Raiders have no worries about Khalil Mack


Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney got a lot of attention for his sack of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan during last week’s preseason game, but there was no such acclaim for Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack after his own sack.

That’s because Mack’s sack came against backups for the Lions, which isn’t exactly what you’d call a crowning achievement for the fifth overall pick in the draft. Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Mack has had a “ho-hum” training camp for the Raiders and that the rookie “has looked slow getting off the line of scrimmage,” something that Mack says is because he’s thinking too much in the heat of the moment.

None of that is a cause for concern for Raiders coach Dennis Allen, who said he believes Mack will be an impact player in 2014. Safety Charles Woodson said that Mack just needs time to digest everything in front of him before he starts making plays.

“He has a lot on his plate,” Woodson said. “Not just from the standpoint of him being a high pick and everybody expecting that ‘wow’ factor out of him, but as far as the plays, knowing the positions and different things they have him doing, there is a lot expected of him in that sense, too. You just allow him to grow as a player … This guy is going to be OK, and I think the sky is the limit for him.”

Clowney and plenty of other highly touted rookies have has rough moments during their first preseason outings as well, so there’s nothing unusual about it taking some time for things to come together for Mack. Based on his college exploits and size/speed mix, there’s every reason to believe big things will follow once they do.

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  1. Anthony Barr already has 3 preseason sacks.

    Khalil Mack is a bust.
    Jadeveon Clowney is a bust.
    C.J. Mosely is a bust.
    Ryan Shazier is a bust.

    Recognize the best defensive player in the draft.

    #Let’s Go

  2. Some other bay area journalists have had different observations of Mack during camp.

    We’ll know soon enough.

  3. Mack wouldn’t even make the roster in Detroit. The Lions are annihilating the league this year. The Lions will be winning first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)

  4. you mean somebody in the media was saying something negative about the Raiders…… i can only think of two words…

    HATE ON!!!

  5. Do the Raiders ever have any worries about any of their busts? This guy is exactly who I thought he was, Aaron Curry 2.0, a small school fool who looked good next to inferior competition. He wasn’t even considered a first round pick a year ago but the Raiders thought he was the next Von Miller. So funny.

  6. Preseason is meaningless and I don’t even watch those games. I’ll wait until the real games are played to see if Mack is the type of impact-player that was widely predicted. I’m optimistic.

    By the way, aside from their well-known lack of championships, the Chargers are the only AFCW team to have ever been as bad as 1-15.

  7. Yes, Clowney is the unquestioned master of unblocked big plays.

    No, Mack is not having a bad camp. That’s 1 reporter among many many who are saying he’s special. You see, he’s becoming a true OLB. Not just a pass rusher but a 4-3 set the edge…rush the passer…cover the flats or man up on TE…linebacker.

    Barr and Clowney are pass rushers first and foremost. It’s apples and oranges here. Watch Mack hold the OT up with one hand waiting for the RB to even dare come around his edge…go watch it…it’s happened over and over in the last 2 weeks…RB sees nothing is there and the play is swallowed up. Guess what? No stat exists for that.

    Mack is gonna be just fine as a complete LB with special pass rush skills. He’s learning. Why not let him for a few more weeks?

  8. Mack sets the edge as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s playing a position which requires a lot of him mentally and is learning quickly from what I’ve read. Just how much impact are people looking for after 2 preseason games?
    This guy is special and is totally immersed in the playbook. On a team with several question marks, Kahlil Mack isn’t one of them.

  9. He’ll be fine, but hopefully not too good. LOL

    “By the way, aside from their well-known lack of championships, the Chargers are the only AFCW team to have ever been as bad as 1-15.”

    I was there for each home game and you know what, not one game had tarps over empty seats.

  10. @realfootballfan

    You clearly don’t live up to your screen name. Anybody who follows the NFL Draft closely knows that scouts and draftniks have been high on Mack for a couple of years. He absolutely destroyed Ohio State last year. He was a man among boys in that game. Mayock had him as the top player in the draft and almost every scout and expert had him as a top 5 player. After that Ohio State game, it was unanimously agreed upon that he was a top 15 lock. Most teams wanted him. The Raiders were lucky to get him. Clowney and Barr are pass rushers first and linebackers second. The Raiders are using Mack the other way. He is a linebacker and will rush the passer on blitz packages and 3rd down. And, Aaron Curry was a busy because he could never grasp the mental part of the game. Not because of any lack of effort or physical shortcomings. He would make a great play on 1st down and then would be completely out of position on the next down. Then his knees gave out and he never played another down for the Raiders. Know your facts. You clearly don’t know football.

  11. Mack is getting a lot of work as a true, honest-to-God OLB. Not just blitzing and all that, but real OLB work. Covering, setting the edge, etc. is what he’s doing mostly. I’m not worried about his pass rush. When the Raiders go their “Nascar” line for pass rush, they can flat get after it.

  12. What the heck does one think on the line of scrimmage? He isn’t the offensive lineman having to listen to Peyton change protections 17 times and the play 9 times…

    He isn’t the defensive leader either…

    Guess he’s thinking about performing trigonometry problems or something while on the line of scrimmage and that’s why he can’t get off the line fast enough…

  13. The Raiders almost beat Indy in Indy week 1 . Actually they should have . The Raiders under Dennis Allen seem even more vanilla than the rest of the NFL . We won’t know what we have in KM until the season begins .

  14. You’re all fools if you think Mack is a Bust!! This kid can ball! I think he actually looks really good at LB! Clowny was playing End and there was no one blocking him on both plays! Did you see Clowny playing LB lol lol lol he was beat in coverage for at least 2 Touch downs and many, many other times to keep the drive going lol Clowny stay at end with your hand in the dirt! Because you suck at LB! I’m not a Raiders fan, just a realist.

  15. I would take Make on my team twice on Sunday! But we’re set at Line Backer with Davis, Harris, Coples, speaking of Coples he’s another 6’6″ freak that’s still learning OLB after his third year! But he’s a little slow! But ones he gets it look out!!

  16. Coming from a small school and now playing for the worst team in the league– makes sense he will have a so-so start. He will still be good in the end. We will see more of him toward the end of the season and next year he will be very good.

    Too bad he is stuck playing for the worst organization in professional sports.

  17. raiderhatersdieofaids says:
    Aug 21, 2014 12:29 PM

    BREAKING NEWS: Learning curve steeper for linebacker than defensive end

    BREAKING NEWS: Clowney is now a linebacker, not a defensive end.

  18. Tarver runs a Very Complex Defense Mack is learning he will be fine , Clowney position might say linebacker but he is a Defensive end will rarely if ever drop back in coverage and Matt Schuab will not be the reason we go 4-12 , DA is the reason we will go 4-12 Again .. #BUMCOACH

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