Von Miller: If I had to take my pick of 2011 draft class, I’d pick myself


There were several star players in the 2011 draft class, including Cam Newton, Von Miller, Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green, J.J. Watt and Richard Sherman.

That makes for an interesting barroom debate about which player you’d take first if you could have your pick of all the players selected that spring with the knowledge of how they’ve developed once they hit the NFL. Miller was the second pick in the draft, but the Broncos linebacker said Tuesday that he’d bump himself up a slot if he was given the chance to make such a selection.

“I spend a lot of time with myself, and I am most familiar with myself,” Miller said, via Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post. “If I had to make a pick, it would be me.”

Kiszla writes that Miller was laughing as he said it and it’s hardly a shock to hear a professional athlete express confidence in himself even if last year’s suspension and torn ACL make it difficult to see Miller as having provided the most return on investment from his selection.

With DeMarcus Ware now installed across from him, Miller could put up a strong counterargument to that this season and it would come at a very advantageous time. Like Watt, Miller is looking for a contract extension that boosts him to a bigger paycheck and a full return to form this year would be an excellent way to do that.

45 responses to “Von Miller: If I had to take my pick of 2011 draft class, I’d pick myself

  1. Depends on what your franchise needs… If you need a QB then why take Miller ? But if you are good at QB , it would be hard to leave Watt on the board knowing what he can do for your defense. Most important players on a team are the QB , his blind side tackle and pass rushers

  2. Even when he says something completely logical, I’m still not sure if he’s making any sense…

  3. Miller will have to be careful about playing with Performance Enhancing Drugs. Without PEDs, he may wind well wind up like Shawn Merriman who also looked all-world before he was busted. Miller certainly didn’t look extraordinary after he returned from his suspension last year. The Burros won last year on P. Mannings arm and despite their defense.

  4. Given his off the field issues and moronic behavior, he’d drop in the draft. Also given the other talent, he’d drop as well. I know I’d take Cam Newton, JJ Watt, AJ Green, and Peterson over this guy. Then it would be a toss up between him and Aldon Smith. Aldon has more talent, but he’s even more of a head case.

  5. What’s his choice among the various steroids out there on the market? Would he stick to amphetamines since he’s most familiar with that one too?

  6. JJ Watt, and it’s not even close.
    You might be QB desperate and take Newton because of the importance of the QB position but Watt is the best player by far.

  7. He got suspended for being a pot head and a ecstasy lover. Hardly called those PEDs, he’d probably perform a whole lot better laying off drugs that slows you down mentally and make you lazy.

  8. To the uneducated:

    Miller was never suspended for PED’s. He likes club drugs (I have heard ecstasy). He was suspended for 6 games last year because he tried to beat the system, but it wasn’t for PED’s.

    Some of you guys should, you know, read?!

  9. best draft of all time? I think it so.

    After 3 years, Newton is STATISTICALLY the greatest qb ever. We all know that is misconstrued, but no qb in history has put up his number in their first 3 years.

    AJ Green is a top 5 wide receiver.

    JJ Watt and Robert Quinn are top 5 defensive players in the league.

    Crazy good draft.

  10. Great class so far, but JJ Watt is its best player.

    Dominant force against the run, plays 3-4 DE but is a sack machine.

    And we’ve seen only 3 years of a guy who will definitelybe among the all-time greats unless something cuts his career short.

  11. All off field issues asside, anyone with a set of eyes would know that Aldon Smith has been a solid player on a rediculous pace of attaining sacks. While some would say that he’s only productive because of Justin Smith, i ask why hasn’t there been another 49er to crack double digit sacks prior to the three years before Aldon Smith was drafted to the team?

    What happened to the real fans who appreciate the game and can acknowledge pure talent when they see it?

    PS – Aldon’s production dipped in 2012 because he himself had a torn labrum. Tough to get sacks with one arm.

    To all those that would disregard this kid’s talent, i’d wager your team would be first in line to pick him up if they had the chance.

  12. thank god some of you pointed it out. after the first two PED posts i was sitting here thinking “didn’t he get suspended for weed and molly?”…but then i read like 6 more PED posts and started to think maybe i was the misinformed one. but nope, i was right. once again, all the idiots on this site prove their ignorance.

  13. I didn’t know I was “uneducated” because I don’t keep up with what drugs Von Miller takes.

    Next time I need to be educated about club drugs I’ll be sure to contact a person from Denver.

    Colorado is making this country dumber by the day.

  14. I’d take Peterson. Top 3/4 CB, which is hugely valuable in today’s league, plus a big return threat. He’s like Deion Sanders. Miller is a heck of a player though.

  15. Pilot- PEDs and recreational drugs are much different.

    What’s with the Robert Quinn arguments?

    Von miller has more sacks, tackles for loss, qb hurries, and forced fumbles playing as a 4-3 linebacker than Quinn in there first 3 years while playing 7 less games.

    I like Aldon and Quinn a lot as they are great players but to say they are even close to watt and miller in terms of all around talent is absurd.

  16. To the Burro fans up-in-arms about the Miller-PED association :

    No, there’s no *absolute* proof that he’s a PED-user, but there’s also no proof that he isn’t….and the reason he got suspended was because he tried to cheat the test which suggests that he was desperately trying to hide something (perhaps PEDs?). Also, it’s revealing that his performance dropped off significantly after his return from suspension – just like Merriman.

    Now that Miller is under intense scrutiny, we’ll see going forward if his on-field performance comes close to what it was in his first 2 years.

  17. “He likes weed and molly…..” oh, that’s much better. What a bunch of tools from denver.

    43 – 8 geniuses

  18. Great player physically– just an immature, no direction guy.

    But Cam would still be the top pick, even though he isn’t all that good. Next would be Peterson, A.J. Green, Richard Sherman and then JJ Watt. Miller wouldn’t crack that.

  19. That would make Von Miller dumber than he is now. Maybe he was high when he made these comments. You can’t blame him…it’s the drugs…everyone in Colorado is stoned.

  20. Newton is a better passer but Tebow is a better QB. Tebow won more in college and has a playoff win in the NFL something that Cam has yet to accomplish even though Cam has been in the NFL longer.

  21. I like defense I would say J.J Watt because of his versatility, plugs the run as a D-tackle,sacks, and bats balls down. Them beast himself Robert Quin. I think Aldon Smith has so many sack because of Justin Smith purposely getting double teamed. But 1 one 1 with a tackle Aldon can win.

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