad off the field antics, he just hasnt shown that he can protect himself.

  44. yeah, he should be like every other athlete on twitter and say the doubters are right. is this even a story or just a reason to bring out all the haters? Hmmm, and things that make you go.

  45. Michael Vick Pt II.

    Can’t read a Defense, take off and get whacked.

    At least Vick could whistle a throw into a tight window.

  46. Accomplishments of Robert Griffin Jr 2 years into his pro career:

    1. College Heisman Trophy winner
    2. Offensive Rookie of Year NFL
    3. Took perenial losing franchise to division championship and playoffs in first year

    Accomplishments of most snarky posters on the Internet calling him a bust:

    1. Sit in basement making snide remarks on computer that would never have the courage to say to someone’s face
    2. Giggling at own cleverness to the point of spilling Yohoo all over front of shirt

  47. Both he and Kap are too worried about the tweeters.

    It is a fault. If they could feed off it and back it up like Sherman that would one thing but they don’t. All talk so far.

  48. So, looks like he can’t handle criticism. Thank god hes not my QB. I like QBs that can just laugh it off and go to work instead of taking it to social media to air their frustration. You’re freakin NFL QB, you are a face of a franchise. Criticism comes with it, so deal with it like pro, bru

  49. Does anyone in his “inner circle” have the cojones to speak up to him? This guy is going to run himself out of league. Wouldn’t be shocking if he has a mediocre season that he winds up on another team next season. Organizations only have so much time to waste on players.

  50. I just glad my Colts drafted Andrew Luck: first a team player, stays off twitter, and know how to slide. But most important of all a Winning QB!!!

  51. All the RGIII haters are just jealous. The 2012 rookie of the year is healthy again, and the REDSKINS will take the NFC East in 2014.

    The Cowboys are a mess. The Giants are has-beens. And the Eagles have a nutty coach who gave away their best receiver to a divisional rival for nothing.

    RGIII is a great player and a good Christian man. Hail to the REDSKINS!

  52. It’s easier to use your athletic gifts at that level to succeed, but at the NFL level, everyone on the field has athletic gifts and the playing field is leveled. It has to be scary when guys are bigger and stronger than you and can run just as quick. He never had to face that before at at tattoos other levels.

  53. Time to put up or shut up RGIII. You can’t blame Shanny now, you can’t blame whatever BS excuse you might give. I expect you to be ordinary and the expectations to finally react your reality of not being very good. Running around and being athletic is great, but you need to recognize defenses and use your brain. There’s no shame in not being good at that, you aren’t good at that. You aren’t elite. Oh well.

  54. When the Twilight Zone becomes reality:

    Cam Newton matures faster than RGIII.


  55. I doubt RG3 will ever be able to concentrate on his future because he is too busy whining about his past. With all his issues, he makes more sense being a diva WR.

  56. This is why he won’t slide. He actually cares what critics say, which means he’s fighting a whole extra battle besides the football game that’s going on right in front of him.

  57. It’s not about knowing how to slide for RG3, it’s being willing to slide and give himself up when appropriate. He does need to smarten-up, and I think he will.

    I like RG3 and Kirk Cousins, redskins are in fine shape at QB.

  58. I think RGME better look over his new logo and photoshop a bandaid on it.

    He still can’t read a defense..he looks once and bails.

    I will go out on a limb and say his contract will not be extended year. He looks out of place in a pocket passing offense. Cousins looked alot better..

  59. WOW

    Let’s not forget either how good the kid was his first year and having Seattle on the ropes during that infamous game. What a season finish.

    He’s got character and personality which, after watching press clips of Mannings, Belichek and Tony Dungy, is pretty refreshing and cool.

    Go Griff!!

  60. I believe the QB for “The NFL Franchise Team in Washington, Representing the District of Columbia” will have a fine year if he keeps his focus on the field and gets out of bounds a little faster when running.

  61. Why do jack offs ALWAYS bring up Luck every time RG3 is mentioned? It would be one thing if Luck was passed up for RG but thats not the case..

    Its like RG3 gets under their skin. *horatiocaine*

  62. Actually, the Colts were very close to taking RG3. Luck was about to enter the 2011 Draft and go No. 1 to the Panthers before he decided to finish his fourth year at Stanford. The Redskins might have ended up with Peyton Manning because the Broncos would’ve drafted Newton and Tebow would be converted into a TE. Or, if Manning went somewhere else, the Redskins would end up with Wilson and the Seahawks would be shopping for a QB again the next year. It’s amazing the difference one little move can make.

  63. tmdill18 says: Aug 20, 2014 9:21 PM

    What happened to all of the idiots claiming he is better than Luck? He’s a poser and an egomaniac with a hyperinflated opinion of himself.

    I’m sorry, don’t Luck and RG3 have division championships? Also, RG3 was ROY in his first year, so how do either one of them have a leg up?

  64. I think this guy is going to be in the Super Bowl this year, yes he takes some unessisary risks sometimes, but ever notice he’s in the moment? He will calm down with that as the years go by, I hope he does, other than that lets talk about him as a pocket passer- he’s as good as they get, the damn guy almost passes 70%, those are drew Brees percentages! And luck can’t break 60%, yes RG3 is the better classin pocket passer when he’s doing that, but he has another side to him, and that’s called his competitiveness! He will unessisarily put the whole team in his shoulders and march down field, but think when he used to do that, he didn’t have any damn receivers that could get open. I think the browns game was a shot at Johnny Manziel personally and he won’t be doing that this year, everyone that night played their hearts out to make Johnny football look stupid and they did, expect alot of that this year from every team he faces “Manziel” they don’t,like him and they are going to punish him! That was just RG3 saying, is this what you want to do Johnny, sorry there’s only 1 RG3!
    I think that’s all it was!

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