Seahawks offense rolling again in building 21-0 lead over Bears


The Seattle Seahawks first-team offense scored on each of their first four possessions in building a 24-0 lead last week against the San Diego Chargers.

The offense hasn’t slowed down at all this week against the Chicago Bears either.

Seattle scored touchdowns on each of their first three possessions in the first quarter of Friday night’s preseason game against the Bears.

Marshawn Lynch carries three times for 16 yards on the opening drive and scored a 7-yard touchdown to give Seattle a 7-0 lead. The one drive was all Seattle needed to see from their starting workhorse back as he took to the bench after the opening series.

Russell Wilson then led Seattle on a 14-play, 89-yard scoring drive with Wilson scrambling for a 7-yard score to give the Seahawks a 14-0 lead after the first quarter.

The Seahawks scored again on their third possession of the game. Wilson connected with Jermaine Kearse for a 12-yard touchdown to cap an 11-play, 83-yard drive to give the Seahawks a 21-0 lead.

Seattle has now scored on seven straight possessions with their first-team offense dating back to last week’s game against the Chargers. Six of those possessions have ended with touchdowns.

The Seahawks defense is still expected to be one of the league’s top units. If Seattle’s offense can play like this during the regular season too, they could be a nightmare for the rest of the league.

126 responses to “Seahawks offense rolling again in building 21-0 lead over Bears

  1. I have high hopes for Russell Wilson this season but it is still pre season now. Defenses are not showing all their wrinkles and not game planning as much.

  2. Rusell Wilson is one of the BEST Quarterbacks in the NFL (period). He doesn’t make mistakes and he’s a Big Time PLAYMAKER.

    Who’s better? Brady, Manning (regular season), Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Brees. Considering Wilson’s age, I wouldn’t trade Wilson for any of them except Rodgers.

  3. Cutler still sucks when under pressure, things aren’t going good and in Big Games. $126.7 million, $54 million guaranteed, Really?

  4. (1) Decammillis and Tucker are incompetent.
    (2) Jerry Angelo left a defense that essentially needed to be completely rebuilt. And he’s only been able fix the d line.
    (3) The Bears linebackers are bad.
    (4) The official that called that phantom pass interference should be fined and drug tested.

  5. And for the record: as of halftime in game three, Seattle’s starting secondary has ZERO illegal contact or defensive holding calls this preseason. And have given up 7 points total. Maybe they aren’t cheaters but are just that good?

  6. As far as dress rehearsals go, you can’t really do better than 31-0 at halftime.

    The offense is going to be fun to watch. Just have to keep continuity on the O-line, and keep Percy on the field. If Harvin is healthy, this offense is explosive.

  7. It’s preseason but these guys are playing like champions again. Last preseason they were 4-0 and they won the superbowl. This preseason once again they look dominant. Unlike the chumps in Santa Clara. Hahahaha

  8. Seattle is playing some exciting football on both sides of the ball. Russell Wilson looks in complete control of the offense.

    Percy Harvin has such an effect on the game when he is out there. Beast Mode 3 carries and looked completely “about that action”

  9. Bear’s fans like to call the Packers “soft”.

    If soft is actually putting up a fight against one of those NFC West Powerhouses – then what does that make the Quit-lers?

  10. As expected– people are jumping on the Seawagon as fast as possible.

    Playing “preseason = regular season” is a game for fools. I can’t see that offense doing much this year as Russell Wilson’s limitations are further exposed. and the defense will be very, very good but not great because they will get called on all the holding they do.

    Add that up with a more lax attitude and we are looking at 10-6 or even 9-7.

    And without home field– no way this team goes to the Super Bowl.

  11. There’s not much to say anymore. Niner fans have nothing on us. They just have to take it. And don’t give me your dusty twenty year old trophy nonsense either. Today there’s no debate that the hawks are just beginning and the niners are watching their window slam shut.

  12. Seattle will return to the SB. Not sure if they’ll win but it looks like they picked up right where they left off while SF looks very off. And they are their only real challenger in the conference.

  13. It is just preseason and defenses don’t game plan as much, which I believe is stupid tbh however it does show that their offense has complete chemistry.

  14. The bottoming out of this team is going to be spectacular. Especially when the “12th Man” becomes disenfranchised again and stops showing up like the fair weather fans they are.

  15. “I see a 6-10 team.”

    Actually, at 31-0 at the half, you are not seeing a 6-10 team. You WISH you were seeing a 6-10 team, but that’s not what you are actually seeing.

  16. 55-7 the last 2 weeks in the first half against mostly No. 1’s. San Diego was a playoff team last year.

    9 first half possessions, 7 TDs, 2FGs, 55 points. There is no better team on this planet.

  17. Must be Lovie’s fault right bears fans?! We’ll be just fine in Tampa where, you know, we actually have a defense.

  18. A shame that the Bears can’t schedule the University of Chicago club team so we can see their real abilities. First Lovie and now Trestman as the stoic sideline guys show no emotion as their team really stinks it up on the field. Here comes another 8 and 8 year unless the NFL adopts Canadian rules

  19. For those claiming it is only preseason, and following that up with “the opposition isn’t showing all the wrinkles of their game plan” keep in mind…

    The Hawks aren’t showing all they have either.

  20. 0-1 after week 1. Paybacks a bitch. Still Gb’s JV. Packer offense is better at EVERY SINGLE position and will expose Seattle def.

    Wilsons legs wont help. Lynch cant run v. 9 in the box (which u will see thx to that stellar wr core).

  21. Not surprising Seattle is a damn good team. NFC is a 4 team race. Only GB, NO and SF can challenge Seattle for NFC crown. These 4 teams are clearly above the rest and while some of these 4 will likely get unlucky with injuries, not all of them will. If your team is in the NFC and is not one of these 4, good luck.

  22. So much for the new “emphasis, aka Manning’s Rule”. What the NFL doesn’t know is that defense is played with your feet. You don’t deflect or intercept balls, if yo’re not in position.

    What next:defenses must only tackle after the catch? 75% completions, 80% redzone efficiency, etc. Wilson is the best young QB in the game, with an arrow point straight up.

    By any measurement “experts” come up with, he knocks them down and continues to improve. It’s almost funny how they try to find weaknesses. Wilson puts in work and is rewarded with wins.

  23. Love all the “it’s only preseason” prayers.

    If Hawks were rolling up these points with the 2s and 3s you may have a point.

    But it’s the 1s vs the 1s, against the AFC SB team (but over half the offensive starters out), against a playoff team and now against a team who missed the playoffs on the final game of the year and who is supposed to have a great offense.

    I told you Harvin would make this a different team and that the offense would improve by 50%. Maybe I was being too conservative.

  24. The regular season record may not reflect it, but the Seahawks will be a better team this season than they were last year. Not good for the other teams in the NFL.

  25. This is entertaining reading all you eager hawk fans ready to crown your team. ITS PRESEASON, they don’t give out a Lombardi at the end. Its nothing more than evaluations for most teams, and here are the hawks still throwing their first team offense out to play against the bears 2nd and 3rd teams…but I guess you gotta try to pump that lil midgets ego up somehow right? Won’t be surprised when the packers tear you up week 1

  26. Seahawks have two defensive penalties against their 1st stringers in two games. For those calling the over-emphasis on defensive holding and interference the “Legion of Boom Rule,” you might want to re-evaluate.

  27. Wow, I love all of the predictions of the Hawks demise that is based on hate and hate only. You sound like vindictive 12-year old middle school girls who didn’t make the cheerleading squad. Get a life.

  28. oreo51 says: Aug 23, 2014 10:44 AM

    Nobody is going to beat Seattle at home. They seem to have stepped up their game at the Super Bowl and have not looked back.
    The Packers are one of only 2 teams in the last 2 years to go out in front of the Since ’12 Man and beat the Seahawks. Seattle didn’t beat us, the refs did.

  29. They get beat in preseason, “it’s just preseason”. They win in preseason, “we look awesome, give us our ring, who can beat us”? Signed, every obnoxious, 2nd year fan that will fade just like all the Flacco freaks.

  30. theeclevelandsteamer says:
    0-1 after week 1. Paybacks a bitch. Still Gb’s JV. Packer offense is better at EVERY SINGLE position and will expose Seattle def.

    Wilsons legs wont help. Lynch cant run v. 9 in the box (which u will see thx to that stellar wr core).
    The funniest part of Seattle’s easy win over the soft mushy Packers opening night is going to be the moment when you and the rest of the nation realize the Seahawks receivers are better than the Packers.

    A lot better.

  31. 0-1 after week 1. Paybacks a bitch. Still Gb’s JV. Packer offense is better at EVERY SINGLE position and will expose Seattle def.

    Wilsons legs wont help. Lynch cant run v. 9 in the box (which u will see thx to that stellar wr core).

    Last season wasn’t the Bears’ offense second only to Denver in scoring? And wasn’t GB’s tied with Seattle’s @#8?

    Now granted, Rogers was hurt as was half the Seattle offensive line and #1 receiver.

    But I’d lay a bet that Seattle’s offense improves vs. last year more than GB’s.

  32. Funny how with certain teams the media hypes them preseason means something and for others its “just preseason” one thing I will say..most teams that look dominate in preseason are not in regular season.

  33. The Bears have serious problems at LB. Briggs looks fat, old and slow. This will be his last year in Chicago if this all he’s got left. And the young guys — McClellan, Bostic and Greene — all look like busts. Can’t cover, can’t get off blocks, can’t tackle and are all dumb as bricks.

    Phil Emery will likely have to do a total rebuild of that unit for 2015 since he didn’t get it right the first time. Very hard for Bears fans to take.

  34. it’s preseason..end of discussion…games in which teams do NOT game plan at all and it’s used as a tool for situational football for evaluation purposes…But yeah go ahead a crown them in week 3 of preseason after they barely winning the bowl and they wont have that awfully easy schedule this year either..

  35. Who can watch Seattle and not see a budding megastar in Russell Wilson? This kid is mesmerizing. He makes it look easy.
    What separates the Seahawks from past defending Super Bowl champs is that not only do they have a No. 1 defense but they also have a top-10 offense. Plus, they are YOUNG. I’d say Seattle is a dynasty in the making.

  36. Seattle fans after losing to Denver in the preseason: “Whatever it’s just preseason. GO HAWKSS!!!!!!!”

    Seattle fans after dominating teams in the preseason: “Legion of Boom!!! Doesn’t matter that it’s preseason!”

  37. As expected– people are jumping on the Seawagon as fast as possible.

    Playing “preseason = regular season” is a game for fools. I can’t see that offense doing much this year as Russell Wilson’s limitations are further exposed. and the defense will be very, very good but not great because they will get called on all the holding they do.

    Add that up with a more lax attitude and we are looking at 10-6 or even 9-7.

    And without home field– no way this team goes to the Super Bowl.
    ===================================you know, it’s funny everyone said the same thing when the Hawks beat down the donkeys in the preseason last year. and yet, the SB looked eerily similar.

    seahawks #1 offense has scored 7 tds and 2 fgs in 10 possessions against the Bears and Chargers 1st team defenses. their defense look as mean as ever. what games are you watching?

    you don’t see much, clearly. this team looks more explosive on offense than the last 2 years, they haven’t lost anything, and what lax attitude? you clearly aren’t watching. but good job making it evident to everyone else you have no idea what you’re talking about.


  38. Everyone wants to make excuses as to why the hawks look good. they never use the excuse that they are really that good though. there are nfl teams and then theres the seahawks who are men among boys.

  39. For those of you saying preseason doesn’t matter, you’re wrong. It doesn’t count, but it matters.

    Seahawks 2012: 4-0 preseason, 12-6 with a road playoff win
    2013: 4-0 preseason, 13-3, Super Bowl champions
    2014: 2-1, out scored 1st string opponents 55-7 last 2 weeks

  40. Wow, Da Bears suck! I cannot believe I was worried that they might have a shot at the Division, but the were straight crap. Their defense wasn’t there and the offense…..what offense? My Vikings won’t finish last in the division guaranteed.

  41. Scary looking team no doubt. Russell Wilson is unbelievable, if Im the Packers, the only guys I use to blitz him are CBs and Safeties, DL and LBers are too slow or not agile enough to catch him in the backfield.

  42. It’s funny how people complain about NEW Seahawks fans. Like new fans didn’t join the Broncos after Peyton went there or God forbid, the Browns didn’t get new fans because of Johnny Bieber.

    I’m a Panthers fan, but I followed Russell Wilson (the underdog) from NCSU to UW to Seattle and I like how they do it. I’m a new Settle fan, since Russell hit town, but I still like my Panthers.

    Is that wrong? If it is, I don’t wanna be right. The NFL is 75 years old. If teams got no new fans, you wouldn’t be one. You started somewhere.

    You wanna shut up the loud mouth Hawks fans, beat’em!

  43. The first game of the season with the Seahawks hosting the Packers will be an excellent game!!

    You can’t be the best without beating high level competition. The first game will be important in determining home field advantage. It is like beginning the season with a deep playoff quality game.

    Whoever wins that game gets immediate front runner status in the much tougher NFC.

  44. …and, my favorite player was only playing in his first game, so got no hits while getting the rust off. Lacey? Wait til my man, “Bam Bam Chancellor,” warms up and starts knocking the snott out of an offensive players breaking throw that defensive line.
    Our defense against the run and slant routes was all, my “anal” self saw as not being perfect…and Sherman’s usual attention to detail, along with Doug Baldwin not getting open, as he usually does when Russell is scrambling.
    Yes, this is only preseason, but our starting Middle Linebacker Bobby Wagner was out, Bam Bam just getting back after offseason surgery is getting his game speed…this is a very scary team folks…a window here to go undefeated and in the middle of a dynasty…bank on it!

  45. Looks like Pete is building SOMETHING in the great northwest just like he did when he was here in SoCal. Just think Jets fans, what might have been if he hadn’t been fired after all of ONE season. I know the Pats fired him too, but they seem have done all right.

    Thanks again, Pete, for the SPECTACULAR job you did at Souther Cal! If and when L.A. gets a team and you bring your Seahawks to play, the loudest ovation will be for you, starting with me.

  46. The Bears are who we thought they were. But it didn’t matter. No team walking into Seattle for the dress-rehearsal was going to walk out with a W. All the haters trolling only shows how many are afraid of the truth and will do anything to convince themselves that it isn’t true.

  47. I will never get this generation’s need to troll and hate. It’s definitely not good for the game and speaks more about the troller than the object of their hate. Very sad.

  48. Kneejerk overreaction to a largely meaningless game.

    The fact is – the Seahawks aren’t as good as that game would suggest, nor are the Bears THAT bad.

    Anyone who understands football knows that ultimately a team’s success is not about how they play in the pre-season, but how they answer these questions:

    A) how do they stack up within their division? (and/or can they win on the road?)
    B) can they stay relatively injury-free?
    C) can they get hot down the stretch, when it REALLY matters?

  49. you are right and wrong at the same time: right in that it is pre-season – wrong as it just showed the same issues as last year when the Bears couldn’t shut down the other team when it really mattered.

  50. And how – or when – exactly in that game did it “really matter”?

    It only “really mattered” to the Seahawks, who treated that game like it was Super Bowl Pt. II – see Pete Carroll acting like an obnoxious dolt, jumping around and gesticulating and cheer-leading like it’s the damn playoffs, players talking smack, obvious actual game-planning, leaving starters in well into the 3rd even though you’re up by 4 scores, using their Pro Bowl Safety to return kicks in the 3rd quarter for crying out loud!!

    I’m not downplaying the Bears weaknesses, by any means (LBs and Safeties, Special Teams)…but it was obvious the Bears were just being a lot smarter and more conservative. The Bears pass rush/d-line play is and will be much improved. It was clear Tillman and Briggs never left second gear, for one example. Those wiley old vets know better. And Trestman used the game to test & assess individual players – not to risk injury for a pyrrhic victory in a meaningless game.

    I wouldn’t be overly concerned by what you see in pre-season. Case in point – Lions went 4-0 in preseason the same year they went on to a glorious record of 0-16 in the regular season.

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