Jeremy Maclin relieved after knee scare last night


When Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin went down in the second quarter last night, it was natural to jump to the conclusion.

With Maclin coming off a torn ACL, and going down without contact and clutching the same knee, even Eagles coach Chip Kelly “thought the worst.”

But moments later, Maclin was back on the field, disaster averted.

If I was fine, I was going to play,” Maclin said, via John Gonzalez of “I got up fine. It wasn’t anything. I was excited to get back out there and play. I think God definitely had my back on that one. When I got up and I was walking, the initial shock kind of went away, and I was pretty good.”

After last year’s injury, Maclin has had to work through some soreness in his legs, but the bigger challenge was the mental one.

“It’s tough,” Maclin said. “You need a strong-minded person to get through stuff like this. I’ve always been in a good place mentally. Initially, when it first happened a year ago, I was emotional. I was upset. I think the thing that kind of helped me in rehab and kept me going was the fact that I was mentally tough. Now I’m excited about going forward.”

The Eagles are excited about getting Maclin on the field with Riley Cooper and Jordan Matthews, and for a moment last night, it appeared that plan was dashed.

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  1. The Eagles offense looked good last night (I know it’s only preseason and am not predicting a superbowl).

    Foles was a little off early on but played well after he settled in.

    Cooper dropped a pass or two early but he settled in as well. His situation reminds me a bit of Roddy White’s situation in Atlanta under Vick. Vick, in Atlanta, would lock in on his TE Alge Crumpler and if he wasn’t open would run.

    Roddy White was considered a bust because Vick never threw to him. Alge Crumpler was a top TE because he was the only person vick would throw to. It wasn’t long after Vick left that Roddy White showed that he was a #1 WR as long as he had a QB who could get him the ball.

    DeSean Jackson was Vick’s Alge Crumpler with the Eagles. Cooper is not Roddy White but he may be a quality starter now.

    Sanchez looked very good with the #2s. Never in his career has he had an offensive line or offensive weapons that he has now. Sanchez’s and Geno Smiths’ woes the last 2 years were in large part due to the Jets having zero quality pass catchers and an average offensive line.

    The Jets wanted to win on defense and totally ignored the offense. Geno Smith should benefit from the attention the Jets finally paid the offense this year.

  2. Glad he’s alright. Guys a game changer. When I saw his knee lock up it turned my stomach. Not because it looked bad but because he worked so hard to come back from last year and it would have been sad to see him go through all that again for a meaningless preseason game

  3. He’s alright now but some players are followed by the injury bug and Maclin seems to be one of them.

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