A Jordan Palmer-Jimmy Clausen battle is important, really


On its surface, the Jimmy Clausen-Jordan Palmer battle isn’t the kind of thing to make headlines.

But considering starter Jay Cutler hasn’t finished a season in four years, the Bears know better than anyone that a backup quarterback can determine their playoff future.

According to John Mullin of CSNChicago.com, Palmer and Clausen have alternated with the twos throughout the preseason, so it’s Palmer’s turn tonight against Seattle.

“I’ve been running this system for the past few weeks and OTA’s so I’m feeling very comfortable,” Palmer said. “It’s all about going through your progressions, getting the ball out of your hands because there’s so many guys who can make plays in this offense.”

If Palmer has an edge it’s familiarity and recent reps, as Clausen was signed late in OTAs and hasn’t thrown a pass in a regular season game since 2010.

“It’s definitely difficult,” Clausen said. “You don’t get a lot of reps with some of the guys. Practice time is limited and we’re not in training camp, but you’ve just got to adjust to that. You’ve just got to see when they’re getting out of their breaks, anticipate it and put the ball there for them.”

“All the guys are different. You’ve just got to keep taking the mental reps, watching what this guy does, that guy does.”

And while it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d want to place your bets on, the collapse of 2011 should be enough to make Bears fans realize tonight’s worth paying attention to.

26 responses to “A Jordan Palmer-Jimmy Clausen battle is important, really

  1. Either of those guys are better than several teams’ current #2 and a couple of teams’ starters.

  2. The battle for the back-up QB job in Chicago is only ONE of the many compelling reasons to watch Bears-Shehawks tonight.

    Watching Brandom Marshall & Jeffrey & Bennett go against that Seattle secondary will be fun (for the record, BM owned Richard Sherman last time they squared off, to the tune of 10 recs for 165 yards).

    It will be interesting to see if Santonio Holmes gets any meaningful playing time.

    Cutler and the 1st team offense have been on fire – can they keep it up?

    Curious how the Bears new d-line and still unproven LBs can contain Seattle’s power running game.

    Eager to see if Bears speedy new returner Chris Williams (former CFL stud) can help restore some of the impact to Bears ST (which have stunk this year, and will cost them games if they don’t improve).

    Finally, the Bears unsettled safety position – Chris Conte needs to prove he doesn’t suck as bad as we all think he does.

    I know its just pre-season, but still – Bears couldn’t ask for a better litmus test than going on the road against the SB champs in week 3. Here’s hoping we get some questions answered, but more importantly – everyone stays healthy.

  3. The obvious thing to do is play each QB a half against the Seahawks. That’s what preseason is for, setting your roster and so be it if the fans get to watch a decent show of football, minus the starting QB…. “Oh is that the phone ringing? Yes Mr. Goodell, I realize a lot of people and sponsors are depending on this airtime, Yes, I understand that the fans deserve their show, Cutler vs. Sherman. Yes, sir, yes, sir. I’m very sorry sir. Yes, sir this won’t happen again…”

  4. Props to Clausen for still being in the NFL. Thought he washed out a couple years ago. Can’t be worse than Gabbert

  5. When you have a brittle QB like Cutler, you’d think that you’d have better backup options at QB.

  6. Hate all you want, but considering that three years ago the Bears’ backup QB was Caleb Hanie, I think they have made progress.

  7. Cutler is even more fragile than A-Rodg. Palmer looks like a chubbier version of his brother.

  8. As a Bengals fan, what I know personally, is Jordan is horrible. I know Clausen is horrible. As a neutral fan of the Bears I would be really, really concerned about this situation. I would guess and this is just a guess, that Chicago may keep 1 or both after cut down and then surf the wire for a more reliable backup and then I could see one of them getting cut and the other to serve as a deactivated 3rd QB. I didn’t know until I read this that Chicago had both of those guys and honestly I feel bad. If I remember correctly, the first real game pass Jordan threw for the Bengals was an interception and the only reason he “made” the Bengals was because of Carson. Not good.

  9. Trestman > Caldwell

    Cutler > Stafford

    Clausen or Palmer > Orlovsky

    Forte > Bush

    Fiammetta > Bell

    Marshall = Calvin (CJ Maybe slightly better, by a catch or 2)

    Jeffery > Tate (This isn’t even close)

    Wilson(Holmes) > Whoever the Lions 3rd string no name is..)

    Bennett > The Rookie big mouth that drops everything

    Bears O-Line > Detroit’s O -Line

    Bears are better than the Lions, period.

  10. Because Cutler hasn’t been able to last 16 games in a season, why don’t the Bears play one of these guys for the first 3 or 4 games and then bring in Cutler to finish the season?

    Don’t laugh, would this be any worse than fighting to win important games at the end of the season with your #2 or #3 backup Qb at the end of a season with your starters all beat up as well? Playing the reserve QB with healthy first stringers for the first few games increases the Bears chances to win over playing the reserve QB with tired first stringers with backups who are playing for the starters who are out injured at the end of the season.

  11. Clausen almost bankrupt the panthers. The panthers were forced to draft for a QB(cam newton) a year after drafting him. High pick QBs arent cheap.
    Hopefully the system in Chicago is more suitable for him.

  12. It doesn’t matter- as tough as the NFC is, with the 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, Lions, Falcons, Panthers, and possibly even the Bucs, Giants, and Redskins fighting for two spots, if Cutler misses significant time as he has for 3 seasons in a row, that game that you lose with Palmer or Clausen is the game that keeps you out of the playoffs. Ask Lovie Smith, when 10-6 lost him his job. Without Smith, the Bears no longer have the defense to hold down the fort with a backup QB.

  13. They’re about neck and neck. Palmer looks the part and has a lot more experience in Trestman’s system, having been in camp last year with them too. Clausen is clearly ahead on intangibles, mobility and mechanics (all of which are hugely important with Trestman). Neither of them will put a football through the wall with their arm, but they’re not Ponder/Manziel on the weeny-arm scale either.

    Whichever one gets cut will likely get a shot with another team, especially if they both play well in remaining preseason action.

  14. Hey as soon as Cutler quits on his team, one of these guys will be needed.

    And it may be as early as the beat down they’ll receive in preseason vs the Hawks.

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