Steelers’ starters struggle in tune-up at Philadelphia

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Last season, the Steelers were compromised by an 0-4 start.

And with the regular season a little more than two weeks away, it’s clear the 2014 Steelers have some things to clean up before the gates open.

In Thursday night’s 31-21 loss at Philadelphia, the Steelers surrendered 482 yards. Eagles star tailback LeSean McCoy riddled the Steelers for 50 yards on six touches in the first quarter, and Philadelphia quarterbacks combined to complete 31-of-43 attempts for 309 yards for the game.

The Steelers’ first-team offense didn’t manage a single point until about four minutes left in the third quarter, when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw a 27-yard TD pass to tight end Heath Miller. By then, though, the Eagles’ defense was playing backups.

With Roethlisberger still a blue-chip quarterback, the Steelers’ offense should be a strength this season. And on their best, the Steelers are quite capable of garnering their first playoff spot since 2011.

But Thursday’s loss had to be an uncomfortable one for Pittsburgh. Yes, the game didn’t count, but here was an elite offense making Pittsburgh look . . . well, pedestrian. Maybe it’s nothing. But even if it’s nothing, it was a cringeworthy nothing.

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  1. Ok…no more comments from Pittsburgh fans about the Browns lack of receivers. Cleveland won’t need them against this sagging defense.

    Better worry about the Browns’ stable of running backs. And their smashmouth defense’ too. Looks to me like the AFC North basement for the Steelers…

  2. I know its preseason but all I keep hearing is Chip will be back in college in 2015 and Eagles will miss DeSean Jackson, yada yada yada… I mean the backup offense scored two TDs against the Steelers starters for god sakes lol.

    I dont take a thing out of weeks 1 and 2 in the preseason. I take a little out of week 3 just because some “light” game planning goes in finally.

    Hate to say it Eagle haters but Chip and Foles and the Eagles offense (as well as their defense) look just fine to me…

  3. “Steelers are unlikely to really bottom out, and they are quite capable of competing for their first playoff spot since 2011.”
    Really? Judging from this game, and the preseason in general they’ll be lucky to get to 8-8 again. Overrated, as usual.

  4. I don’t know which was worse: The offense or the defense. And to report that Roethlisberger played “well enough in his last major preseason work” would be an insult to the intelligence of those who actually, you know, watched the game.
    He fattened his stats against guys who will be selling used cars somewhere in a couple weeks.
    This was supposed to be the unveiling of an unstoppable “no huddle” offense in front of a hostile road crowd. By the time the Steelers’ first team offense scored, there were 15 close relatives in the stands.
    Tomlin’s teams have become far too comfortable with losing.

  5. The Steelers defense will be the worst in the Afc North not even close. They have no dline other than a 35 year old Kiesel, there is no outside pressure, and the secondary can’t cover anyone. That’s bad news for Roethlisberger as he is 4-12 the last two years when the other team scores over 20. This team could easily go 4-12.

  6. AFC North Defensive rankings by position

    DL: 1. Ravens
    2. Bengals.
    3. Browns
    4. Steelers (By a very large margin)

    LB: 1. Cincinnati
    2. Ravens
    3. Browns
    4. Steelers ( By a very large margin)

    CB: 1. Browns
    2. Ravens (if healthy), Bengals
    4. Steelers( By a very large margin)

    S: 1. Browns
    2. Bengals
    3. Ravens, Steelers

    The Steelers defense will be pitiful this year. There will be a team that gets to 700 yds of offense against them this year.

  7. What was the “Steel Curtain” is now the “Old, and slow, like LeBeau” defense. Did they even know they were scheduled to play a game?

  8. Steelers need to get back to their old formula. Find guys that are too old and stay away from pot-smoking youths. If they could do that, then they would be bridesmaids yet again to the Ravens.

  9. The Steelers game was painful to watch, but then again in some ways it was really fun to watch. The Eagles were breaking Steelers sporks and stealing their applesauce.

    Sincerely Steve Smith Sr Ravens

  10. I like the Steelers and hate to say this, but in reality they have an average offense, and the defense has been a combination of failed high draft picks and good veterans drafted in 2000/03.

    The offense will never get better or worse than mid-range, and despite Tuitt and Shazier being drafted, they’ve swung and missed on every high round defensive player since Polamalu in 2003.

    If you don’t agree, then ask Ricardo Colclough, Bryant McFadden, Anthony Smith, Lawrence Timmons, LaMarr Woodley, Ziggy Hood, Jason Worilds & Cameron Heyward (every Steeler defensive player drafted in r#1&2 2004-12)

  11. The Steelers first string defense gave up 2 straight TD’s to the Eagles second string offense with Sanchez. Furthermore, the Eagles defense had been toasted the prior 2 weeks and the Steelers didn’t get a point until 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter against backups.

  12. This game was unwatchable with the amount of penalties that are being called this year. I imagine that it’s every game and not just this one. Do you think the owners and Roger GotoHell laugh at the number of viewers still watching, no matter how much they try to make it unbearable to watch? We are being punked.

  13. Basic principles never change in the NFL. If your bad up front, and the steelers are bad up front on both sides of the ball, it’s going to be very difficult to have a successful season. 7-9 or 8-8 this year. They can’t block!

  14. The experts said we the fan should look out for this mighty D but how can you play D if there are flags on each play. This performance shows this flag on each play policy is what the fans thought it was, NOT GOOD FOOTBALL! More importantly however is that the NFL has turned this product (the NFL) to crap with this number of flags. its unreal!!! For the first time in my life (i’m 44) I honestly turned the channel to watch MLB. Better get it fixed because you can’t take any plays seriously as all you do is look for the flag. This is pathetic, what fricking joke. Why even have a secondary, why not rush all 11 guys each play. So lets see were going to have the Sunday early game now going late into the start of the late games like never before. That should be awesome!!! When you have NFL officials as part of the booth broadcasts you know its fd up. Imagine officials in the booth of NBA,MLB and NHL games!! Soccer just may take over in the next 10 years because let me tell ya my 15 year old son and his friends sure are into MLS and the crowds at MLS games are young compared to fans at NFL games.

  15. The defense was just as much an issue. The Eagles came out in the third playing the 2nd and 3rd string on offense while the Steelers left their starting D in. The Steelers starting D which had been owned by the Eagles starters on offense then proceeded to get owned by the Eagles backups… pre-season or not, that’s not good.

  16. If that was any indication of how games will be officiated, then there is a very good chance I will be done watching football. Goodell’s meddling with the sport I spent my whole life enjoying has already pushed hockey to may favorite sport. Now that I’ve relocated to the west coast, there are just way too many better things to do than getting frustrated watching what has turned into the arena football league. You know it’s bad when I get annoyed even when it’s a call for my team.

  17. The Eagles looked good last night. They outmuscled the Stillers in all aspects of the game. But even though they were the more physical team, the Stillers just flat out looked bad. If the Stillers look like that in the regular season, they are gonna make many a trip behind the woodshed. Dare I say week 1 should be a competitive stinkfest? It’ll be like all of those Cowboy Vs. Redskins games where you can’t figure out which team wants it less.

  18. footballgod87 says:
    Aug 21, 2014 11:45 PM
    Herm’s Steelers might Not be such a lock to win the Afc North After all
    If Herm Edwards had a brain in his head, the NFL would take it out for concussion study. The guys a clown. Was a terrible coach and an even worst analyst.

  19. Eagles fan here, the Steelers definitely got a couple of speedy guys on offense so there is some potential. It seems their problem is their run game / short passing game isn’t dynamic. You really need somthing dynamic when running a blur type offense because one of the major aspect of that type of offense is your are trying to take advantage of superior aerobic conditioning. If you have it, the otherside will make miskates because of less oxygen to the brain. The problem is they don’t have the players to force those mistakes on defense.

  20. Bottom line, The Steelers played an up and coming young talented team that just needs time to become champions. All three of our QB’s can start in the NFL.

  21. I would like to add, if this is the officiating we are going to see, its going to be pathetic. LET EM PLAY Last nights game was horrible. I went to see officiating and a football game broke out. Disgusting. Leave our game alone

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