Patriots cut TE D.J. Williams, DL Marcus Forston


The Patriots have made yet another roster move at the tight end position, announcing the release of D.J. Williams on Thursday.

A fourth-year pro from Arkansas, Williams appeared in two games for New England in the 2013 regular season. He has also played for Jacksonville (2013) and Green Bay (2011-2012).

The Packers selected the 25-year-old Williams in the fifth round in 2011. He reportedly has dealt with a leg injury of late.

The move leaves the Patriots with four tight ends.

The Patriots also announced the release of defensive lineman Marcus Forston, a second-year pro who played in three games for New England a season ago.

The Pats have three open roster spots.

25 responses to “Patriots cut TE D.J. Williams, DL Marcus Forston

  1. I think Keller is way more likely at this point. He’s been on the Pats radar for awhile and they may have been waiting for him to get healthy. Gonzales may be more of a pipe dream, but if it did happen it would probably be about mid season, around the bye. Just hearing the rest of the league howl would be worth it.

    The release of Forston hopefully means Jones and Siliga are gonna be OK. Not great players I know, but they need the DT depth with all the guys coming off injuries.

  2. tedmurph, I agree. I’ve been following this Gonzalez story, like yourself, and I believe he’s intrigued by the opportunity. I don’t know anymore than any other fan, but I also wonder about the health of Keller. He’s missed so much of camp. It just seems like it would be difficult to expect much from him coming off that injury and the complexity of The Patriots offense. At least Tony’s healthy. I think the decision is totally his, and I hope he joins New England. I would love to see him and Gronk on the field at the same time. Imagine the look on the opposing linebackers as they break the huddle and walk to the line of scrimmage. Yikes!

  3. It relates to Peyton because with 3 open roster slots the way is now clear for Peyton to back up Brady like he’s always wanted.

  4. I’m guessing that Gonzales might just wait to see how the season plays for awhile and see who he thinks has a chance. He went back to Atl last yr probably thinking he had a good shot, but things just went south. He just seems like one of those guys that really wants a ring. Staying in shape has never been a problem for him.

  5. Yeah, Gronk Gonzalez, Edelman, LaFell, and Vereen on the field at the same time would be tough on defenses. Because Gronk, TGON, and LaFell are such good blockers (edelman no slouch either) they could run like crazy in a 221 or throw screens out of the backfield. Or kick out both TE’s into a spread which LBs couldn’t cover! Genius.

    But i’d just be happy to get Dustin Keller at this point!

  6. Probably this done as a favor to both Forston and DJ, so that they can catch on with another team while there is still time to learn a new system on a new team.

    This can only mean that Gronk and the Hooman are doing alright as well as a healthy Wilfork and T Kelley.

    Maybe that even brings Keller into the mix.

    Either way, good signs for the Pats and a respectful way to deal with players who have tried hard but won’t make the team.

    Never know, both I think could be back on the practice squad.

  7. tim8450, I agree with you, but don’t discount Develin and Lafell. I’ve heard that they want to use Lafell as the move tight end, much like they did with Hernandez, and Develin has been catching everything and has greatly improved his route running. For all my gushing over Gonzalez, I won’t be one bit surprised if BB sees his solution to this problem on the current roster. i.e. Develin/Lafell.

  8. This just highlights the difference between a winning franchise and a struggling one.

    The Patriots:
    Release a fourth year TE that did start last year possibly due to an injury leaving four more healthy TE left on the roster. (a nice message to players on the bubble of not making the roster)

    The Raiders:
    Have to sign a TE from the College off Route 5 to try and bolster a squad of four TE that are all sitting on the sideline injured. (TE from College for the Blind has excellent shot at making squad)

    Just saying……

  9. I realize all these guys have physical gifts I’ll never have and the NFL is hard. But could SOMEONE please rise to the occasion and play well enough to be a #2/3 TE for the New England Patriots?
    It’s a sweet gig. 6 figure salary. Benefits. Gronk gets 90% of the work. You block on running downs and catch a surprise 45 yard first down maybe once a season. Someone please own up to this job.

  10. I enjoy watching BB play chess with his preseason team moves, and we all watch and try to see into his mind.
    Impossible, it’s a NSA secured computer!

  11. Gonzalez isn’t coming back and why would they wait this long to sign Keller if they wanted him? Even if he’s hurt they would bring him in to start building a relationship with Tom Brady, and it’s not like anyone else is beating down his door to sign him, so that should say it all. I can see them waiting until final cuts and adding a TE at that point. Anyone they had serious interest in right now would be in camp

  12. BB isn’t trying to find any Gronkowski. He’s looking for someone to just play TE. Gronkowski is a unique player and when he shows up is already way ahead of the other TE’s. BB knows that, and is looking for players who can at least catch the ball and create situations and get to their spots. And block. I still think Jones has a good shot to become really good. If anyone can develop him appropriately, it’s BB and the Pats.

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