Report: Some Jets coaches disappointed Vick wasn’t more hell-bent on winning starting job

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Jets quarterback Michael Vick said that there’s pressure on Geno Smith to win and win now because there’s “really no patience” for quarterbacks in the NFL these days.

Although the Jets haven’t officially named Smith their starter to open the regular season, Vick makes it clear that’s where things are heading. It’s something he’s done all offseason, even as some members of the Jets staff and brass have insisted that there’s a more spirited competition than anyone has actually seen unfold. Vick’s said all the right things about Smith and his own backup role, so it would seem that all’s well with the team’s plan to have the veteran ready and waiting if Smith can’t handle the job.

That may not be the case, though. Jenny Vrentas of reports that some Jets coaches “have privately expressed disappointment that Vick didn’t show up more hell-bent on winning the starting job.” One would have to guess that those coaches weren’t the same ones involved with making decisions about the quarterbacks since that has always felt more like it was Smith’s job to lose than Vick’s to win.

“The last five years I spent in Philly, I had some great years and played in some great games and went through a lot. Now it’s an opportunity for me to refresh myself and take a step back away from the game. I’m kind of relishing the moment that I’m in right now,” Vick said. “I am not required to have to do a lot. Preserving my body right now is very important to me, and making sure I can make a strong push late in my career in case I am needed.”

There’s some resignation in his words, but would it really be better for the Jets if Vick was causing problems about not being the starter? He’s said multiple times that he still wants to start and his willingness to accept being Smith’s backup likely had something to do with the likelihood that he’ll be called on at some point this season and the way the Jets presented the situation to him. If there’s a problem with that answer, someone with the Jets should have asked different questions earlier in the process.

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  1. Vick has been around long enough to know that he’s better off waiting for Smith to fail, or get hurt, and come in as the savior. Rather than the other way round.

  2. Sounds like the Jets Coaching Staff are reaping what they’ve sown and are looking for a scapegoat. “I am not required to have to do a lot.” says it all right there.

    Sometimes when you play coy you really expect others to read minds.

  3. I had inferred this entire time that the Jets wanted Vick to take a more submissive and supportive role and that he was doing an A+ job in adhering to what they wanted, that was how I saw it.

    Maybe the Jets’ management should have been more hell-bent on being clear if they wanted to stimulate things differently. Mike is just doing the best he can to try and fit with what he feels like they expect out of him. You want him to get fired up to play QB? Fine then tell him to get competitive and not hold back, but is that what you really want?

    Don’t bother answering the questions, just figure out what you do want and when you settle in on that, then let Mike and Geno know what the deal is.

  4. Why don’t we just play all the Starting Quarterbacks in the Second half of the Season? Start the ok Quarterbacks for the first of the Season, then that way Quarterbacks can come back stronger than ever to go for that Lombardi trophy!

  5. Because Geno Smith is no good and when he’s sitting at 10 turnovers after 3 games Vick is in as starter. Why work hard when someone is just going to give it to you anyways?

  6. They’re upset the guy they clearly wanted as the backup didn’t want to make waves by going all-out to displace the starter? Yet, if he had done that, these same unnamed coaches would then be upset that Vick was trying to divide the locker room.

  7. So, they’re saying this dog has no fight left in him, well what would the old vick do then…

  8. QB competitions should be actual competitions. Stacking the options for a player is NOT the way to go. It’s usually makes the worse, especially once they start performing bad and get benched. Also Vick isn’t going to be hell bent to win a job if he can see it’s not a true competition.

  9. so “these coaches” would of been the ones fired along with entire staff if vick is starter and they go 6-10 or 7-9 at best. if geno starts atleast you can claim young QB and buy a extra year or 2 if your record is not enough to make playoffs. Vick more or less called out the organization because he knows no matter how good he plays he would not be starter! jets=circus

  10. No need for him to jump through hoops. Geno will flop and he’ll be the starter by week three…..

  11. Hold clip board, collect check. Go home with body intact.
    Good call Mike. I wouldn’t take a hit for Rex either….

  12. Translation: “I’ve lasted a long time without being maimed so I just want to collect a paycheck from this point forward.”

  13. It seems that the dog killer is the only one with actual class on the jets.

    Coaches want trash talk and not actual quality play.

    Hmmmh I wonder where they get that attitude from?

    Stay classy new York

  14. Getting paid millions to not get tackled is a sweet gig, I don’t blame him at all.

  15. And this is why the Jets are one of the most dysfunctional franchises out there. They repeatedly claim that Vick was brought in as a backup only, and when he toes the company line – people complain that he isn’t trying to win a competition he was told didn’t exist.

    The NY Jets – They put the FUN in DysFUNction.

  16. I guess when you pay him as a back -up that is what you get. Vick knows well that his days of being the unquestioned starter are all but over, too injury prone. Last i heard back-up qb’s make a pretty penny.

  17. First they tell the whole world he is there to be a back up. Beat him down when he questions it. Now when their pony won’t run they are disappointed in him? Sounds like the Jets to me.

  18. They didn’t want to hurt the young guy’s confidence, so why bring in an older guy with (some) talent?

    They didn’t want the old guy to beat out the young guy – okay, but now – they’re mad at the old guy for not beating out the young guy?

    Whose confidence they didn’t wanna hurt…


  19. The Jets coaches and personnel probably told him from the beginning that Geno was going to be the starter. What did they expect?

  20. If he’s pushed too much to start, then people would be complaining about him being a distraction and not knowing his role. There have been many backup QBs who could have lasted a few years longer if they had embraced the backup/mentoring role.

    You don’t want to be Matt Leinart, either, though.

  21. This is all working according to plan for Vick: all along he intended to be gracious, step aside, support Geno rather than pressure him into better play through competition, and watch the kid get complacent and screw this up.

    Now Geno wakes up to find that Vick thinks he’ll get yanked if he doesn’t win early and often, and that the coaches want Vick to try harder.

    How do you think these revelations are sitting with Geno? If he’s as mentally fragile as it seems, none of this is making him very happy right now.

  22. “I am not required to have to do a lot. Preserving my body right now is very important to me, and making sure I can make a strong push late in my career in case I am needed”–

    TRANSLATION– it was an unfair QB competition from the start. You gave the job to Geno without him earning it so now my goal is to try and stay healthy and play for another team next year after the Jets implode.

  23. Smart man Vic. Make the money, carry the clipboard, let the young buc do all the work. You’ve been hit enough throughout your career. The Jets line isn’t capable of offering adequate protection for you or any other QB. That’s reality!

  24. So basically Vick has entered ‘I’m here to cash a paycheck and avoid getting hurt’ mode at last.

  25. If this coaching staff wants to be here next year then Vick will be the qb as soon as Geno falters a little bit. Of course we all know the problem with that scenario is that Vick will eventually get hurt. Geno will be sent back in with his confidence shot and poor play will follow

  26. As well as Sanchez has looked, I’d still take Vick as my back up QB for the Iggles over Sanchez. You cannot count on him week after week. But if you need a little sizzle of the bench to spark a team, nobody does it betta!!

  27. Don’t be mad at Mike Vick folks…….. Rexy refused to get a tattoo of him on his other arm and hurt his feelings. Not only that, Mike Vick is afraid of people’s feet, Rex however, is not.

  28. Vick knows the score and the dysfunctional Jets.

    When Tebow was Heaven-bent on playing for the Jets, they screwed him over so Vick knows they will do the same to him to play the Jets management’s boy they drafted to play QB. Vick will wait until an injury opens the way for him or just continue collecting a paycheck to hold the clipboard.

  29. Vick has paid his dues….both legally and as an advocate for animals since his disaster with the dog fighting. He has certainly matured and the way he is handling this situation is further proof.

    Because of his “game” he is injury prone. Until that happens he is a game changer and certainly better than Gino. Should be an interesting year for the Jets.

  30. If this is true, the coaches are stupid. If they wanted a competition, they should have said so.

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