Bernard Pierce being evaluated for concussion after hit by Brandon Meriweather

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The Ravens have a big role in mind for running back Bernard Pierce while Ray Rice is suspended for the first two games of the season, but they may need to wait for him to be cleared from a concussion to fill it.

Pierce has gone to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion after taking a hit from Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather in the first quarter of Saturday night’s game.

Pierce had taken a handoff from Joe Flacco before the hit from Meriweather, so this won’t fall into the lap of the league for further review of Meriweather’s long habit of hitting defenseless receivers in the head.

With Pierce out, the Ravens turned to rookie Lorenzo Taliaferro on a fourth-and-one in the Redskins red zone, but Taliaferro couldn’t convert. Pierce had been stuffed by Keenan Robinson on a previous fourth down effort and Flacco took a sack from Jason Hatcher to end another drive with nothing to show for their work on the scoreboard.

UPDATE 8:33 p.m. ET: Meriweather may hear from the league yet. On an ensuing Ravens possession, he drilled Torrey Smith in the head while Smith was trying to catch a pass. He earned a penalty and possibly more discipline from the league.

29 responses to “Bernard Pierce being evaluated for concussion after hit by Brandon Meriweather

  1. Joey T would never point it out but did anyone else notice RG III running out of bounds intentionally instead of easily throwing it away setting up 2 and 15 instead of 2 and 10. That’s like taking a sack on purpose. Come on man! Look at the stats of 2 and 10 vs 2 and 15. Dumb dumb dumb.

  2. Seriously, what does this guy have against the Ravens?

    He concussed Todd Heap a few years back too. Would have needed Flacco to collect the set of skill positions.

  3. Merriweather is always involved with cheap shots his specialty being defenseless receivers. Someone needs to stand him up and take his knees out…for good.

  4. This guy never learns, what’s even worse its because he’s intentionally refusing to learn.

    Pat’s wouldn’t put up with this crap, that’s why they cut him loose.

  5. This guy has been notorious for this since he has clmr to the NFL. How he made the Pro Bowl was a joke. Absolutely no respect for his fellow players and plays to injury with the kill shot. Terrible tackler and even worse in coverage. NFL want to prove you are serious about concussions – lifetime ban for this bum.

  6. How Merriweather has not been kicked out of the league is beyond me. He’s starting to make James Harrison look like a clean hitter.

  7. Meriweather needs to sit for a few games. He concussed Eddie Lacy early last season, and then tried to take out James Starks only to get himself knocked out instead. He has a long pattern of this and they obviously haven’t gotten through to him yet.

  8. Meriweather was taught to play the game the way he does. He’s not going to change now, it’s too late. Though I hope he realizes that in twenty years he’ll most likely have no memory.

  9. Mayweather is a guy that just doesn’t learn or get it. I’ve never seen a player in football who hits everyone right on the head like he does. He’s been told before not to do it (many times), so what does he not get?

  10. I saw the hits in regular speed and slow motion. Both good football plays, shoulder pad to shoulder pad or chest. Both clean hard hits by Meriweather. NFL is getting softer and softer. Just make all players sign a waiver to play at their own risk. Football is a violent sport.

  11. Merriweather definitely has the record to warrant being called a dirty player but neither of the hits mentioned were illegal. on the Pierce hit both men were crouched to gain leverage and head to head contact was incidental. And on the Torry Smith hit there was no head contact. Watch the replay. He’s a dirty player. But he didn’t play dirty today.

  12. I love the way Meriweather plays. One of the last real football players left in the league. I can’t believe so many of you dandies are complaining that he’s too dirty and hits too hard. Football is supposed to be violent. Maybe you guys should go watch soccer or tennis.

  13. It was a clean hit on Pierce! What are you people looking at???

    If Ryan Clark and Sean Taylor were playing right now, all you whiners would be screaming!

  14. A dirty hit in football has always been: intentionally targeting the knees of someone WITHOUT THE BALL. A blind-side hit aka “crackback block” unnecessarily on someone WITHOUT THE BALL. (Kicking, Eye-gouging, Horsecollar, etc)When did the term dirty hit begin to describe a hard intense tackle on THE BALLCARRIER. Sorry he may hurt your “FANTASY” player. But you should know that every player has the option to SLIDE; And not take a BIG HIT.. Calling Brandon Meriweather a head hunter is absurd and without merit. If you think he targets heads you are insane and have NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL PAST PEE WEE LEAGUE!! No one does that… The game of football has always been a BARBARIC AND COMPETITIVE sport long before Brandon Meriweather..

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