Christian Ponder: I’m not asking for a trade


Last week, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder said that he was open to a trade now that he’s ensconced in the No. 3 spot on the depth chart in Minnesota.

Vikings coaches have since said that they feel there’s value to having Ponder on the team, something the team’s fans don’t seem to agree with given the boos that Ponder’s heard in the preseason. Ponder said Wednesday that he’s heard the boos and understands where they come from, but the frosty reaction isn’t turning his openness toward a trade into a burning desire to move elsewhere.

“I’m not asking for a trade,” Ponder said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m learning so much right now. I do feel like it’s beneficial for me to be right here right now. As a competitor, though, you want to be the guy that’s out there playing. But I do feel like in the situation I’m in right now, I am getting better though I’m not playing.”

The idea of Ponder asking for a trade after the way he’s played thus far in his NFL career may elicit some chuckles, but so do the backup quarterback pictures for some teams around the league. The 49ers come to mind as a team that may want to consider other options after watching Blaine Gabbert live down to his reputation and there aren’t many with the experience that Ponder has picked up over the last three years.

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  1. I’ll be interested to see if he sticks around the league as a journeyman back-up or if he moves on to other things. We’re talking about a guy who earned his MBA in his Junior year–he has other options…

  2. Ponder is a serviceable backup QB. While he is not one of the 32 best QBs in the league right now, he’s certainly good enough to score a backup (not third string) position with a team.

    Most scouts projected this for Ponder. It’s too bad for Ponder that Rick Spielman saw him as a franchise QB.

  3. I hear from the locals in Tallahassee that he constantly has to have his elbow drained of fluid now and when he played for FSU. I am rooting for him, but if that is true true than I can’t imagine how much more time he has in the NFL.

  4. He knows the only team he has any chance to see any playing time is with the talent void vikings. How can he hold any grudges when he received 1st round money for 7th round talent.

  5. That’s a good thing because there are 31 other teams that are saying the same thing.

    I swear it must be something in the drinking water that causes this level of delusional thinking among Ponder and his coaches to think any other GM would trade anything of value to secure his weak arm and wounded ducks.

  6. There is value having him as a #3….. He’s not starting and costing you games…. Jokes aside… He’s Good value off the bench

  7. He is the most phsically talented QB in MN. I’m not sure that is actually a complement to Ponder or a realization the the QB position in MN is in such a asad state for the 52nd straight year.

  8. Ponder would be the hands down favorite as the starting quarterback in Cleveland.

    Then again, there’s not much competition in Cleveland to speak of.

  9. His wife likes it in the Twin Cities. And since she soon will be making more money than he will, she gets to wear the pants.

  10. If the Vikings keep him on the roster, he’ll learn a lot from Norv Turner this year. He’ll sign with some team as a backup next season and if he gets a chance to play, he’ll probably be much better than we saw before. Still not starter-worthy though.

  11. Wow!
    A Lions’ fan, we don’t get a lot that around here.
    Have the Lions even sniffed the playoffs?
    2013 Lions – all it would have taken was two wins and the division was yours.
    Hiemlich maneuver time.

  12. He should have asked out as soon as Bridgewater was drafted. He could have competed for a #2 job somewhere, its too late now.

  13. His claim to fame will be torching a lousy Turd Bay defense and beating Erin Rodgers again. In all reality all they did was prevent them from a 1st round playoff bye which all they did was move the annual “one and done” party a week early.

  14. If Flynn and Tolzien were available, the Vikings would take both of them over Cassel and Ponder so fast you’d think you were playing a video game.

    And as for Bridgewater…….meh.

  15. His claim to fame will be torching a lousy Green Bay defense and beating Erin Rodgers again. In all reality all they did was prevent them from a 1st round playoff bye which all they did was move the annual “one and done” party a week early.

  16. VIKES will try to talk him up as much as they can before final cuts and put in easy passes for him in the 4th preseason game (no 15 outs or long balls) in hopes to entice someone to trade.

    Don’t feel sorry for him. If he was drafted in the 6th round he would already be out of the league because he would not of been handed the staring position on a platter and then allowed to keep it no matter how poorly he played and would not have the money he has now. He like Tbow convinced one GM that he was good and that is all it takes.

  17. meant to put “starting position” but he did turn it into a “staring position” or Pondering position

  18. He isn’t the greatest QB, but I really think his career got messed up big time. First, the lack of a regular training camp and preseason coupled with putrid coaching. Then, the Favre/McNabb debacle. Last, the QB carousel. The poor guy never had a chance.

    If he had competent coaching and play calling from the start and a regular preseason and training camp, he could have been a pretty decent QB.

  19. About the only thing funnier than anyone thinking Ponder has trade value is the ridiculous adoration Packer fans give their oft-failed back-up QBs.

  20. ariani1985 says:
    Aug 21, 2014 11:11 AM

    His claim to fame will be torching a lousy Green Bay defense and beating Erin Rodgers again. In all reality all they did was prevent them from a 1st round playoff bye which all they did was move the annual “one and done” party a week early

    That would be a week later not earlier because the pathetic queens were the one and done getting embarrassed by the Pack in the playoffs. Secondly Ponder has only won one game against the Pack so the again comment means what?When have the Vikings last won a playoff game? Some people just cant fix stupid.

  21. Who are the Vikings? Oh, that team with one talented player who is on the decline and in the twilight of his career. Oh…. them.. The Lions will be winning first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)

  22. Good value off the bench? Good #3 QB? Spare me. Ponder’s play is garbage — as he’s proven for the past 3 years and change.

    Let’s be honest: all you need for a #3 QB is the ability to hand it off to AP. Two sticks tied together with some twine can do that better than Ponder. I think there are plenty options available for less than $1.3 million to do that job.

    He may not want a trade, but we do. Fans got a taste of what good QB play brings them during the preseason so far. It’s time for Minnesota to purge the nightmare that has been the Ponder years.

  23. Its funny cause Ponder has made the playoffs as many times as Cutler and Stafford in less years. Just a thought.

  24. It’s been more of a problem the past 3 years of his team having a horrible scheme with too much emphasis on the running game than it has been Christian being bad.I don’t believe that even the Brady’s or Mannings of the league would’ve had much better success considering they’d have been running a Bill Musgrave offense. the first two years he played here we had what may have been the 32nd ranked wr corp, again no fault of the qb. if Zimmer would’ve kept to his ” it’s an even competition” motto he referred to early spring, who knows, it might be a battle between Ponder and someone els for the #1 spot right now.

  25. He’s better than peewee Rodgers bc he beats Rodger to get in the play off but didn’t have a chance to beat him again in the play off due to injury.

  26. This is exactly why good QB’s refuse to go to bad teams a.k.a Eli manning, Elway, etc… They are bad for a reason. Usually it is systemic from the leadership but the player gets the moniker. I am interested to see how Ponder is now that he has a real QB coach and a real playbook with a real OC. The problem is getting quality reps with good players. in true Mr. Myiagi philosophy – no such thing as bad student …only bad teacher…

  27. don’t worry about this guy- he says all the right things so some GM will pick him up. Ponder’s failure is simple – can’t see the field to finish games. choke…whatever you call it. maybe he will be like Rich Gannon – I guy who could run but took about 6-7 years to mature.

  28. Can’t believe I’m about to say this…I wouldn’t mind having Ponder as our backup for the 49ers…(The catch is you’d have to trade us straight-up for Gabbert.)

  29. It doesn’t seem that long ago when all of you Vikes fans were convinced Ponder was the one and the promised land was in site.
    As long as Spielman has a job up there, you can expect that to continue.
    Maybe if they do hang on to him for another year, Turner can teach him something.. Right now he isnt worth a ham sandwich.

  30. Why would he want to leave? He was able to plan his wedding during the Season. Now he can have more time to do things like take Baby Pictures. Or maybe plan an Anniversary Surprise for the Mrs.. And the great thing is the Minnesota Media goes all GaGa for it. No wonder this Team is soft.

  31. Ponder should be happy rostered anywhere.

    He had ample opportunity, more than many have, and didn’t do much with it. And given who’s currently listed higher than he (Cassel / Bridgewater), patience is definately a virtue here. He may get his chance again.

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