Griffin stands by his “doubters” tweet


Some folks conjure imaginary friends.  Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III has crafted some imaginary enemies.  On Wednesday, he chastised his unidentified — and possibly non-existent — “doubters” via Twitter.  On Thursday, Griffin dug in even deeper.

“As far as I’m concerned, I said what I needed to say,” Griffin said Thursday, via the Associated Press.  “It is what I believe, and what our household deems necessary to go out every day and be successful.”

Griffin added that he’ll continue to periodically communicate through Twitter, reasoning that his followers follow him for a reason.

“There are 1.1 million people on Twitter that want to hear what [I] have to say,” Griffin said, going scoreboard on his seven-figure collection of Twitter users who receive any and all of his tweets and retweets.  “And it’s not that we tweet all the time, but anytime we tweet something it gets blown up, but it is what it is.”

If Griffin has concocted a narrative that many doubt him in order to provide extra motivation for himself and his teammates, that’s fine.  The perception that he’s thin-skinned, however, will serve as chum in the Internet shark tank, inviting plenty of real doubt, hate, and vitriol to replace the exaggerated and/or fabricated collection of criticism that prompted his tweet.

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  1. Well, Colin Kaepernick is unfairly criticized by unidentified — and possibly non-existent — doubters, too.

    It’s all the rage among starting QBs these days…

  2. I think RG3 has talent, the only negative thing I have had to say about him is he really lacks leadership qualities.

    The guy is the definition of insecure. All the stuff last year from not being able to take blame for negatives, to going on Twitter to call out his “doubters” and even citing the number of people following him. At there is a fan on here that idolizes him, I am sure that will pick him up a little.

  3. Narcissistic and self-centered. He’s the football version of Kobe Bryant, but hasn’t achieved anything yet.

  4. I do agree RG3 that needs to stop listening to people who are saying bad and good stuff about him though,block out the noise it is easy to do Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to do so it shouldn’t be hard for him too.

  5. If this guy is thin-skinned, Twitter will be the least of his problems …

    There will be plenty of defensive players on the field each week who will be more than willing to dish out a bit of verbal abuse. Especially if they think it annoys him.

    III’s best move would be to close his Twitter account and spend a bit more time in the film room.

  6. This is the equivalent of Manziel giving the Redskin bench the finger. No mental toughness. A couple of 16 year olds bust his balls on Twitter and he reacts like ESPN is throwing him under the bus daily. Not off to a great start proving your doubters wrong.

  7. Top 5 QB’s in the last 5 drafts :

    1. Teddy Bridgewater.
    2. Andrew Luck.
    3. Russell Wilson.
    4. Nick Foles.
    5. Colin Kaepernick.


    The only one whose earned a Lombardi – Russell Wilson.


  8. This is so stupid, and I am a big Skins fan. No one who is a “doubter” is going to hear/read you call them out and be like, “Oh wait… he’s right!” You know what’s going to make people believe in you??? WIN. WIN THE BIG ONE.

    Less talk, more win. Less talk, more win. Less talk, more win (ad infinitum).

    You just know that if RG3 never really turns into the elite game-changer he thinks he is (and is capable of – see 2012), he’s going to be a very bitter 35 year old man, calling out all the “haters” that kept him from becoming great.

    It’s all in your hands, dude. I’m not asking you to stop using twitter or social media; just stop calling out these ghosts that are in reality a manifestation of your own insecurity.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  9. Not a R-Skins fan, but I’m an RG3 fan (no, I’m not a Baylor fan either). I’d like for him to break the Heisman curse on QBs and become an elite QB in the NFL. However, he’s been very disappointing with his attitude and ego. He took zero responsibility for his part in getting Shanahan fired. He went over his coach’s head straight to the owner. His ego and refusal to change his playing style are what got knee torn up and then rushing back before he was physically ready. RG3 has a bright future if he would just check his ego and listen to others. He’s turning into the hated McNabb.

  10. I never thought he was a fool. Just couldn’t grasp playing NFL football. But now I think he’s a fool.
    But that’s OK. It’s not like the Redskins gave up too much for him!

  11. My only problem with Griffin is, he believes he has accomplished so much already. At this level, he hasn’t, flat out. He won a division barely breaking .500 with a team that relied on defense and the run game, and won ROY for it… did Vince Young

    He hasn’t won a playoff game, looked awful pre-knee explosion in the one he played. He was less than impressive last year, which you would think would cause him to realize how much he needs to stay healthy and mobile. But yet I watched him get destroyed several times with avoidable hits in a pre-season game. But he has 2 books!

    I think he has a world of talent, and a ton of potential. But he has to first realize that he is nowhere near the top QB’s in this league, and he has a lot to learn, a lot of work to put in, and a lot of changes in his game that need to be made

  12. There are 1.1 million people on Twitter that want to hear what [I] have to say

    This is worse than I thought.


  14. Perception of being thin skinned?

    The reality is that he is thin skinned…

    He worries far too much about far too many things he shouldn’t bother spending 3 seconds worth of thought on…

  15. I thought not only did he play for Baylor in college but he was on “The NFL Team Representing the District of Columbia?” Why did he go back to play for the Huskies? Is that even legal?

  16. So let me get this straight…

    Things that DO NOT motivate RGIII and Kaepernick;

    Money. Fame. Chicks. Glory. Winning a Super Bowl.

    Things that DO motivate RGIII and Kaepernick;

    That guy on twitter saying mean things.

  17. RG3 is the second best QB on this team. When he gets hurt, Cousins will make sure RG3 never sees the field again in Washington. How can Gruden and company not see this already?

  18. This guy has morphed into Donavon McNabb who spent an entire career upset that some stupid fans led by a shock jock booed him on draft night because they wanted Ricky Williams. Grow up.

  19. Hey Robert some advise for you from a fellow athlete who’s lost more than he’s won (although I did win 3 national championships in my sport). YOU are your own business in life no matter what your doing at the time. In your case now you must study your competition more than THEY study you! You must focus on your areas of weakness and make those your strengths. Case in point , learning to slide will protect you as a business so bring in whom ever you need and work on that , focus on it, demand and expect of yourself. DO NOT mess around on twitter as its causing you mental hardship. You are delicate in mind right now. Recognize this and surround yourself with people that help develop and bring your mental toughness up to a level of peace or ZEN. If your mind is not at peace you will not realize your potential. This small but critical advice was given to me years ago by 2 people that cared and allowed me to achieve things I would never have imagined. Remember MOST people want you to fail, want all of us to fail. Its not the world against you , its the world against all of us. If you can count the people that really care about you on more than one hand you can’t count. Its really on average 3 people for all of us. I wish you the best, GO HAWKS!!

  20. RGME still playing the “everyone doubts me card.” This guy is the definition of a fraud. I’m tired of hearing how great a guy he is. His teammates don’t like him, they won’t even help him up off the ground after taking a hit. And now the media is starting to turn on him.

  21. The problem with RGME is that he reaps the rewards of being a four draft pick QB and doesn’t seek to justify that cost by his total performance.

    He may has some limited talent, but right now he is a mediocre to average QB – he is a loser – he has issues with reading defenses and running a two minute offense – he has significant deep ball accuracy issues with coverage. He has significant mental issues with the speed of processing what he needs to do and clings to the ball like an NRA member and their hand gun.

    He is not a leader in any shape or fashion.

    His off season work ethic is some of the worst any starting QB could do.

    He is uncoachable, arrogant, and selfish.

    Perhaps Griffin should really look at himself in the mirror and tell his daddy to take a hike. Until Griffin can grow a set and be his own man, he’ll forever be subject to the criticism befit someone who cost his team four draft choices. He may not like the scrutiny, but he sure as hell is cashing in on the plums of the cost.

  22. There very much are doubters in the DMV area – I recommend the writer listen to, watch, or read local media before claiming that the doubters are “imaginary”.

  23. When you are a professional athlete, the last thing you want to do is feed the doubters.

    Also, get your butt off twitter and play football Bob. I find it ridiculous that it was okay when he was commended for being good in 2012, but in 2013, it is a travesty that he is being ridiculed.

  24. @Laserw, it was only 2 draft picks not 3, they switched places with the Rams. I have no idea whrre you got 4 picks from you must have dreamed that.

  25. RG3 is still showing an amazing lack of concern for his injured knees by having a quarterback run as a dominant part of his strategy.

    RG will retire himself this year very quickly if he continues to display this sad defect in his stratgey.

    The NFL is not college and all defenses have professional knee destroyers as a part of their defense.

    Especially when you have already had numerous knee surgeries.

    The very sad fact is that RG3 seems to not realize that he has a hell of an accurate,powerful arm and he just needs to sit back and do a much quicker scan and release then he does now.

    RG3 does’nt change his ideas on running the ball,he won’t last five games this year.

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