Pete Carroll: It’s time to get Marshawn Lynch some carries


The Seahawks started training camp without running back Marshawn Lynch because of Lynch’s holdout and they started working him back into the lineup during last week’s game against the Chargers.

Lynch played a handful of snaps, but never touched the ball before turning things over to Robert Turbin. Coach Pete Carroll said that Lynch will do more when the Seahawks face the Bears on Friday night.

“It’s time for him to get some carries and get involved a little bit. I really could not be more pleased with the conditioning level that he’s had, the consistency of practice and his preparation has been great. He’ll be ready to go and I know he’s looking forward to that too,” Lynch said, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT.

Lynch probably doesn’t need much preseason work to get ready for September and his body may even benefit from the lighter workload that he took as a result of his extended time away from the team this offseason. Turbin and Christine Michael have looked good in the first two games, giving the Seahawks enviable depth behind Lynch.

Carroll didn’t say whether or not Lynch and company would be running behind the team’s starting offensive line, which has yet to play together during the preseason, but they were practicing as a unit this week. That puts the Seahawks offense pretty close to ready for Week One heading into their regular season dress rehearsal.

41 responses to “Pete Carroll: It’s time to get Marshawn Lynch some carries

  1. I think Beast Mode gets under 5 carries and is rested the final game. That’s been status quo since he got here. Now I can’t wait to see how the offensive line plays together. James Carpenter looks like a new man and Sweezy may have developed into an solid guard if what the coaches are saying is true. Seattles offense may have potential to be as scary as their defense this year.

  2. Ummm… varga… have you ever paid attention to how much work Lynch has EVER put in during training camp since he’s been in Seattle? They’ve always tried to save him for the season.

    I’m not saying that he’s going to have a great season, and while he’s likely to have fewer carries this season as they work in Turbin and Michael, but I would actually expect his YPC increase this year, especially if the o-line stays healthy this year.

  3. vargavarga- your right he missed 6. Practices he will never be able to catch up now …

    Honestly do you realize how absolutely moronic you sound .

    Lynch averages 1.2 carriers per preseason game in Seattle . Not yards an attempt but carries . His style doesn’t need a lot of work in preseason when it’s unnecessary hits . He will go out and wreck havoc per usual.

  4. sb44champs says:
    Aug 21, 2014 3:33 PM

    Beast Mode? …more like Least Mode

    Someone is still hurt over watching him eliminate their team twice in four years, I see.

  5. Players with more 20+ yard gains then Lynch last season: Morris, Spiller, Forte, McCoy, Gore, Murray, TERRELLE PRYOR, Peterson, Ivory, Ellington, and Mathews.

    He had as many as James Starks.

    Lynch was also ranked 23rd in yards/attempt.

    His arrow is undeniably pointed down.

    Why do people think this guy is any good?

  6. thevikesarebest says:
    Aug 21, 2014 3:24 PM

    I know AP is probably the best running back in the league. I will give you that. However, we have the best defense, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, etc. etc.

    As the old saying goes, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    Go Hawks!

  7. Nope, I know the Saints have a way better team this year and I’d bet my life savings that the Saints have a better year than the Hawks… Hawks may have to actually play the Saints in New Orleans which Seattle would never win lol

  8. Just remember, it’s easier to get to the mountaintop than it is to stay there….

  9. peytons5head- what legal troubles ? That’s right NONE! You just bitter bc NO Seahawks have been in trouble or testing positive for anything and you just can’t stand how terrible they made your team look and how crushed the poor Denver fans were to be kick off that high horse!

    Also only looking at ypc without acknowledging Yac is a gross misunderstanding of the scenario from last season. The offensive line might have been the worst ok football mostly bc they were missing 2 pro bowlers and their other starting RT for nearly half a season . Of not for Houdini Russell Wilson the Seahawks would have won maybe 9 games.

    His line was HORRIBLE AND even though he didn’t have a great YPC he earned those yards with his YAC which shows him being contacted at the like of scrimmage .

  10. That fan throwing up useless stats and questioning Lynchs talent is showing how naive and little he knows of football. How many broken tackles did those other players have compared to Lynch last year? How many TDs did they put up? How many Super Bowls did they help their team win?

    Yeah move onto another thread….

  11. LOL……love to see all the fans of losing teams flock to Seahawk articles to get their cheap shots in……….trash away losers! Get ready for another year of Seattle dominance.

  12. I’d bet my life savings that the Saints have a better year than the Hawks

    And after winning I’d use it to go buy a six pack.

  13. vargavarga says:Aug 21, 2014 4:01 PM

    Players with more 20+ yard gains then Lynch last season: Morris, Spiller, Forte, McCoy, Gore, Murray, TERRELLE PRYOR, Peterson, Ivory, Ellington, and Mathews.

    How many of those players have SB 48 rings?
    Oh ya, just Lynch…. Gaining yards doesn’t mean squat if it doesn’t get you a championship…

    GO Hawks

  14. Oh gawd, another season of Mopery with Intent to Gawp by the also-ran fans.

    Hawks did a great job of holding the core team together after winning it last year: we all know how hard it is to repeat, but they have an excellent chance to do it again…and Marshawn will continue to maul defenses.

  15. Saints are better than the Seahawks. Sheesh. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read since “if you like your plan you can keep it.”

  16. “Lynch will have a awful season. Missed too much time.”

    This literally made me laugh out loud. Clearly someone who has no clue about the Seahawks or Lynch.

    Here’s a tip: he’s averaged 5 carries in the preseason, total, the last two seasons.

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha, LOL.

    People talking trash about the Beast. I’ve truly seen it all now. Little peons bragging about their losing team’s RB having better this or that stat. Your team bows to the Seahawks. Your team’s RB looks at Beast Mode’s Superbowl ring online and cries himself to sleep, wishing he could play for the Seahawks so he’d have a shot at one too.

    Yeah, your RB is better than Marshawn Lynch. Just like Peyton Manning is better than Russell Wilson. And not a single Seahawk fan cares. We laugh at your better players who just still can’t get it done. Now get out of my office, I’m trying to enjoy this World Champion glass of Moet.


  18. Nobody runs with more heart in the NFL than Marshawn Lynch, period. He leaves it all on the field

    Marshawn isn’t going to be required to carry the load this season. The Hawks are plenty deep in the backfield. He will be just as punishing as ever however every time he touches the ball. Don’t underestimate his pass catching ability either.

    Lynch is only part of a deep arsenal of options available to Pete Carroll.

    I think people are going to be shocked at just how good the Seahawks offense is going to be this season.

    The only thing harder than winning a Super Bowl is repeating as champs but Seattle is definitely in a position to achieve it. They’re deep, focused, healthy and the chip on their shoulder hasn’t lost it’s disdain for haters. The Lombardi Trophy is still theirs until someone takes it from ’em.

    Can your team do it?….Probably not.

    Go Hawks!!!

  19. Players who didn’t help their team win a championship last season: Morris, Spiller, Forte, McCoy, Gore, Murray, TERRELLE PRYOR, Peterson, Ivory, Ellington, and Mathews.

  20. Wow, some real fail in here.

    Beast mode not only ran all over your team but led the Hawks to a championship. He’s the heart of the team and fits in perfect with what we do.
    We simply dominate your team.

    The team goes as Beast Mode goes. He may not be the best RB in the NFL but he’s the best for the Hawks.

  21. That’s right now I remember …Pete Carrol is know for being inconsistent, unable to motivate his team and not being able to build his program! It all down hill from here…. 🙂

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