Tom Coughlin: Want excitement? Move extra points to the 1

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin says the NFL went in the wrong direction in its preseason extra point experiment.

Coughlin says that if the idea is to make extra points a more exciting play, moving kicks back to the 15-yard line while keeping two-point conversion attempts at the 2-yard line wasn’t the right way to do it. Coughlin says the NFL should have moved all point-after attempts to the 1-yard line, to encourage coaches to go for two.

I didn’t think much of it when it was suggested,” Coughlin said, via Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger. “There are some ways to change that part of it if the intent is to make it more exciting. I think that certainly would be one of them. I think you have to be aware of the fact that it’s a 33-yard field goal in November when the wind’s blowing and it’s snowing here and it’s… in Miami it’s 75 degrees. It’s a little different in different parts of the country. You do have to be aware of that. I would say probably the ball will stay at the two, extra points. But if you really want to make it interesting put it at the one.”

Coughlin makes a good point: If the ball were spotted at the 1-yard line, NFL coaches would be much more tempted to go for two more often, on the theory that a run up the middle is more likely to be successful from a yard away than two yards away. (And additionally under the theory that a pass is more likely to be successful when the defense has to stack the line of scrimmage to stop a run up the middle.)

The NFL is expected to make some change to the extra point rule, and probably sooner rather than later. Coughlin’s idea of moving the ball to the 1 may make more sense than the preseason experiment of moving the ball to the 15.

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  1. I may be in the minority on this one but I liked the experiment with the extra point kicked from the 15 yard line. Moving the 2 point conversion up to the 1 yard line isn’t a bad idea either though. Why not just give teams 7 points for a touchdown or 6 points if they chose to try for an additional 2 points.

  2. The best idea I’ve ever heard is that the team should choose where to kick the XP from. However, on the ensuing kickoff they have to kick it from that same spot.

  3. Perhaps Coughlin’s idea can be next year’s preseason experiment? Or they can simply experiment with mandatory 2-point attempt on the point after (whether it’s from the 2-yard line or the 1-yard line).

  4. That will do nothing. NFL coaches do not take risks. They mostly coach to “not lose”, rather than to win. 99% of the time, when given the option of making one yard for the win, or taking the tie, coaches will take the tie.

  5. Move it to the 1 and also move the extra point line from the center of the field to either hash line of the DEFENSE’S CHOICE.

    Kicking that close at a steep angle would make extra points harder to kick and add some flavor to the defensive alignment and kick block attempts.

  6. Genius move when you think about it…Gets potentially at the same effect while not totally disrupting the spirit of the game.

    The whole concept of spotting the ball based on what the scoring team wants to do is idiotic. Better to keep the element of surprise in the play…

  7. I say let them have at the 1 if they want to run it in for 1 point. If they want 2 points make them kick a 50 yarder. That would make it exciting no matter the choice

  8. Considering the Giants run game the past couple of seasons, I’m surprised he would want to go that route.

  9. Put the point after at the 1 inch line, no kicking allowed – But keep the 2 point conversion back at the 2 yard line

  10. Yeah I agree with all of Coughlin’s points, but still think they should try and come up with something better, and the NFL did say they have several interesting ideas floating around. They should have experimented with something interesting instead of something predictable and boring. We could have just as easily imagined what it would look like to make those kicks. You don’t need a game to do it, you just need 22 bodies and a football and you can experiment with kicks all you’d like. Or look up the film of previous FG attempts from the same spot and just watch that, they’ve already done kicks from that precise distance many times before, we don’t need to see it again!

  11. Lets have the coaches dress in uniform like they do in baseball, and let them run it in. Now that would be exciting. Imagine Andy Reid in a skin tight uniform?

  12. 1 yard 2 pt attempts = Concussion city. No thanks, I like the PAT at the 15 and hope they adopt it for 2015.

    And what would it matter, as long as both teams are taking the field to the same field conditions. Its not like Coughlin’s team would be asked to return to the Meadowlands to attempt there PATs during commercial breaks.

  13. interesting idea. How long before some technology is added to the football if the 1-yardline rule was put in. how may reviews and games would be changed by this.

  14. I like Coughlin’s idea. More excitement will come from more 2 point attempts, not the potential thrill (sarcasm) of watching a missed kick.

  15. Why not give the scoring team a choice? If they want the 2pt conversion, put it at the 1-yard line, if they want to kick, put it at the 15. Problem solved.

  16. I agree with coach Coughlin but I’ll offer 2 comments.

    #1, why don’t they allow a team the option of the extra point snapped from the 15 yd line, or set the ball at the 1 yd line for a 2 point conversion.

    #2, a 2 point conversion increases injury risk for linemen or any player involved for that matter.

  17. Placing the ball at the 1 yard line makes the 2-point conversion more tempting, but increases the risk of injury. I’m for the PAT at the 15 yard line.

  18. No, if you put the two point conversion at the 1 yard line most attempts will be successful. All a QB has to do is go over the top with the ball and break the plane of the goal line. What a stupid suggestion.

  19. No doubt about it, that would make it interesting. There’d be a lot of pressure on coaches to decide to go for two even in the first quarter.
    Excellent idea!

  20. Get rid of regular season overtime too. Let’s see who will go for 2 to win a game and settle for a tie.

  21. Great idea.
    Now let’s fix the kick-offs back to the way they used to be. It seems like 90% of them result in a touchback. Yawn. Does anyone know the actual stat from last season?

  22. I like the 15 yard line extra point. In 2 weeks, there has been, I think, 7 missed. During the course of the season, with the #1 kicker, there would probably be between 40 to 50 PAT’s missed. It would make things a little more interesting. This is the NFL, baby steps.

  23. If you move 2pt conversion attempts to the one yard line I see replay becoming an issue. Since every scoring play is automatically reviewed there’s going to be a lot of stoppages in the game due to the replays changeling the spot of the ball. so its not more excitement, its more replays slowing down the game.

  24. Here’s an idea – just eliminate the possibility of the kick altogether and force teams to go for two every time.

  25. Extra points are irrelevant this season because the Lions will be annihilating the league this year. The Lions win first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)

  26. The 15-yard line was a good idea. The weather is not a reason to kill it. Both teams will be facing the same conditions. Coughlin is just worried that his new offense can’t move the ball more than one yard at a time.

  27. Another reason this is non-sensical is because teams would just continue to kick easy PATs…this time from the one yard line. Yeah coughlin, make the PATs more exciting by making it closer to the goal line.

  28. Coughlin needs to worry about his team or he will not be around much longer to decide weather to go for 1 or 2.

  29. How about if the team misses the field goal or can’t score from the one yard line, you take away a point from the score???

  30. I say you need a sliding point scale on field goals: anything under 20 yards is 2 points 20 to 40 3 points, 40 – 55 4 points, 55 and over 6 points.

  31. Interesting idea… how bout both.. 1 point kick from 15, 2 point try from 1 yard line. The real problem is overtime. Get rid of overtime and coaches would have to decide whether to go for 2 much more often.

    A rule I would like to see is no field goals inside the 15 or 20 yard line. If you get into the red zone you go for it or kick field goal from 15 or 20.

  32. This is a change I can agree with, although my team would not benefit from it. Miami can’t ever seem to get 1 yard on 3rd or 4th and 1. If they run it, it’s usually for -1. Used to be money with Lousaka Polite (Tampa, keep him) but not any more.

  33. Make a touchdown worth 7 and do away with the extra point(s). That change would make the score more predictably match the play on the field.

    A missed extra point can then lead to a missed two-point conversion trying to make up for the miss. The outcome can all then be traced back to a 145 lb. kicker missing a kick when most of the players aren’t really even trying.

  34. OR, we could just keep it how it is and not make the point after a relevant part of the game? Idk how a bunch of 6 and 8 point trips for offenses will make the game more exciting. Sounds like less of a chance for OT.

  35. Ya by moving it back they just eliminated the possibility for faking the extra point and going for 2. The defense always knows what you are going to do and thats not football.

  36. Great idea. . .you reported about 6 months ago that Mike Brown of the Bengals made the same suggestion to the competition committee before they decided on trying this silly experiment.

  37. Why are so many people bringing up the “increased risk of injury”? It’s not exactly accurate. There could (theoretically) be 5 or more plays in a row from the 1 yard line. (ex. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th down TD + extra point down) Is that last play any more of an injury risk than the first? Why wouldn’t the injury risk argument apply to no huddle offenses that run more play per game? There may be legitimate reasons to not like this idea, but injury risk isn’t one of them

  38. How about this: a free kick from the 15 for 1 point. If you make it, you can try another free kick from the 25 for another point. If you make that, you can try another free kick from the 35, etc. If you miss at any time, you lose all accumulated extra points for that session. Obviously, you can adjust where the free kicks are from.

  39. Eliminate the kicks and run a play for the PAT. One point from the one yard line, or two points from the three yard line, if successful.

  40. footballfanmiles says:
    Aug 21, 2014 11:59 AM
    Whatever, I’m sick of the NFL making changes to cater to the casual fan

    61 9
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    You mean changes like moving the goalpost to the back of the end zone? Helmets? The forward pass? Two-point conversions?

    Football has changed many many times over the decades. You know what hasn’t? Baseball. And that sport ain’t exactly booming.

  41. If they moved it to the 1 then we would be forced to watch 5 minutes of commercials while they sort out the replay. Wait that’s more money for the NFL why haven’t they done it.

  42. However it is handled, it needs to be in a manner where surprise is still a part of things. It’s a lousy idea to force the team to commit ahead of time to either kicking or going for two.

  43. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Aug 21, 2014 11:59 AM
    Weather is a part of football. If your kicker can’t make a 33 yard field goal in the wind and snow, get yourself another kicker.

    really? and in 70-80 mph winds, and a downpour thats going to be tough

  44. lionfaninsocal says:
    Aug 21, 2014 12:25 PM
    Extra points are irrelevant this season because the Lions will be annihilating the league this year. The Lions win first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)


    If you’re gonna troll, you have to be at least somewhat believable.

  45. I’d prefer teams get an automatic 7 for a TD and be forced to run-pass it over from the two for one point.

    I believe the WFL from the mid 70’s had this rule, they called the XP an “Action Point”.

  46. Make whoever scored the touchdown drop kick the extra point. And it has to be from the hash where the score occurred .

  47. “I think you have to be aware of the fact that it’s a 33-yard field goal in November when the wind’s blowing and it’s snowing here and it’s… in Miami it’s 75 degrees”

    Oh cannoli, this is would only be relevant if teams only had to attempt their kicks in their home stadiums.

  48. Move the extra point to the 10 insured of the 15 leave the two point conversion at the 2 and if you male it in the end zone from the 10 you get 3 extra points that would be exciting and give teams more opportunity for come backs.

  49. They should create a minor league NFL where they can experiment to their heart’s content. On conversions, place the ball at the 15 — a kick through the uprights is worth 1 point; a run or pass from the 15 is worth 3 points. Instead of penalizing a player for dunking over the goal post after a score, give the team a point if he’s successful. And an opposing player can try to stuff his dunk.

  50. Put the extra point at the 10 yard line that gives teams a chance to line up from the ten and if they get in the end zone from the 10 is for 3 extra points. Other wise if they kick it from the 10 that is 1xp. AND just leave the 2PC alone.

  51. Since this is all about generating excitement, they should call one fan out of the crowd (Price is Right style) and make the fan attempt the kick.

  52. Move the hash marks back out to where they are in college. It makes the offense more interesting. Then the XP would come from whichever hash the score came. In between, it could be PK choice. Leave the ball to be scrimmaged from the two-yard line.

  53. How ’bout if you miss the attempt, the other team gets the point — or the two points!?

    Another way a defense can score.

  54. Sounds like a good idea but then you think about it and realize, it would actually totally suck.

    Teams would often go for two, a dive over the top, a stuffed run up the middle, the ball was extended, knocked out of his hands… the mass of bodies… and another 3 minute wait playing film over and over to see if the ball crossed the plane of the goal line before the knee hit the ground or he lost control or or or…. Ugh, so annoying.

  55. In related news, Mike Carey says he refused to referee any games where 2 point conversions were allowed.

  56. HOW ABOUT THIS……..

  57. What is surprising is how many here think this is a new idea. Smart people have been saying this for months. Not only are teams much more likely to go for 2, leaving the extra point close leaves open the fake option.

    While they’re at it, narrow the goalposts a couple of feet. Coaches would be more likely to extend a drive at fourth and short rather than trying a 40 yarder.

    Both changes = more exciting play.

  58. Just get rid of the extra point kick and give the teams another play from the 5 or so.. I’d rather watch them play football

  59. How about we allow the team to decide if they want to kick an extra point from the 3 yard line, or they can go for 2? What a great concept.

  60. Well the NJ giants are not going to be that exciting when they are copying the Andy Reid era 2010 west coast offense. Why? BECAUSE IT IS A OBSOLETE OFFENSE. They do not have the right players to run this offense, and they have been owned by the Philadelphia Eagles over the past 6 years. They have nothing to be excited about.

  61. Wow. Some truly horrible ideas here…

    Let’s look at two…

    1. Make whoever scored the touchdown drop kick the extra point. And it has to be from the hash where the score occurred. (this guys login should just be taken away. This is the NFL, not a circus).

    2. And numerous people stating: Ball on 1 and Touchdown is automatic 7. If you go for 2 and make it you get 8 or 6 if you fail. Remove the kick entirely from the equation.
    (So, you want to REMOVE points from the board?!?! In what world of sports does that ever happen? Horrible horrible idea.)

    If, and a big if at that….if people want a change, I could get behind leaving the ball where it is at, and making every point after attempt be a 2 point attempt. First, it will indeed make the game more exciting. Second, coaches won’t have a choice to take the safe route. Believe me, no NFL coach is going to choose an option where the result will be a negative 1 point. And, prior to postings here, NFL coaches will not try for 2 points from the 1 yard line 50% of the time.

    NFL COACHES TAKE THE SAFE ROUTE MOST OF THE TIME!!! Don’t believe me? Watch how many times teams punt from midfield on 4th and inches.

  62. The best idea I’ve ever heard is that the team should choose where to kick the XP from. However, on the ensuing kickoff they have to kick it from that same spot.


    And I’m being serious.

  63. Yeah, there’s not enough scoring. THAT is the problem with the NFL. Too many defensive struggles, not enough guys throwing for 40+ TDS and 5000…oh, wait a minute.

  64. It only makes sense to move the extra point to the 1 yard line if they eliminate the kick altogether and make teams run a play from scrimmage.

  65. If you want real excitment and fan enjoyment, eliminate the 1 point kick option and substitute the 2 point rule where you run or pass to get the extra point(s).

  66. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Put down the gimmicks and step away…the game is just fine.

  67. heres an idea just leave it the way it has always been. u won’t see them do this in college, high school, middle school, or even kids inc. just leave it alone NFL.

  68. I can see the nfl using extra points as a commercial technique. “This extra point is sponsored by” (everyone cheers as danica patrick lines up for the extra point try in her godaddy bikini)

  69. How about using college field hashmars for PAT’s and FG’s. Doesn’t it seem odd that in PROFESSIONAL football, we make placekicking easier than it was in “AMATEUR” football by moving the hashmarks closer together?!

  70. The hashmark positions were changed in the NFL to increase offense. Besides making it tougher to kick from a hashmark, it also makes it harder to spread out a defense when the offense runs a play.

  71. Do away with divisions so teams play more of the NFL each season. 16 different opponents. Every team would end up playing the entire NFL within a 2 year span.

    It also allows for any possible Super Bowl match-up. No more AFC or NFC. the top 12 teams get into the playoffs. And are seeded by overall record.

    Now THAT makes things more fun and entertaining. Eliminates the “free passes” for teams that have annually had a embarrassingly bad division with no competition… Like the AFC East the last 10 years.

  72. Good idea but it’ll keep the starters on the field for the PAT or 2-point try. Injuries to starters could rise a bit. Would you take out Vince Wolfork at the 1 while trying to defend a 2-point run up the gut?

  73. I agree with Coughlin. Moving the XP back to the 15 removes the chance of a sneak 2 point try. Everyone knows if you are going for 1 or 2. If you move the XP to the 1, teams will try for 2 just to get in front of their opponents. If you get one of those kickers or a QB holder that can throw, you force defenses to defend the 2 point. XPs are still missed and still blocked. The Browns pulled off a XP block 2 or 3 seasons ago when it counted. That would definitely make the game more exciting, on a play that is almost automatic.

    The only other thing you could do is put up two sets of posts, with the inner posts being for XPs, and the outer posts being for FGs.

  74. lionfaninsocal says: Aug 21, 2014 12:25 PM

    Extra points are irrelevant this season because the Lions will be annihilating the league this year. The Lions win first place in the NFCN this season with a 13-3 record.

    Top 3 receivers in the NFL:
    1.) Megatron
    2.) Golden Tate
    3.) Eric Ebron (TE but he will be more productive in the slot than any other slot receiver in the league)
    Tate pushed off and didn’t catch the ball against the Packers.

  75. pourman says: Aug 21, 2014 11:56 AM

    NFL is considering making teams pay for extra points.


    Terrible IDEA, they would make the fans pay for it..

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