Vick says Geno has to win now


Since not long after he joined the Jets in March, quarterback Mike Vick has conceded the Week One starting job to Geno Smith.  Now, Vick has challenged Smith to keep it.

“There wasn’t patience with me,” Vick said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “There wasn’t patience with Brett Favre.  I’ve seen Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco go in there as rookies.  Ben Roethlisberger.  They had to get it done and they got it done.  There’s really no patience, just being honest. . . . We got to win and we got to win now.”

Honesty hasn’t been an issue for Vick.  But this specific slice of honesty underscores the reality that Vick wasn’t brought in to serve as the content-to-hold-a-clipboard mentor to the younger player.  Vick will push Smith to get better, or Vick will push Smith to the bench.

As usual, Vick’s honesty is likely accurate.  With coach Rex Ryan’s contract extension operating as a practical matter as a one-year Band-Aid deal, he’s in the same position he occupied last year.  And Rex probably needs to get to the playoffs this time in order to secure a real extension.  If it appears that Geno, whom the team has propped up recently by pushing the notion that Smith took it upon himself to watch film of the defenses he’ll face this year (which many assumed already was standard operating procedure for starting quarterbacks), can’t get to the next level, Vick will get a chance to return to the level that made him one of the best players in the NFL both with the Falcons and more recently with the Eagles.

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  1. To win consistently in the NFL takes a very good QB.

    Yes, a team like the 2000 Ravens can win with a game manager, but those seasons are few and far in between.

    I’m talking about being in the playoffs like 8 out of 10 seasons, winning it all once, playing in the Super Bowl more than once etc…

    To do that, it takes a really good QB.

    Could Geno get there? I guess so.

    But he is NOT there now… and I don’t think he’ll turn into one of those types of QB’s…

  2. It shouldn’t have taken a threat over Rex’s job to get the Jets to pay attention to the offense.

    The Jet’s added more talent on offense this year than the last 4 years combined.

    The Jets have an actual NFL quality WR this year, which, unfortunately, is more than they had the last 2 years.

    The Jets will find out that QBs do better when they have someone to throw the ball to.

  3. Here’s my not so bold predictions:

    -Geno will be wildly inconsistent again- showing flashes of being OK but being disgustingly bad at other times. Ultimately via the media pressure that for whatever reason likes to paint the Jets- perennial losers- as a team that should be winning, then Vick will take over

    -Vick will win a game or maybe even 2 off the bat, and people will overreact to the success. Before long however he will be turning the ball over so often Jets fans will wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. He’ll also get dinged up and miss some time

    -Vick will eventually get hurt and Geno will return. Rusty and rightfully a little wounded in the confidence department Geno will not show significant signs of improvement. Outcry for Vick to be starter from day 1 next year ensue

    -NYJ enter next season with Vick as the starter. Vick continues more of his turnover-limp-turnover-turnover-greatplay-limp-another turnover play. Eventually, he misses a few games and Geno returns. Again from lack of getting a consistent chance Geno is subpar. Vick, if he becomes healthy, is realized to not be an asset

    -2016 Draft- With the (insert top 15 pick) the New York Jets select _____, QB

    Mark it down. It’s almost as guaranteed as Callahan brake pads.

  4. Why would this even be a discussion?

    Geno Smith is a young guy you could build a franchise around for a decade or more if he gets to that next level. His best days are in front of him

    Vick is old and washed up, maybe has 1 or 2 good seasons left in him. His best days are behind him.

  5. Doesn’t matter. Fact is, Rex Ryan is a great coordinator and not a great head coach. As long as he’s the head coach their a playoff team at best and not a champioship team.

  6. Vicks only Playoff win is against a horrible Packer team….. FYI

    He tore them up for which has not become a constant in green bay….another home playoff loss.

  7. Vick will get a chance to return to the level that made him one of the best players in the NFL both with the Falcons and more recently with the Eagles.
    Um sorry, but Vick was never ‘one of the best’ players in the NFL… That moniker gets reserved for players that actually elevate the play of others on their team like Brees, Manning, Brady and Rodgers..

  8. You know the Giants are going to be awful this season. We’re talking last place in NFC East, this is certainly Coughlin’s last go round – he is and was a great coach. But Eli is going to stink yet again this season.

    Truly, this is NYG super bowl tonight…

  9. Did the Steelers lose again last night?

    Another once proud franchise gone to the garbarge. Enjoy life at the bottom, many long time rock solid Browns fans, Raven fans and Bengal fans are quite stoked to see you fail!

  10. Favre spent a rookie year on bench in Atlanta and was majic mans backup for first 4 games and only got in due to injury. I wouldn’t say that was rushed in exactly

  11. They should have held on to Sanchez. When Foles goes down in Philly, he will do well. The Jets never tried to surround the offense with talent, only setting him up to fail.

  12. I think Vick was one of the best players in the league with the Falcons but not with the Eagles. He is still good, but if he was one of best Nick Foles would have been in the bench last year and Vick would still be in Philly

  13. As usual, Vick’s talking does more than anything else. If he really is good enough to start, he should be. BUT–for the 3rd time in his career, he seems to prefer to sitting on the sidelines and getting paid–I guess I would too if I was made of glass.

  14. mcc528 says:
    Aug 22, 2014 11:00 AM
    JETS Get RIP Ed For Bringing IN A Solid Backup And Would AL so Get RIP Ed For Leaving Matt Simms As the backup. 10-6


    There are plenty of other QBs out there not named Vick or Simms.

    Vick has the ability to kill a QBs career much the same as Rex Ryan.

    Vick was brought in as a potential starter so you put a young (supposedly franchise) QB who spent last year with no NFL quality offensive talent around him struggling in the position of having to look over his shoulder at the WIN NOW qb.

    The funny thing is, Vick isn’t a win now QB either, he’s just a media darling. Great for ESPN highlights and not much else. If the Jets decide to switch to Vick, the season will be over and so will Rex’s head coaching career.

  15. No patience for Vick huh?? He was kept as the starter as 3 coaches got fired. 2 in Atlanta & one in Philly. The one constant was patience with Vick, which he’s never shown he’s deserved. 2-3 life time as a playoff starter. Intercepted his only playoff chance with Philly away in a one & done playoff run. That same team with McNabb had been to a NFC Championship game only 2 seasons before. People forget what kind of team Vick took over in Philly & what a disappointment he ended up being. He’s been shown nothing but patience his entire career, Vick is one of the biggest overhyped disappointments in the last 20 years…he’s the poster boy for unfulfilled second chances.

  16. When he signed with the Jets, he took out his calendar and wrote “operation starting job (aka mess with Geno’s head)” at the top and planned these statements:

    “OTA’s: tell media I’m cool with being the backup”

    “TC Wk 1: tell media I throw all my energy into teaching Geno the value of film study”

    TC Wk 3: tell media that it’s just plain old reality that Geno will get yanked if the Jets don’t win…”.

    This couldn’t be more clearly scripted.

  17. Current NFL “game managers”

    “Big Ben”
    Joe Flacco
    Russell Wilson
    Colin Kapernick

    What do they all have in common? They don’t turn it over, have (or had in the past) a decent running game, and really good defense.

    Does it make them good QBs? No. It just makes them not terrible…

  18. Vick is so much better than Geno it’s not even funny. That’s just pure football fact.

    If you wanna play the worse guy cuz he is young, then do it. If you wanna play the best QB on your team, then do that. But decide and do it.

  19. and NOW another article comes out about how the coaches are disappointed how easily he accepted the back QB role. Really? Really? Have you not seen him do this before? Have you not seen him limp off wincing over a hangnail? Have not not been able to figure out he has the heart of a collied coward? Did you fail to notice he always plays the victim or has an excuse? Show me anything he has ever done that would refute my statements? eh, you cant. Just because he has learned to utter a few pre-crafted press statements does not make him “mature” “turned around” “a role model”

  20. AFC East will be a cake walk with the best defense in football. Richardson. Wilkerson. Coples. Harrison. Pace.


    What team is that by the way?

  21. S!




    You can figure out the rest…..
    Andrew says:
    Aug 22, 2014 8:51 AM
    Looking forward to this season!








  22. I agree with Vick –Just ask ponder …did ponder think that mn was going to wait a, these guys get 3 years and Year3 you better be there or your done.

  23. Everyone says Vick is a turnover machine, well lets get this god damn straight, the first and last time he threw more picks then tds was his rookie season. In addition to this Geno has more fumbles plus ints last year than Vick has ever had. So maybe Vick does turn it over a little, but Geno turns it over much much more. This is just turnovers lets not take into account the fact that Mike Vick is still faster, and still has a stronger arm than young Geno, plus his experience and veteran leadership would be key in elevating this offense. Vick is the right choice for the jets, I hope the make it.

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