PFT Live: Mark Sanchez the Eagles’ QB of the future?

Chip Kelly was reluctant to proclaim Nick Foles his franchise QB a year ago and with nothing promised at the position, Mike Florio wonders if Mark Sanchez could creep into the picture coming off a stellar preseason showing.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Mark Sanchez the Eagles’ QB of the future?

  1. That’s why Kelly said the other day he’d listen to offers for Sanchez if some other teams called. The only future Sanchez has in the NFL, is a career back up.

  2. Best move he made was bringing in Sanchez. He knows after last season he can’t justify a high pick in the fans eyes. But he knows Foles is awful so he has to have something being prepared.
    Then again, Kelley himself is completely outclassed at this level, so it shouldn’t make much of a difference.
    Foles ~ Delhomme.

  3. Make no mistake, I hated every iota of Mark Sanchez’s being while he played in NY, and I initially would have preferred someone else to be our backup QB in Philly. Then I heard about how he looked really sharp in practice, and he was equally sharp during the first few preseason games thus far. He has better weapons to work with in Philly than he’s ever had before, and a lot of people (even Sanchez himself) believe that Chip Kelly’s system will be a very good fit for him, and if given a chance to start due to injury he just might put up better #’s than ever before. Now I’m kind of happy that the Eagles have a capable, experienced backup who can legitimately win games for us should he be called upon.

  4. You’ll see how capable he is when he consistently coughs it up at crunch time, and if you’re really lucky you might get to see his patented ” Butt Fumble ” The more you see of him, I guarantee the less you’ll like him.

  5. I could see Sanchez getting a shot if Foles really chokes this season, but I don’t see that happening. I expect good things from Foles again. It’s good to see Sanchez putting up good performances though. You need a backup who can step in when needed and win some games.

  6. @Squatopee84…..Delhome has never had a season like Foles did….Only time Jake threw 27 or more touchdowns too him 16 starts compared to Foles 10…In that season Jake had 15 interceptions and a 87.3 rating….Foles in on;y 10 starts has 2 int’s and a 119.2 rating……Also feel free to post a game where Jake had 7td’s in 1 game…..Gotta $100 says you cant find it!

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