Report: Johnny Manziel fined $12,000 for flashing middle finger


Johnny Manziel’s Monday night middle finger didn’t go unnoticed — or unpunished — by the league office.

The NFL docked Manziel $12,000 for his gesture in the third quarter of Monday’s game at Washington, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday. The hand signal was caught by the ESPN cameras and went viral in a snap.

Manziel can appeal to have the fine reduced, as it is more than 25 percent of his weekly salary of $24,075.

Here’s the applicable language in the CBA between the NFL and NFLPA regarding fine reduction appeals:

“On appeal, a player may assert, among other defenses, that any fine should be reduced because it is excessive when compared to the player’s expected earnings for the season in question. However, a fine may be reduced on this basis only if it exceeds 25 percent of one week of a player’s salary for a first offense, and 50 percent of one week of a player’s salary for a second offense.”

Manziel will enter the regular season as the Browns’ backup quarterback after Brian Hoyer was named the club’s starter earlier this week.

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  1. LOL Cleveland. Same Franchise that passed on ROBERT GRIFFIN for Trent Richardson and a 30 year old Rookie QB!!! You get what you deserve!!! Thank God I’m a REDSKINS fan! #HTTR

  2. Welcome to the NFL, Johnny.

    Meanwhile Teddy Bridgewater went 16/20, 2 TDs and had one of the best game winning drives ever.

    I think Cleveland finally realizes they made the wrong pick.


  3. If you cant afford the fine, then dont commit the act! If a poor man gets a dui can he tell the judge “ummm the fine and lawyer fee is more than 25% of what i make, can we lower that?”

  4. “Given the millions he’s making on endorsements, I don’t think he’s going to win the appeal.”

    Given how backwards this world is, for the most part, he’ll probably win the appeal.

  5. It’s pretty sickening how much money these guys make. He’s one of the lower paid players in the league and he makes more in 2 weeks than the average American does in a year.

    Meanwhile, that average American can’t even afford to take himself to a game once a year because of the outrageous costs.

    I guess as long as there are people willing to drop that kinda cash to go see a live game, they’ll keep paying players the way they do. And Goodell will keep pulling in 40+million per year. He totally deserves it too.

  6. The soundtrack for Johnny’s professional career is Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
    “A lifetime of *messing things up in one determined flash”

  7. That bird cost you more than just a big check, it most likely cost you a starting job as well.

    Grow up kid, let your play shut the down the haters.
    If your play CAN shut them up that is…

  8. Aren’t players only paid something like $1500 a week during the preseason ?

    Shouldn’t the no more than 25% of a weekly paycheck apply to the preseason pay rate since it was a preseason game ?

  9. Johnny Manziel is telling Flying J that he doesn’t give a ‘ Flying middle finger’ about toning down his act.

    This guy is looking more and more like thee worst draft pick ever regarding the the ‘ team concept ‘ approach.

    Clearly it’s a Johnny Me me me-ziel thing, and no team can sustain a winning attitude with that mentality !

    Hello long season for the Cleveland Browns, and it won’t be too long before its bye-bye Mememeziel !

  10. Same Franchise that passed on ROBERT GRIFFIN for Trent Richardson
    they didnt pass on Robert Griffin, they didnt offer enough to trade up for him, so they then moved up for Richardson who they then traded away later for a 1st round pick and they used that pick to get (if i am right, they traded up with the pick they took) Manziel.

    now for the REAL reason i wanted to comment. hopefully this is a teaching moment for Manziel. the Redskins trash talk is small compared to how the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals will give him. Washington did him a favor with the talk because now he will know what it will be like when he plays his rivals and hopefully (for his sake) he shows better maturity.

  11. He is struggling because instead of getting the playbook down, he parties.

    He’ll figure it out eventually, take care of business first.

  12. In related news, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell grinned diabolically and rubbed his fingers together in the money symbol when reporters asked what sort of punishment Clevelenad Browns back up QB Manzial would suffer after his actions last week.

  13. Just another media darling that will flop like a headless chicken real soon. The downward spiral began awhile ago sonny.

  14. I can see Goodell sitting up in his office doing the “show me the money” expression as he is dishing out this fine.

  15. This is just the start of trouble for this guy, his problem is his ego is larger than his talent.

  16. @davetrembley says: Aug 22, 2014 12:15 PM

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Bud Adams got fined when he flipped the bird to the Bills fans, and if so, how much was the fine?

    $200K A boat load for each finger. And it was Ralph Wilson who the bird was directed.

  17. davetrembley says:
    Aug 22, 2014 12:15 PM
    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Bud Adams got fined when he flipped the bird to the Bills fans, and if so, how much was the fine?
    I read earlier that Bud Adams was fined 250K for his bird to Bills fans, and Rex “pass the biscuits” Ryan was fined 50K for his gesture to Dolphins fans. The Cleveland Clown got off easy!

  18. It should have been more, and it might have taught him a lesson. He’s such a jerk I hate to think what might happen next. Wait for the opposing defense next time, can’t wait to see what happens. This is the NFL.

  19. I agree that Manziel seems like a real punk and has some growing up to do, but I think we all knew that, and so did the Browns, when he got drafted. It is too early to start saying that this was a bad pick by Cleveland. Personally, I don’t think he will be a great NFL quarterback, but let’s at least give him a chance to prove us right before passing judgment.

  20. Someone brought up Teddy Bridgewater: now there’s a guy who can go places in the NFL: great attitude and a lot more talent and resourcefulness than many give him credit for.

  21. Do the Browns retain his “Bird Rights” at the end of his rookie contract? Oh….wait…..

  22. Let’s be honest here, the NFL is loving this stuff. Sure they fined him because they want to show they are tough on such behavior, but every little incident like this draws more attention to the NFL which means more people watch the spectacle.

    People keep saying “that’s it I’m tired of the way these athletes behave, I’m going to stop watching.”, but they don’t. The NFL has them by the cajones.

    Oh and ESPN loves this too.

  23. He’s wearing a brown uniform, he wears the number 2, everything this kid does is crappy.

  24. Just overflowing with star power. Cant wait to see this kid fail and become an addict of some sort. 90% of football players have no real world value. The ones that do go on an sell insurance,lol.

  25. The Browns have awful receivers, questionable backs, no right tackle. The need help at linebacker and DB.

    Yet there are STILL posters wondering why the Browns didn’t give up 3 first rounders and a second rounder for RGIII.

    I’m amazed at how little some football fans know.

  26. What’s the over-under on the number of times he gets fined this year?

    And what is Vegas saying about when he gets his first suspension?

  27. Well, I feel sure Johnny can afford the FINE….I read just last week, Johnny Manziel earns 58 times what the average American Household earns. Not even if that income include his huge endorsement deal with NIKE…which is likely over $10 million per yr.

    Manziel may not seem worthy of that kind of money YET……just give it time. No NFL Rookie who has been the starting QB did well…not even the GREAT ones like Brett Farve. It takes a season or 2 to adjust to the NFL. It would be like one of us moving to a foreign Country….it would take time to learn the language, culture….it’s a whole new World for a Rookie.

    The difference between Manziel & Hoyer is simple…….Manziel has a bright future in the NFL.

  28. I’m not sure Manziel has a bright future in the NFL, as another poster claims. I don’t see him as another Favre or Elway. I think he’s too small, and I don’t think he can take the punishment that Favre and Elway took. Sure, those two struggled at the beginnings of their respective careers, but they had unbelievable arm strength and enough size to take the hits. Manziel still has to show he can do the same. I do agree, however, that it’s too early to pass judgment on him.

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