Video emerges of Mike Evans in brawl outside nightclub


Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans has a reputation for being soft spoken.  He was anything but that in a video obtained by TMZ of a scene outside a Tampa nightclub.

The video, reportedly shot on Saturday night after the Buccaneers hosted the Dolphins in a preseason game, shows Evans arguing with bouncers.  Eventually, someone else appears to stick a finger in a bouncer’s face, the bouncer responds aggressively, and then all hell breaks loose.

At one point, it appears that Evans throws a punch that doesn’t squarely connect.  The punch occurs at roughly the same time the ass crack of one of the bouncers is visibly obvious in the foreground.

Police were present, but apparently no arrests were made.  Now that the video has come to light, however, the NFL could review the situation as a first offense for Evans under the personal-conduct policy.

UPDATE 4:08 p.m. ET:  According to the Tampa Bay Times, Evans’ agent says that the video was shot in March.  That would potentially make Evans exempt from scrutiny under the personal-conduct policy, since he wasn’t an employee of any NFL team in March.

75 responses to “Video emerges of Mike Evans in brawl outside nightclub

  1. Not sure if Evans is an upgrade over the recently traded Mike Williams; at least Williams knew which hand to carry the ball in and he was “stab me in the leg and don’t take me to the hospital” tough too. Time will tell….Same Old Bucs!

  2. At several points it looks like the bouncer took swings before Evans swung back.

    And that was a lot more than just a crack. It is something that cannot be unseen.

  3. LOL! It won’t be long before they have videos on every NFL player, and only murder will be grounds for a 2 game suspension!
    Gonna be hilarious!

  4. He has been known to be a bit of a hot head. (see unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in 2014 ChickFilA Bowl)

    I mean when Johnny Football has to get in your face to get you under control… you might have an issue.

  5. I was expecting more of “all hell breaks loose.” It’s mostly Evans bouncing around like a fake tough guy. Then at one point he was scrambling so hard to get away that he jumped over the hood of a car. I don’t completely blame him considering the bouncers are twice his size, but for as tough as he was posturing to be, I expected more.

  6. Being that he wasn’t technically in the NFL, he shouldn’t be in trouble. But just ask Terrelle Pryor about justice as it’s meted down by Iron Fist Goodell.

  7. Get control of your team, Lovie!

    lol, seriously though – I like Josh McCown and Evans clearly has some talent, but I’m pretty certain the Bucs are in for a bumpy season. And I have to admit I can’t wait to watch the slow-motion implosion.

    Full disclosure: as a Bears fan, I still harbor lingering ill-will towards Lovie for ruining the best and most talented years of the Bears defense with his stubbornness (“Rex is our QB”), refusal to change scheme to personnel (Cedric Benson over Thomas Jones? seriously), refusal/failure to make in-game adjustments, ruining of the best returner in the history of the game, the empty platitudes and milquetoast demeanor, and so on, and so on.

    I’ve seen sloths on valium show greater passion and intensity than Lovie.

    If I had to make an analogy – he had the keys to a Lambo and he put the wrong tires on it, kept it below the speed limit, and never once had the engine serviced.

    Still, discipline has never really been an issue for Lovie’s teams..but his effort to make Tampa into “Bears South” – siphoning away any and all players that he can – will not work. Offense will continue to be an exotic afterthought for Lovie, he’ll neglect the o-line and QBs will continue to struggle. Good luck, Tampa (you’ll need it).

  8. The best part of that video is the second hell breaks loose, the cop just calmly turns his back and walks away. He wanted no part of that.

    As much as it may seem to be against his responsibility, a lot of overzealous cops would benefit from making that about-face-and-walk move…

  9. Did anyone notice the police officer who originally attempts to stop the chaos? Once it hits the fan he nonchalantly walks off like “im outa here” hahaha

  10. Did you see the cop just turn and walk away once he saw those giant dudes fighting?! Hahahah

  11. Here is what they were arguing about…

    Mike Evans overhead saying…

    That’s right, you heard me… Johnny Football is da best… take that ya’ll…

  12. Am I the only one who finds this totally hilarious. A fight? He runs away, then when it seems to settle down a bit, he starts his bobbing and weaving like he’s Muhammad Ali. Typical of the gangsta type who was about to get their butt whipped, and they knew it. He got the talking part done, that’s about it. Too funny.

  13. @kinggator

    Mike Evans will be a massive upgrade over Mike Williams. I mean it’s not hard to upgrade from an often injured, wannabe rapper, frequent stab wound recipient. Please guy, go watch Williams get 500 yards in Buffalo this season while Evans runs over DBs weekly.

  14. “That would potentially make Evans exempt from scrutiny under the personal-conduct policy, since he wasn’t an employee of any NFL team in March.”

    Umm…….I have a Mr. Terrelle Pryor holding for you on line 1.

  15. Ahh! the old rope-a-dope employed by Ali…dance and hide.

    They should put a rope around that dope.. Evans

  16. He was Johnny Manziel’s wide receiver from Texas A&M. All he can do is support his QB. Mike Evans I’m sure talked to Johnny Manziel that night . It probably went like this:
    Mike: Johnny, come out on out to the club, Man. We’re grilling some wings, drinking some O’Dhouls, gonna have some Bible study. Good time. Get over here.
    Johnny: No way Mike. I’m a worldly guy now, no use for WRs who think chasing my errant passes will get them first round in the draft. I am, afterall, Johnny Football.
    Mike: C’mon Johnny. I’ve been there for you. Come on down and be a bud, okay?
    Johnny: I can’t hear you…I’ve too much freakin’ money in my hand.

    Well, we all know how it went from there, and Mike was so distraught he swore he was going to bust up the place if Johnny didn’t come. Johnny didn’t. Now, Mike Evans will chase Josh McCown’s passes as starting WR opposite Vincent Jackson…while Johnny rides the pine in the Cleveland.

  17. Why are these guys so dumb? Can’t just walk away and ignore what’s happening around them? They have so much more they could do with the fame and money then hittin up da clubs.

  18. Tampa’s ability to continue to draft/sign complete turds is absolutely amazing. He lived up to his pre-draft stock comparison to a young VJax. VJax was always a turd in San Diego too, and one of the dumbest men in professional football.

  19. Gilmore told the Tribune that Evans was allowed in as a guest of the club because he was underage at the time, that his client wasn’t drinking and did not have the necessary wristband needed to have access to areas of the club where drinking was allowed.

    Evans was trying to regain access to the VIP area after using a bathroom — he wanted to get his girlfriend to leave with him — but didn’t have his wristband and was asked to leave, Gilmore said.

  20. remejesays:
    Aug 22, 2014 5:27 PM

    You can’t really make fun of him for running… He was outnumbered
    We can make fun of him. He knew from the start he was outnumbered, but decided to run his mouth anyway. He’s an idiot.

  21. The NFL will turn the other way and pretend nothing happened. Their personal conduct policy has gone by the wayside. You can beat on women or get caught “in the act” of smoking pot and be on the field the same day.

  22. Big deal. I’m not a Bucs or Evans fan, but this stuff is common at bars late at night, regardless of your profession. Chances are that Evans had one too many pops & thought the bouncer was being snide or disrespectful to him & he responded. You’re living under a rock if you think bouncers are courteous gentlemen who respond with “yes sir,” or “no sir” to everything. A large majority of bouncers have very long criminal records that prohibits them from holding down actual law enforcement jobs. If they’re not criminals, they are likely police officers moonlighting to add a couple bucks to their salaries during their off time. Most states & municipalities have prohibited sworn police officers from moonlighting at bars & clubs due to the off-chance they may curry favor to their part-time employee while working in their full-time capacity. Nevertheless, there is still the chance that one of them is a police officer & we all know how nice & civil police officers are, especially when there are intoxicated people around. Evans is a professional, but that doesn’t mean he should just turn the other cheek when someone challenges him. Evans is a man who plays a man’s sport & you don’t excel in & survive as many years he has in such a violent sport by being passive. Maybe Evans started it, maybe he didn’t, who knows. What I do know is that video is conclusive of nothing & under no circumstances should he face any sort of punishment from Herr Goodell.

  23. Don’t care that he got into a fight or anything except his agent lying ; “he was 20 at the time and wasn’t drinking , he was picking up his girlfriend”. First thing you here mike evans say on the video “I bought 6 bottles in this club.” I just can’t stand these lying greedy suit wearing business men.

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