Report: Bon Jovi’s bid close to collapsing


I’ve tried not to reference existing Bon Jovi song or album titles when talking about his effort to purchase the Buffalo Bills.  But there could be some future song or album titles lurking in the quotes that have emerged in connection with the faltering push for the franchise.

“They’re hanging on by the skin of their teeth,” an unnamed source told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun.  “The bid’s on life support.”

The clearest objective evidence regarding the coming collapse of the attempt to buy the Bills comes from the cancellation of a Wednesday tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium.  It’s part of the due diligence process for all finalists, and with the tour canceled and not expected to be rescheduled, it will be impossible for the Bon Jovi bid to be accepted.

Kryk also explains that Bon Jovi would have been the controlling owner, which can be accomplished only if he purchases at least 30 percent of the team.  To keep Bon Jovi’s 30-percent stake within the range of what he can afford, however, the total bid wasn’t as competitive as it could have been.  And without adequate assurances that the team won’t move, Bon Jovi will have to wait for the next opportunity.

While doing so, he should work on boosting his overall financial position, perhaps by writing songs called Skin Of My Teeth or The Bid’s On Life Support or If I Had More Cash And A Better P.R. Plan, I’d Be Able To Hang Out At NFL Games Not As A Friend Of A Coach Or An Owner But As The Dude Actually In Charge Of The Team.