Nick Fairley wants to win his starting job back


Nick Fairley admitted he let himself go a bit, gained some weight, and that contributed to his benching.

But even after the latest attempt to motivate the 2011 first-rounder, Fairly says he wants to earn back the Lions’ trust and become the kind of player they think he can be.

“Really what I plan on doing is just continue to get better as a player and help this team win and just go out there and play my [tail] off,” Fairley said.

The Lions recently put him behind C.J. Mosley on the depth chart, and Fairley denied he was disappointed, even though he hopes to regain his starting job soon.

“No, no, no. Not at all,” he said. “Hey, I’m a team player. I’m here to help this team win, and I’m trying to be the best teammate I can.”

That almost sounds sincere (unlike when Arian Foster says it when he’s trying to get out of interviews he seems to think are beneath him), but the Lions have a vested interest in getting Fairley back in the boat.

Teammate Ndamukong Suh said: “Nick is more athletically gifted than me, and he has an opportunity to be better than me, and that’s what I want to see out of him.”

While that might be a stretch, it’s safe to say he can be an important part of the Lions’ defense, but only if he’s in shape and wants to be.

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  1. As a Lions fan, I’m 90% sure we’ll have two brand new starting Defensive Tackles next season. Suh is going to get more on the open market than the Lions will offer and Fairley won’t be worth the money he’ll eventually ask for.

    That D-Line goes from ‘one of the best’ to ‘extremely mediocre’.

  2. Not about weight, it’s about commitment and performance… All wrapped up in a seemingly lazy package for now.

    Should have cared about not losing the starting job… But now PROVE you want it back on the field.

    No talk just do.

  3. This is proof that the team made the right decision not to give him the 5th year. If he isn’t motivated to earn a contract, how motivated will he be with a big dollar signing bonus…

  4. I still can’t quite wrap my head around this situation. He shows up at 295lbs after changing his diet and the Lions tell him he’s too skinny? Then he eats himself out of a starting job? Maybe the Lions should have been happy that he lost weight and let him play at 295. Come on, 295 is too skinny?

  5. and he wants to win a lifetime supply of snickers bars. He’s the Briant McKinney of the D line!

  6. Fairley would be the starter at DT for 31 other teams in the NFL. The Lions are stacked at every position and the competition won’t be able to come close to the pinnacle of success that my Lions will achieve this season. The Lions will be winning first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)

  7. Fairley would only be a starter on teams with no other options. His work ethic is not good. His effort on the field has been inconsistent. So far this preseason it’s been lackluster.

    When Fairley talks, he acts as if there’s really no issue. Everything is fine. He believes he’ll be the starter because he doesn’t think Caldwell will bench him in the regular season. Also, he doesn’t even think being the “starter” in a rotational group is that important.

    Caldwell tried to get his attention by benching him, but it didn’t result in any changes on the field. Suh is trying to motivate him by praising him. Fairley’s reaction to Suh’s comment didn’t sound like someone who felt inspired or even planned to work harder.

    I say this is the time to trade him. The problem is that based on Fairley’s preseason tape, the Lions won’t get much.

  8. “but only if he’s in shape and wants to be”

    I thought these guys were supposed to be PROFESSIONAL football players. I can’t understand how they can be so indifferent in their approach to their careers. Never have, and never will.

    Getting to the NFL is not the goal. Once you get there, shouldn’t the goal be to be the best you can be?

    Grow up.

  9. Everyone is all over this guy and it’s not week 1 yet. This is all talk and motivation attempts. Let’s see what he looks like after the first few weeks and how much he is actually playing. My guess is, he starts a little slow but ends up having his best year alongside suh. And next year there is almost 0 chance he will be playing here… Good luck to you fairley, we need you if we’re winning the SB this year…

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