Jason Pierre-Paul, Sheldon Richardson dodge injury bullets

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The second big-name defensive player has already left the Giants-Jets game, and it appears both sides can breathe a sigh of relief.

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul left the game, and though he walked off the field under his own power, was having his right knee checked by a fleet of trainers and doctors.

Injuries have kept Pierre-Paul from following up on the 16.5 sacks he posted in 2011, and he has vowed to come back better than ever.

He was able to return to the game, though it’s worth monitoring.

The Jets were at least able to breathe a sigh of relief, as defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson returned to the game after leaving the field with trainers earlier.

3 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul, Sheldon Richardson dodge injury bullets

  1. At least with Richardson he got hurt in their Superbowl, but for JPP it’s just a meaningless exhibition game.

  2. JPP came out of collage without much experience, but loads of talent. The coaches told him to tackle the guy with the ball, and he excelled. It was only later that the Giants found out that JPP could not learn the game of football, and with opposing teams learning how to shut him down, he became ordinary, if somewhat ineffective at the Pro level. No back problems; just head problems.

  3. I think JPP was a beast when he wasn’t game planned for and had one on one match ups with Osi and Tuck taking all of the attention. Once he became the main guy he couldn’t beat double teams and isn’t great against the run. His back problems didn’t help but thats the not the main reason he’s been average the past 2 years like Giants fans and the media think. Unless he has help he’s going to continue to be average. Also its funny how Giants fans like to think Jets fans were the only ones who cared about a stupid pre season game but when the Giants scored the last TD the Giants fans in the stadium went crazy like they won the SB. They even showed it on TV so I’m not exaggerating anything. Also last year it was Coughlin who forced the game into overtime by calling time outs and kicking a FG at last minute to tie it up and put his players health at risk to win but its the narative of Rex and the Jets who only care.

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