Giants rookie, Rex Ryan trade barbs about rivalry game


If you’re looking for reasons to be interested in a generally uninteresting preseason game, the Giants and Jets are doing their best to manufacture a little interest.

Giants rookie Andre Williams turned the heat on by declaring to the New York Post: “I think the Giants are the real New York team.”

Fortunately, there was time to get a response from Jets coach Rex Ryan to the young running back from Boston College.

Yeah, last time I saw him he was getting smoked by Clemson,” Ryan said.

(Ryan’s son Seth plays at Clemson, and Williams was held to 70 yards in a loss to the Tigers last year, his third-lowest rushing game of the year.)

“I have a funny feeling,” Ryan continued, via “he’s going to get some [helmets] put on him.”

As rivalries go, this one isn’t much, as the Giants can point to a cabinet full of trophies, while the Jets haven’t won anything since Woodstock.


“I think there is something to it,” Ryan said of the preseason series. “You don’t get to play each other very often. This game’s always a physical game.”

And now it has a subplot, which puts it ahead of most preseason games, and gives us a parenthetical reason to be interested in it.


36 responses to “Giants rookie, Rex Ryan trade barbs about rivalry game

  1. As a Pats fans I have to say I love Rex Ryan – he’s a kick. I think he’s really is a good coach and motivator.
    I just love our coach more.
    In Bill We Trust.

  2. Rex Ryan has the maturity of a junior in high school. It’s shocking that he’s made it as far as he has in life but I guess that’s just because of who his dad is. I wish my dad was an NFL coach I’ve never seen such rampant nepotism anywhere.

  3. Speaking of Woodstock, the Jets can lay claim to their cabinet full of Snoopy Bowl trophies. (Annual pre-season “bowl” between the Giants/Jets for the uninformed)(Yes it’s a real trophy)

  4. The Jets Super Bowl games are coming up.The annual preseason game against the Giants to try to prove they aren’t the Red Headed Step Children of NY football( which everyone knows they are) and the games vs New England as many Jets fans post that their greatest victory in recent team memory was beating the Patriots in a playoff game three and a half years ago.

    You can safely place that 46th candle on the anniversary cake Jets fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. In the real world, the business world, it’s NOT about what DID you do for me, it’s WHAT you ARE going to do for me in the future!!

    Stick your trophy case where it fits

  6. It’s funny that the Jets always take this game way more serious than the Giants. Try to beat them in the regular season when it counts first. Last time I saw them play in a meaningful game Ahmad Bradshaw ran right over their safety.

  7. Does Rex realize he not in HS anymore, and the head coach of a company worth more than a billion dollars. Or is he really this juvenile?

  8. The Jets are going to shock the world 11-5 or 10-6 wouldn’t be a surprise. They are loaded. They will finish with a better record then the Giants.

  9. There was a Sunday in 1969 that I traveled to New Haven ,Conn. and came home devastated. In this rivalry that was the last time.

    I will say that Rex has created a glimmer of pride for a beaten down franchise and has given a long dead rivalry a rebirth.It is a lot of fun listening and partaking in the back and forth trash talk.

    The winner of this game means nothing.Let’s just hope the team’s players come out uninjured.

  10. Why is a coach exchanging barbs with players. Do your job and coach your team. Let the players talk crap. Oh I just remembered you can only get attention by running your mouth because you can’t coach.

  11. Giants fans have conveniently forgoten that they were the laughing stock of the NFL before Parcells got there. Most of you are too young to know this but go ask your fathers or brush up on your history about how bad they were. Don’t gimme that Rex is the only one that cares about the stupid snooppy bowl when Tom Coughlin was the one that was calling time outs last year in 4th Q and actually kicked a FG to tie it and force overtime instead of just letting the clock run out in the game but eveyone forgets about that too. There was no reason for it to go into overtime but Tom didn’t want to lose but somehow its Rex is the one thats tagged for only coach about caring who wins.

  12. Mr.Wonderful(a bit pretentious),

    I go way back in Giants history and,yes,there was a period(1964-1980)where we struggled mightily.Before that(1925-1963)we were in the mix almost every year and won quite a few NFL championships to boot.

    Since 1981 the Giants have been a model franchise(at least compared to the Jets)winning 4 super bowls in 5 appearances.

    Yes,Mr.Coughlin is competitive,but he follows his own mantra “Talk is cheap,play the game” As opposed to your boy Rex,Talk,talk,talk.One of these days we’ll back it up.

    In conclusion,Mr.Wonderful,you might refrain from defending a team that hasn’t won anything for 45 years and a coach ,who has never won anything,but a bragging contest.

  13. Coughlin wasn’t trying to win that game to put that dopey Snoopy trophy in our cluttered Lombardi case. He was doing what smart coaches do in the preseason which is replicate actual game conditions and give your team / kicker a pressure cooker drive / kick.

    Maybe Rex should take note how a championship caliber coach conducts himself.

  14. This is Rex, this is NY. You hear a NYG rookie spew garbage, Rex throws it back in his face. I love that.

    Only problem is typical NYG homer PFT neglects to emphasize the more interesting part of this story which is a rookie in NY opening his mouth. I guess it was fine to do that when Pryor said he knows who the enemy is, but we all know when push comes to shove that PFT will support and honor NYG and pile on NYJ 100% of the time. Grow a pair!

  15. Just

    As a 55 year fan of the G men I have to say personally I love the JESTs

    As Woody and his scrubs shared the cost of building the new Giants Stadium keeping my PSL costs down.

    And for those of you who do not know it a Jest fan is a football fan who could not get tickets to the Giants

    And the last time Rex held a Lombardi was when he was on his daddy’s knee in 85 and daddy was not a HC but a DC as daddy just like his boys never won as a HC

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