Bucs’ position on Evans “unchanged” in light of TMZ video


In the wake of a video that surfaced Friday on TMZ involving Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans, the team that made him the seventh overall pick in the draft has reiterated its faith in and commitment to Evans.

“During his time here since we drafted him in May, Mike has met all of our expectations both on and off the football field,” coach Lovie Smith said in a statement issued Friday night.  “After speaking with Mike, our feelings about him remain unchanged.  We expect him to be an important member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for many years to come and we consider this matter closed.”

While TMZ contends the events occurred last Saturday night, Evans claims it happened several months earlier.

“The incident in question happened during spring break in March while I was vacationing with friends in Miami,” Evans said in a statement.  “The issue occurred at the end of the night when someone in my party was approached by a member of the security staff.  The situation escalated very quickly from there, but fortunately no one was injured.  I regret that this incident that happened nearly six months ago has become a distraction to my team and I look forward to continuing to prepare for the start of my rookie season with the Buccaneers.”

No arrests were made or charges filed.  Given that the incident, which included Evans eventually taking a swing at a bouncer, happened before Evans became an NFL employee, it’s less likely that he’ll face scrutiny under the personal-conduct policy.

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  1. Those A&M guys know how to party…but this is the NFL….not the “club nfl…and he has all the tools…to be a good one…”Lovie want pull no punches and want hesitate to drop the hammer” if his performance begins to suffer cause of his after hoours life…”They should been LONGHORNS”…

  2. Ridiculous. Are we suggesting that these players should turn the other cheek every time they are challenged to a physical altercation? Football isn’t tennis. Professional football players don’t reach the level they have reached by being passive onlookers when fights go down. For the most part, these guys fight for a living when on the field & you can’t expect for them to just walk away if or when someone wants a piece of them. I don’t know exactly what happened that night & the video doesn’t answer that question. What I do know are lessons I have learned through first-hand experience. One lesson I have learned is that can’t trust a bar bouncer & 99% of the time they are looking for any reason to fulfill their job title, that is bouncing you from the bar or club. I doubt Evans was an innocent bystander who got attacked. I’m sure he played his part in the situation that caused it to escalate to the point that it did. Regardless, we are talking about bouncers here. Almost all of them are criminals who don’t take the job because they are looking to serve the community; they take it because it is a license to put a beatdown on someone when they get out of hand. No one was arrested & that tells me that there is a good chance that the bouncer started the fight. If it was Evans or another patron, you better believe that they would’ve been wearing silver bracelets & got booked on either assault/battery, public intoxication, or disorderly conduct. Let’s not make a mountain out of an ant hill here, please.

  3. I’m not condoning what he did, but anyone (including the author) who is trying to turn this from a mole hill into a mountain, is really just trying to be an annoying firestarter.

  4. Here it is in the article: “No arrests were made or charges filed.” We have Greg Hardy as being an actual convict with no suspension at all and Josh Gordon with no ruling…as this is an issue how?

    Yeah, I was 20 years old once and at a nightclub I was in the process of trying to charm a girl had some jerk come up to me that I took care of, and it took a bouncer to keep me from putting this guy outside myself. Again, no cops, no arrests. So what…are we saying Evans isn’t a typical 20 year old? It’s not like he’s rolling bills in a bathroom. What’s the story exactly?

  5. All I see are four cops sitting around watching the incident like it’s the newest Marvel flick. Way to not let things escalate. I have family that are officers so I don’t automatically throw judgement but they easily could have stepped in.

  6. kappy32: so BECAUSE they are football players in the NFL no less, they should have a free pass to fight and be physical regardless of the situation? They are paid millions of dollars to play a game at a very high level, little kids look up to them and for you to condone violence in any way is ridiculous and outright absurd.

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