Jimmy Graham fined $30,000 for dunks over crossbar


Saints tight end Jimmy Graham said that he’s done dunking balls over the crossbar, which will save his team penalty yards and save him money.

PFT has confirmed that Graham has been fined $30,000 for a pair of dunks following touchdowns during last week’s preseason game against the Titans. That’s a lot of money to spend for celebrating a touchdown even if Graham had been labeled a wide receiver during his franchise tag grievance earlier this offseason.

In addition to the fine, those dunks led to 15-yard penalties that prompted Saints coach Sean Payton to say he was “very upset” with Graham after the game. Ultimately, Graham, who predicted he’d lead the league in penalties after the rule was changed, promise not to do it anymore.

Should Graham go back on his word, the fines will go up now that he’s racked up a pair of offenses. Given how avoidable and damaging these penalties are, Payton might have to use stronger words than “very upset” to describe his feelings about Graham.

48 responses to “Jimmy Graham fined $30,000 for dunks over crossbar

  1. There will be times when a JG duck will be useful, that will occur in the week #1 beat down of the Failcons. It will forever remind the “little brothers” who they really are.

  2. Seeing as how his off-season went I’m sure an arbitrator will rule if he actually touched the crossbar or not.

  3. Please explain to me how each dunk should have been more costly than flipping the bird on national tv. As for continued attention to this JG issue, a waste of time. He did it to make a statement. Knew he would get fined. It was a preseason game that had no bearing on anything. He is very unlikely to do it again, even without words from his coach. Life goes on.

  4. Jimmy Graham is an idiot. You go into the offseason asking for more money and you dunk the crossbar at every chance you get.

    So you want more money? Or less? I am confused here.

  5. “Haters will hate. You know you want The Jimmy. You know you need The Jimmy. You know you love The Jimmy!”
    -The Jimmy

  6. In 2011 Graham OFFICIALLY broke the record 1st for receiving yardage by a TE but because the Saints played @ noon & the Patriots played later that day so Brady got the chance to continually feed Gronk until he got his yardage that was needed which also resulted in extra TDs. It was the Hernandez/Gronk show. Gronk ended 2011 w/1,327 yards to Grahams 1,310.
    Let me know how Gronk is when he plays a FULL season again. It’s going on 3 now & he still may not start in game 1. Plus, Brees had more passing options (players to throw to) than Brady. Brees spreads the ball around to every1.

  7. He just signed a huge deal. $30K to him is like a $50 parking ticket to a regular Joe.

    Next time he does this, hit him for a two-game suspension… which will be an amount he will feel.

  8. @ Kando – he’s a repeat offender who has been penalized for this exact same ting before. That is why the fines are higher.

    Also, am I the only one who is positive that he will do it again at some point during the season? I can’t be.

  9. bassplucker says:
    Aug 22, 2014 3:32 PM
    He just signed a huge deal. $30K to him is like a $50 parking ticket to a regular Joe.

    Next time he does this, hit him for a two-game suspension… which will be an amount he will feel.

    You mean he should get the same fine as a woman beater?

  10. Goodell is an idiot.

    People like him and the owners are not worthy of respect because of their thin skinned behavior evident in children.

    There are bigger things to worry about (gee I dunno domestic abuse) and he and the owners put celebrations not in their preferences way ahead???

    Btw, how are those tickets selling in your declining attendance league???

  11. Dunking over a goal post = $15K
    Flipping off your opponent on TV = $12K

    So much for Goodell’s hot air about sportsmanship being a priority.

  12. dannersthemanners — what does that mean? Is it hating on Graham to say he’s an egotistical jerk for not following the rules and getting flagged for not doing that?
    Your HC wasn’t happy with his stupidity, either. He’s costing his team penalties by doing the dunk, so what don’t you understand?
    Graham is a fine talent. But he needs to grow up and obey the rules, and realize the team is what’s important, not Jimmy Graham.

  13. I’ve been an NFL fan for longer than i care to admit & I’ve seen the league make decisions I’ve understood & some that i either didn’t understand the necessity or purely disagreed with. This one however is just ridiculous. This is a violent game plaited by violent men yet the slightest celebration that doesn’t delay the game at all is no longer acceptable. I can’t stand Goodell but Tagliabue was no better when it came to these decisions. Why not get it over with & have the game played by emotionless robots that could careless about the outcome, whether they scored, or whether they played poorly. Let’s see how that works out for the “shield”. Now with other rule changes that will slow the game down with laundry all over the field & have 50+ point outcomes on a regular basis I’m all but done with the NFL. I haven’t watched an NBA game in over 15 years because of the way they’ve perverted the game to the point where it’s nothing but a scoring exhibition & somehow the NFL thinks that was a good idea. What a joke football has become. Thank God for college. Gotta get a sports fix somewhere.

  14. nyneal says: Graham is a fine talent. But he needs to grow up and obey the rules, and realize the team is what’s important, not Jimmy Graham.
    Thanks mom

  15. $30,000??? That’s ridiculous. Goodell is insane. How much did Dean Blandino get fined for riding on the Cowboys party bus??? Either Jerry Jones is the real commissioner or something is very odd about that situation.

    And why do we even know who the VP of Officiating is for that matter??? Does anyone know any other VP’s names that work for theNFL like the VP of Marketing or the VP of Operations? Of course not! Great job by the NFL marketing their ‘VP of Officiating’ as a household name. Now he’s the 2nd most hated guy who works for the NFL.

  16. I don’t get it. The NFL doesn’t have bigger things to worry about then making a rule to penalize teams & fine players for dunking on the goal post???

  17. Why is the Lambeau leap ok and this isn’t?


    Because the Lambeau Leap does not cause a delay of game while they try to straighten the posts back out. Nor does it create the potential scenario of a team losing a game on a last-second kick because the goalposts were bent off-kilter from regulation.

    As a Bears fan I have no love for the Lambeau Leap, but even I can see the difference between the two situations.

  18. Stuff like this is why I have little sympathy for players that are down and out after their careers are over.

    They’re way too flippant with money while they’re making lots of it, even though that time will be short.

  19. I agree with you Marc, lambeau leap, goalpost dunk, spike the ball who cares, as long as celebrations don’t go over the top and take forever! What I really hate is guys over celebrating every freaking tackle or reception all game long! Get rid of this crap, let the players celebrate scoring plays, but that’s about it

  20. Anyone that thinks this banning of dunks is “no fun league” is ignorant. They had to raise the field goal posts. Common sense people

  21. re: vikesr4real
    then ya wonder why their fans put bags over their head…you are still living in the 70’s, but Viking fans can sure you those bags to throw up in…

  22. I think they should be allowed to dunk over the crossbar but if they in any way damage or cause the bars to be repairs in any way they get a 1 game suspension. Problem solved they one’s that can will the one’s that can’t will get suspended.

  23. Forget “stronger words,” Josh. If it happens again, (it won’t), Payton should take his special tight-end for a drive through some of New Orleans poor neighborhoods and show Graham what $30,000 could do to help revive some lives & businesses.

    Time to man-up, Jim and stop self-absorbing.

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