Tony Gonzalez: Temptation will be there if a contender calls during season

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Tony Gonzalez has taken a job with CBS for the coming season and he’s making the transition from being on the field to being in the studio.

He’s making big predictions for 2014, including a possible undefeated season for the Broncos and a victory for Denver in a Super Bowl rematch, but none of them include a return to playing at the moment. Gonzalez said that he’s already heard from teams interested in a comeback and said no while acknowledging that it would be more difficult to turn down overtures from a contender during the season.

“The temptation would be there, but I don’t know what the gain would be,” Gonzalez said, via Newsday. “I’ve always wanted a ring. That’s been my main goal as a player over the last 15 years of my career. You’re really trying to get that ultimate goal. But I’d be a mercenary to come in and get a Super Bowl ring, play with a team for, what, six, seven weeks? And even if I got the ring, it wouldn’t be the same as going through the fight with the team from the beginning to the end. I don’t think that will happen. The temptation will be there, but I’m 100 percent happy with my decision.”

Gonzalez says he wouldn’t want to go back on his “good luck” to retire on his own terms, although nothing he said will stop teams from making a call to see if Gonzalez feels differently in a couple of months. It seems like a long shot that there will be any change, but the opportunity to increase your chances of winning a Super Bowl can lead teams to try such shots.