ProFootballTalk: RG3 is using the doubters as motivation

Jon Ritchie and Takeo Spikes discuss Robert Griffin III’s tweet regarding all of the doubters he has. Ritchie isn’t sure why he feels the need to respond to these people.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: RG3 is using the doubters as motivation

  1. This guy is never going to get it. His ego is so out of control, and will probably cost him his career at some point. It is absolutely pointless making statements like his to a large group of anonymous individuals who will only go out of their way to egg him on once they realize that it gets a response from him. He also quite apparently hasn’t completely learned that he can’t continue to do all the stuff he did in college, like not sliding. You would have thought that an injury like he suffered would have taught him a thing or two, but apparently not.

  2. RGIII:

    This first piece of advice is free, after that you owe me.

    Throw away your tweeter, or your twitter or whatever you call it, cancel your account or whatever you do with these things – YOU DON’T NEED THEM

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