Taylor Lewan has to “be smarter” after drawing fine for unnecessary roughness

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Rookie seasons are full of learning experiences and Titans tackle Taylor Lewan had one this week.

He learned that he’ll wind up with less money in his pocket if he isn’t able to avoid unnecessary roughness penalties on the field. Lewan was fined $8,200 for drawing a flag in the second quarter for retaliating to a shove from Saints defensive tackle Akiem Hicks with a shove of his own to Hicks’s facemask.

“It was petty; it was not very mature of me to do,” Lewan said, via the Tennessean. “But it was one of those heat-of-the moment things you have to be smart about.”

Lewan also drew a flag for grabbing Cameron Jordan’s facemask later in the contest, which makes for 30 yards in penalties for a Titans offense that doesn’t need those kinds of obstacles for success. It’s little surprise, then, that Lewan says he needs to “be smarter” moving forward because players that hurt their teams can find playing time hard to come by.

14 responses to “Taylor Lewan has to “be smarter” after drawing fine for unnecessary roughness

  1. He’s not smart. That’s why he’s been charged with assault in one case and witness intimidation in another. Not to mention that he was literally the dirtiest player I’ve ever seen play college football. To compare this guy to Richie Incognito is an insult to Incognito.

  2. I read the entire article. The part not included here about why he got the second penalty vs. Jordan and his rationale about protecting his QB is the kind of thing that makes me not worry much about Lewan. No matter what his “outside” reputation is.

    Every OL needs a little bit of what he brings, and without David Stewart around anymore, the Titans needed it again.

  3. As far as character goes, this guy is the ying to his quarterback’s yang. Here’s hoping Jake Locker has a personal influence on this kid’s life.

  4. I read the entire article and after reading his comments on the penalty he took against Jordan, I’m not all that concerned about his maturity or attitude. No matter what his “outside” reputation.

    Strikes me as exactly the kind of guy his teammates love playing with and his opponents hate playing against. I can live with that.

  5. lol at all the Michigan State fans talking crap about Lewan. Sure he’s a hot head, but he’s got talent.

  6. Taylor has vowed to be smarter. The next time he grabs a face mask and twists his opponent’s head around to a highly unnatural angle, he’ll do it when the ref isn’t watching.

  7. if i remember correctly the first preseason game against the packers he blocked for 3 quarters of that game and graded out very wel. this kids a beast. anybody who is hatin better watch out cause itll be pancake city when this guys is blockin. yeah hes definatly nasty but thats what u want from your lineman is nastiness. people gotta know that if they want a sack there gonna risk there neck gettin twisted off lol

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