Burfict ailing with stomach virus, hasn’t signed contract yet


Despite reports of a new $20 million contract, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict isn’t feeling good this week.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says a stomach virus has kept Burfict from practicing for three straight days and may keep him off the field for Sunday’s preseason game. Lewis also said that as far as the team is concerned, the contract isn’t done until it’s signed — and it isn’t signed.

“I don’t know if they tried to give him the signing bonus in nickels or what, weighing him down,” Lewis said, via Cincinnati.com. “As you know how we believe it here until the club and the player have signed off it’s not signed off.”

Lewis did acknowledge that the Bengals and Burfict’s camp both expect the deal to get done.

“I would guess we expect him to sign,” said Lewis. “Obviously the agent believes he has a deal. We didn’t release it.”

There’s no indication that contract talks have hit a snag, but there’s also no done deal. If something goes wrong and the sides can’t come to terms, Burfict won’t be the only one feeling queasy.

16 responses to “Burfict ailing with stomach virus, hasn’t signed contract yet

  1. if i were him, i would fire my agent and re-negotiate with a new agent….bengals got a very good deal here for his caliber…

  2. If my client were feeling too queasy to work, I wouldn’t want him signing anything anyway. You want to make sure they understand what they are signing. No “what I had to show up at the facility for offseason workouts to get my bonus” surprises.

  3. Love this guy. Believe it or not, some guys in the NFL play for the love of the game and the money is secondary. Burfict is a football player, not a talented athlete who plays football.

    Besides, how many millions of dollars do you really need?

    The Bengals have a bunch of guys who are willing to take less than they could get elsewhere to keep the talent strong.

    See: Dunlap, Dalton, Geno and now Burfict. Everyone keeps saying Green will command a max contract, but I don’t see it. I see him taking less, as he’s already come out and said he doesn’t need that much money to live comfortably.

  4. Hopefully they didn’t screw it up.

    Or his agent released the deal to the press, telling Burfict not to sign, seeing how everyone reacts, to see if they can get more.

  5. So Burfict has the flu? That’s the reason he’s not signing? I can see him sitting out a pre-season game, but this tells me there is probably more to the story.

  6. Hey hoosiercolts, Speaking of clowns, when does your owner go to court again for driving on drugs?

  7. Sun, Dec 8, 2013: Colts 28, Bengals 42

    I wonder how it feels to give up 42 and lose to a bunch of clowns in a game that was never really competitive…

  8. Hey thegenoatkinsdiet…. When is the last time your team won a playoff game?? You keep getting all happy with that terribly run team with a God-awful fan base just winning a regular season game. I’m gonna keep enjoying that my team has the ability to win playoff games. And before you say a word about the Colts lack of SB wins…. At least they’ve won a Super Bowl. Your team…. Oh yeah. They’ve never won jack.

  9. If you want to talk smack, go ahead. I enjoy it almost as much as Irsay enjoy his meds.

    But for some reason you think your faded Manning t-shirt makes you better than other people. And that is sad. The Colts fans I know personally (more than a few) are as classy the team they cheer for. You could take a lesson. Unless you like sounding like a Steelers fan.

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