Chargers preseason tickets going for next to nothing

Each week during the regular season, we monitor the Chargers for blackouts.

But in the preseason, it’s hard for some people to give away the tickets they’ve already paid for.

According to Jonathan Horn of U-T San Diego, the secondary market for Chargers tickets underscores the (lack of) value of the preseason for consumers.

They found tickets for next week’s fourth exhibition game as low as $6.55, with most seats available on StubHub going around 85 percent off face value.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the game features the Cardinals, who will be back 11 days later for a real game on Monday Night Football, or that few if any stars will appear.

“It’s got all the factors of being a dud,” said ticket broker John Nelson, owner of Premier Tickets in Mission Valley. “I’m prepared to take $10 a ticket just to get something.”

Considering it’s the secondary market — meaning they’ve already sold that ticket once — it’s hard to know how much NFL owners care about the low demand.

But it’s also a sign of growing dissatisfaction with the preseason at a time when there’s little movement from owners to shorten it.

37 responses to “Chargers preseason tickets going for next to nothing

  1. Personally I think 4 games is about right. Need time to evaluate the players. It also gets them used to facing an opponent other than a teammate.

    I like the 16 game regular season. It will work until the next re-alignment whenever that happens.

  2. Yah, shortening it is not the answer.

    If they add a couple more games in the playoffs then maybe make the last two only for the guys on the edge or something? I don’t think guys on the cut line would mind one or two more chances to prove themselves against another team.

  3. Donate the tickets to the numerous military members and their families in the area. Let them get off the base for a while. Seems like a relatively inexpensive gesture to me.

  4. And then the NFL further punishes the season ticket holders by having a flag thrown on every play.

  5. I know Irsay made the comments about how season ticket holders are paying for a 10 game package, but I’d really prefer the regular season tickets were a higher price and the preaseason games were priced lower.

    It’s insane that they charge people full price for tickets and for parking during preseason just to have the ‘right’ to get all of the regular season tickets.

  6. I’d rather see 0 games, and find other ways to evaluate players and match them up with opponents. 4 is a huge number of games considering I’m not seeing a very high percentage of players getting a shot to be properly evaluated anyhow, and it just seems to me the costs are disproportionately high. And then a large chunk of players that do get a chance to show something end up being those that just ride the bench during the season. It doesn’t all add up and it’s not exciting or interesting enough.

  7. Must make all you fans of other teams so mad that us Charger fans could care less to show up to the preseason, but you can bet we’ll be there in the post season, unlike so many of you.

    The demands of living in Southern California are far greater than most of you would understand, and we don’t expect you do.

  8. The Chargers really can’t be moved because they have virtually no fan base.

    They’re worthless.

  9. This. Is San Diego. Not some dump mid west or east coast town. We’ve got better things to do than go to a meaningless week 4 practice game. As a season ticket holder you donate the preseason tickets and get a tax write off. See you in September.

  10. I don’t know how it is in other cities, but it’s free to attend Titan’s practices and that’s all a preseason game is really. Why not make those preseason games free or at least dirt cheap just to help build the local fan base and give the community a little more excitement about the upcoming season?

  11. Picture shows pennies on a dollar. The artistry is downright poetic. Put’s a lump in my throat and a song in my heart.

  12. Next to? Mine are going for nothing, as in I’m giving them away. For the second time this season.

    I don’t understand the infatuation with pre-season tickets sales and attendance.

  13. I love all the great ideas, but the military guys can afford a $7 ticket – Obviously they just dont want to go.

  14. Being so close to the border, are you positive that these prices aren’t being quoted in pesos?

  15. Well that’s great but look at their regular season prices. They charge 150.00 for nosebleeds against bad teams. Not only that Qualcomm Stadium is one of the biggest dumps in the league.

  16. Do tickets for any team’s preseason game have much resale value ?

    I doubt it very much. Maybe for the 3rd one where the starters play a lot they retain most of their value, I wouldn’t think so for any of the other games though for any of the teams.

  17. Chargers actually travel to AZ for Week 1. Not a major error, but they are not asking fans to see the same opponent at home in preseason week 4 and again in week 1. The essence is the same, preseason week 4, virtually unwatchable for football entertainment, will reach new heights of awfulness when two teams play and then meet for real ten or so days later.

  18. The owners should wise up and make all preseason games very low cost and fan festivals with all sorts of team-related activity on those nights.

  19. Headline should read


    Because I don’t. I gave my ticket to my brother. AND I HAVE 8 REAL GAMES TO GO TO.


  20. the problem in SD is the location of the stadium. if they had a downtown stadium right next to petco, it would sell out. a big thing overlooked is the cost for someone in the military to drive that distance. then factor in that most people want to drink. can’t drink and drive, so you can take a trolley somewhere, but by then you are spending more money and that cheap ticket isn’t so cheap anymore. so you are paying for a cab, or going to a game sober, they have plenty of free movies and entertainment on/near the base. preseason isn’t entertainment for anyone who doesn’t follow a team 24/7.

  21. Of course, it doesn’t help that the game features the Cardinals, who will be back 11 days later for a real game on Monday Night Football, or that few if any stars will appear. San Diego plays AT ARIZONA in 11 days, the Cardinals do not go back there! Just as back as saying wrong Cardinals torn ACL in practice last week!

  22. Lol oh Charger fans. I love the “we have better things to do” excuse. Just goes to prove they don’t really care about football.

    The stadium is right there in the heart of Mission Valley with easy access using the trolley. Getting to the stadium and home is less than an hour of commute time. What better way to spend a Sunday evening than watching a pre-season game of your favorite team in beautiful weather at Qualcomm. And for what, $10!? I’d be there in a heart beat if it was my team.

    Guess real fans look at watching pre-season differently than Charger fans. No surprise they can’t name any more players other than Rivers, Gates and maybe Weddle. Pre-season games require having to study a new roster and understand what’s going on on the field.

  23. Cancel preseason, have teams just scrimmage each other and open up that to the public for free. Add 2 more games to the regular season.

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