Report: 49ers don’t want to trade holdout guard Alex Boone

Considering the 49ers either did or did not offer holdout guard Alex Boone a new deal that would pay him like a top-12 guard in the NFL, his situation is still very much in limbo.

Thus, teams are calling to ask about his availability.

But according to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers are not interested in trading Boone.

One source suggested that they only way they’d do it is if someone offered a first- or second-round pick, a high price considering the new contract that would have to accompany it.

And that’s almost a de facto “no sale” sign, unless some team is truly desperate.

Boone has two years left on his current deal, and is scheduled to make $2 million this season. He’s held out of the first four weeks of training camp, which led to fines of $30,000, which means he will shortly chew up about half that amount.

The 49ers have been talking up backup Joe Looney, and by putting out word that they don’t want to deal Boone, perhaps they might make a move to keep him.

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  1. Boone’s agents are going about this the wrong way. He needs to report, the players who are in camp are getting deals done. Crabtree who everyone figured would be difficult to re-sign is getting close to an extension.

  2. If both 2nd year players Winters and Aboushi bomb or Colon goes down with an injury I could see the Jets making a move. Ample cap space and both Rex and Idzik really believe in “you win in the trenches”.

  3. Who does this guy think he is? He had an excellent 2012 but fell off badly last year. In 2012 he was ranked #3 amongst all guards according to PFF. Last year he was ranked 40th. So he’s started all of TWO years in the NFL and has had one good year and one barely average one. Has anyone who’s ever done less in the NFL held out of camp? I doubt it.

  4. I hope for once, the team actually follows through with the maximum allowable fines. Honor your contract, fool!

  5. Why would they? They already have a ton of draft picks stockpiled, and likely would not get a pick (or picks) they consider fair value anyway. Plus it strikes of rewarding a player for not negotiating in good faith and that’s never a precedent you want to set as a front office.

  6. If Michael Crabtree signs Alex Boone is good as gone. Even if he takes an incentives based deal his potential max cap #’s would take every last bit of room they have if I’m not mistaken. I wouldn’t mind him slipping out though 😉 he has had bad luck with injuries but who hasn’t here? LOL that guy would be such a beast with Tom. Hell I wouldn’t mind Boone either but it seems like he would be the bigger diva of the two. Who would have thought?

  7. They’re saying they won’t trade him cause they know they can’t.

    No GM who values his job is going to offer more than a 5th-round pick for a somewhat above average OG with a checkered past and designs on a big payday. Especially at this point of the preseason when there is virtually no chance of a new O-Linemen to have the time needed to learn a new offense and jell with his linemates.

  8. Trying to think of teams that payed top $ to lure away a guard of all things. Tampa Bay and Minnesota with Hutchinson. Models of consistency those two.

  9. Guy did an great job subbing in as OT. He plays G for the Niners because they are set at OT but he could be a OT on many teams.

    I wouldn’t trade him for low draft picks either.

  10. This guy wouldn’t even make the 53 man roster in Detroit. The Lions will be annihilating the league this year. The Lions will be winning first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)

  11. “Boone has two years left on his current deal, and is scheduled to make $2 million this season. He’s held out of the first four weeks of training camp, which led to fines of $30,000, which means he will shortly chew up about half that amount.”

    How obtuse can you get DG? Is that total fines or is it 30 grand a day times 28 days? Will he ‘chew up’ half of $30,000 or half of $2 million? Clarify, please!

  12. Boone holds no cards in his lot. If he still holds out by the 8th game, he will still have 2 years left of his contract. Eventually he’s going to run out of $, and will be forced to play. O well

  13. It’s obvious he wants off the sinking ship that is the Niners.

    Maybe you should sign Tebow. He could play guard and then switch to QB if anything happens to Kap.

  14. Boone has to realize he has two years on his contract and not two. Holding out will also accumulate the fines that has already totaled almost $1 million dollars which is almost how much he’s going to earn. I know the 49ers are willing to restructure his contract and waive the fines if he reports to camp. The longer he stays out, it will mean no food for his children. He should also think about his family and realize the agents only care for themselves and not him or his family. He might consider signing another agent like Tom Congdon.

  15. Alex Boone, by holding out, was playing hardball with the Niners. The Niners are responding in kind, and refuse to submit to hardball tactics. By not trading him, they are forcing him to either report or holdout for 1 or even 2 years. Holding out two years means he will collect no income, and at the same time owe $2 million in fines. No wonder many people said he listened to some bad advice.

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