Harbaugh doesn’t know whether Smith ruling will come before Week One


As the Browns wait for a decision the appeal of receiver Josh Gordon’s suspension, the 49ers wait for an initial decision regarding the suspension of linebacker Aldon Smith.  Which would then be followed by a possible appeal.

The NFL has a habit of getting these things wrapped up before the start of the regular season.  But that doesn’t mean 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh expects it.  Here’s the excerpt from a Friday press conference, with the rarely-loquacious Harbaugh talking reluctantly about Smith’s status.

Q: Have you gotten any indication that Aldon Smith’s decision would come down very soon? I mean, you’re coming up on regular season now. Has the NFL indicated to you guys that there will be a decision imminently on what his suspension may or may not be?

A: “I have not gotten any indication.”

Q: Are you sure?

A: “I’m sure I haven’t gotten any indication, yes.”

Q: No, that was another question, I’m sorry. I’ve got a follow up.

A: “Follow up.”

Q: Is it going to happen before the regular season starts?

A: “I don’t know.”

Q: Wow. Shouldn’t you?

A: “I haven’t had any indication, so, I don’t know. . . . My crystal ball, I don’t have it.”

It should be safe to assume that a decision of some sort will be made soon. But with the NFL seemingly dragging its feet on multiple fronts and with only two Fridays left for bad-news dumping, maybe Harbaugh has a point.